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"Why didn't you tell me?" Claire was backing away, tears streaming down her face, fear and anger making her head spin with shock. "You know... i thought I could do it," Luke had his eyes closed, his dagger fell to the ground with a heavy thud. "Do what," Claire felt dizzy, her legs gave out beneath her and she collapsed on the ground, all strength leaving her, as her breath slowed and her eyes fell closed, she heard him whisper back. "I thought I could let you go..."

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Whispering trees swaying in the early spring breeze and a pathetic, hungry bird irritably squawking for his mother to regurgitate food down his puny throat. Claire woke within a few seconds of the peace abomination and aggressively slammed her hand down on her innocent alarm clock, only to find the loud sound still penetrating her bubble of sleepy bliss. She sat up confused, looking at her slightly dented alarm clock she saw a horrible sight indeed, a sight that no innocent teenager should ever have to see on a Monday morning... She had woken up at NINE THIRTY, a whole half hour earlier then she normally got up!!! She despairingly got out of bed and shuffled her way down to the kitchen. Looking around the fridge she finally concluded that, apart from the three day old pasta, the bruised, forgotten fruit and a carton of milk, she wasn't going to find anything edible, let alone tasty.

Grabbing a pen and pad she scribbled a hopefully legible note for her hungover sister, who'd come home at three in the morning, thrown up in the bathroom and then fallen into bed, she hadn't seen her since and estimated she had three hours before she woke up. Claire crept back upstairs to get into some semi-clean clothes and brush her hair, not that it would do much to calm her waist long, blonde hair that was always knotty no matter what. Feeling more awake then before, she grabbed her phone and keys and headed out into the chilly morning. Claire loved her car, it was her escape, freedom and comfort. Her car was like her portable room, she even had a spare blanket and pillow incase of... well she didn't really know why she had half the stuff she did, but lets just say if she had to spend a week in there, shed be completely prepared... and in luxury.

Making her way down the street, she thought of where to get food, there were endless possibilities in New York, she decided on her favourite place of all and pulled up to the curb outside the almost hidden café, just on the edge of an alleyway. She quickly hustled inside the warm, familiarity of the place and plonked herself at one of the olden style chairs, while perusing the display of sweets, pies, pastries and cakes. The cherry pie especially seemed to speak to her in her own hunger crazed language. As the waiter walked over to her, she realised that he was not the normal middle aged women with too much mascara and a rather plump body, but instead there was a rather good looking, surfer type guy, in his early twenties. Sitting up a bit straighter, she flattened down her hair and tried to look slightly more... not like a tired, unkept, eighteen year old, who calls nine thirty early... yeah, she really had to work on her look. "Are you ready to order, yet?"

"Umm, yeah, can I please have a cherry pie and a latté, thanks?" By the time she'd managed to stop staring at his sandy hair, blue eyed gorgeous face and say her order, she was blushing furiously and was basically FREAKING THE HELL OUT!!!

As she waited for her order she kept trying to catch glimpses of him as he waited other tables and took orders, she saw the badge on is shirt with his name, Luke... it suited him. Claire started wondered where the old waitress was and why she left? She also thought of work at the book shop and how she should really stop getting paid youth rates, I mean seriously, just because he's eighty, doesn't mean that she's young enough for youth rates. Suddenly she thought of her mum and dad, who were travelling around europe... she really wished she was with them, her sister wasn't much company, all she did was go to parties with her jerk boyfriend and get drunk. Luke came back with her order and jolted her out of her strange stupor. "Thank you," she smiled at Luke, starting the ridiculous blushing all over again. As Claire took a bite of her cherry pie, she saw a small white car park next to her blue Toyota, the car seemed strangely out of place and she got a eery feeling from it...

As she waited for someone to come out of the strange car, she realised that whoever was inside, didn't intend to come out anytime soon. Getting bored waiting for something to happen, she looked back at Luke, she noticed how he moved with such agility and his slim body seemed to just slip between tables and balance with such ease, he made it look so easy. But Claire knew better then to think it was anything but incredibly hard, a few years ago Claire had gotten a summer job in a restaurant and was fired within ten minutes of starting, she really wasn't one for agility or balance.
Suddenly a huge waterfall of rain pelted down at full blast outside, the hail sounded like bullets raining down on soldiers in a war, and just like the soldiers would, everyone outside ran for cover. Looking at her watch she realised she only had ten minutes left before her sister woke up demanding an aspirin and some food. Claire just had enough time to drive to the shops and get back before she woke. She took her last sip of coffee and put some coins on the wooden table. As soon as she started making her way to the door, Luke interrupted her stride.
"Umm excuse me, but would you like me to walk you to you're car, I've got a umbrella?" Luke asked
"Ohh, that's ok, my cars just around the corner," I said embarrassed
"It's no hassle, and I insist," He smiled, Claire just couldn't resist that warm, friendly smile.
"Well okay, thank you," They stepped out of the café together under the safety of the umbrella, stepping in between puddles and quickly making their way to Claire's car. Just as Claire was reaching for the handle, Luke suddenly grabbed her outstretched arms and pulled her towards the car parked next to her, surprising Claire and putting her off balance. She nearly fell straight into a puddle, but he lifted her up and quickly opened the car door, throwing them both inside. As soon as the door was shut behind them, the driver sped off with Claire in the backseat, held uncomfortably tight and feeling extremely betrayed and angry.
"What the hell do you think you're doing..."
The driver turned around to look at her, and she must have looked incredibly shocked, because he started laughing at her. From the back all you could see was his black hair and suit, so Claire immediately thought he was an oldish posh driver for a very rich super villain or something. But instead their was a young boy who was around the same age as Luke and looked like a bad boy who played lead guitar in some boy band. His eyes were a piercing green like a forest. His black suit and hair add an element of mysteriousness, his arms were muscly and strong and his suit stretched against his arms when he moved. He caught Claire looking at him in the mirror and smirked. Claire stared back angrily and he looked away awkwardly, she was over hot boys betraying her. After five minutes she turned to Luke and mumbled angrily "You can let go of me, its not like I'm going to jump out of the car now."
"Umm, sorry," He blushed and let her go.
"So, are you going to tell me first of all who you are and secondly why you KIDNAPPED ME??" Claire grumbled
"I'm Zac, he's Luke and we need you because..." The boy driving started to say but was interrupted by Luke.
"Shhh!!! Look, we'll answer all you're questions, once we get there."
"Well at least answer this, how do you know who I am, or did you just need anybody and decide to choose me?" Claire huffed
"Actually, we've been watching you for a few months now," Zac said oblivious to the fact that Luke was giving him a death staring from hell.
"Right so you're creepy stalkers as well as kidnappers, just my luck?" Claire sighed. Zac shrugged.
After a while Claire's eyes drooped and she fell into an uncomfortable sleep asleep...

