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Conquering Your Fears

Short story By: Aniee
Action and adventure

A short story on conquering your fears, and becoming stronger;)

Yes it is BAD! I wrote this while in class.

Submitted:Feb 27, 2012    Reads: 35    Comments: 5    Likes: 5   

I looked up at the sky one night, my reason? I didn't have one, and I had no idea why my eyes were glued onto the sparkling stars in the moonlight. It looked so beautiful that I couldn't look away. It seemed like hours that I sat on my windowsill, soon enough my legs began to cramp, and so I retreated to the warm blankets of my bed.

Sleep soon found me, as I dreamt of beautiful horses running about a field of flowers and long grass. I could feel my feet leading me closer to them, and my arm extended as if I were to pat them, but something was holding me back. I was scared, and I didn't want to venture closer, but I did.

"No." I warned myself before holding back and keeping a distance. I heard one of them huff loudly through their nose as it looked at me. It's eyes, dark and deep; as if it was seeing straight into my soul, and it felt at that moment, that it indeed was.

It trotted closer to me, in a weary manner before gruffing softly and rubbing his head onto my hand. I stuttered, but then continued to pat the wild horse. After a while I knew that it wouldn't hurt me, and I smiled in awe.

The next morning I knew what the dream was about, it was telling me that I shouldn't be afraid, of anything in fact, I took this all in as I pulled on my flowey dress and headed out for the day.

I decided that I was going to conquer my fears, the first thing was height, and I knew exactly where I was going to go, to the Theme Park of course - and I know what you're thinking, how fun it is?

It's not. It is terrifying, but it was something I have to do, and that was only number one on the list of things I had to conquer. I knew that once I had achieved my goals I would be like superman, and have no weaknesses (Err, except kryptonite) But you get what I mean.

I cautiously entered the park with my handbag on shoulder, wearing my ugg boots that clicked as I walked as the sun shone hot on my skin, I quickly rushed over to one of the rides that went really high up. I held back a terrified look as I got on and belted myself in.I knew that I wouldn't die, but something in me just did not want to do it.

I felt the ride woosh upwards as I scanned the area to reveal the whole park beneath us, I could hear the clattering of it as it pulled us up to the very top before stopping. By this point my heart was racing and I was thoroughly scared out of my mind.

By the time we got down, I could swear all the air that once filled my lungs were gone. I was so relieved, and my heart was beating like a pair of drums in a rock concert. I sighed a big sigh of relief as I ticked off my first goal on the top of the list. One down, more to go.


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