Luke was watching Claire sleep peacefully next to him, he didn't want to think about the fact that it was mostly a drugged sleep or how she was unaware to the fact that she was travelling ten hours away from New York. He looked at the way her head was leaning on her seat belt and her hair was draped over her face like a partly ripped curtain. From the moment Luke had seen her a few months ago, he had instantly thought she was unbearably beautiful, the kind of beauty that made you mesmerised but also made you look away, like she was to good for your eyes. He had felt terrible forcing her to come with them, waiting months for the right time to grab her from her life and plunge her into a new one, he turned away, to ashamed to look at her any longer. Eventually the car had come to its destination and the sound of the wheels rolling to a stop woke Claire up. "Where are we," She sleepily asked with her eyes still closed.

"Home, sweet home," Zac replied. For some very unusual and strange reason, Claire didn't think he meant her little, white, wooden house on Crosby Avenue, with small flower boxes and a slightly overgrown lawn at the front. She slowly opened her crusty eyes, to see where they'd stopped. Getting out of the car, she saw that they were parked in front of an old, majestic, stone building with a intricately carved wooden door and a iron, lion head door knocker. Claire gasped, completely dumbfounded at the sight that met her eyes. Zac smirked, "Are you completely overcome by the beauty of my magnificent house?"

Not wanting to give in, Claire responded in a harsh voice, "no, I just can't imagine how a dumb ass like you managed to get a fricken mansion."

"No, need to be rude," Zac fake pouted. Luke rolled his eyes and moved to the back of the car and heaved out a sky blue suit case. "Is that... is that MY suitcase?" Claire exclaimed.

"Yeah, well we thought you might like some clothes to wear, where we wrong?" Zac innocently asked with a smug grin.

"Where did you get that?" Claire fumed, "did you break into my house?"

"No, the door was open and we didn't touch anything apart from the things we thought you'd need," Luke assured. Aghast, Claire started pulling the suitcase away from him and then half pulled have dragged it towards the door. As Luke and Zac finished unloading, Claire couldn't help thinking she should make a run for it, she had clothes and what not, but the problem was: a) Her suitcase was extremely heavy, meaning she'd be more shuffling/limping than running away. b) Zac and Luke were probably a lot faster than here even if she ditched the suitcase. And c) She had no idea where the hell she was. So overall the chances of escaping were pretty damn slim, for now anyway. After a while Zac spoke, "are you gonna open the door, or just stare at it all day? Seriously this is killing my arm!" He whinged. Claire opened the door cautiously. Inside was like a maze of doors and corners. A large wooden staircase spiralled up towards the ceiling and beyond. "Where's my cell?" Claire asked wearily.

"In the dungeon obviously," Zac patronized.

"You're not a prisoner, Claire," the sound of Luke saying her name for the first time sent a lightning bolt into her heart.

"Then what am I to you?" Claire pushed.

Luke didn't know what to say, so he just stared at her for what seemed like hours. Zac broke the awkward tension, "Who wants food? I'm starving!" He dropped his bag at the foot of the staircase and walked into the kitchen around the corner. Claire broke eye contact and followed him inside. She sat down on one of the chairs, sore all over from being asleep in a car. "My bodies aching! How long were we in the car for?" Claire asked, she thought it couldn't have been to long, she was asleep for nearly the whole thing and normally couldn't sleep in anything moving.

"Just about ten hours," Zac said while pulling out cans from a nearly empty cupboard.

"Ten hours?" Claire exclaimed unbelievingly, "that's just not possible, I would of definitely woken up sometime between then and now." Luke came into the room and sat down opposite her.

"I put a bit of sleeping stuff in your latté," Luke mumbled apologetically.

"Right, of course you did," Claire huffed. Zac put some open, canned food on the table and sat down next to Luke. He looked through the selection to find something he liked. pushing past the baked beans and vegetable soup, he reached for the spaghetti and a fork. "So..." He said as he went for a bite of spaghetti.

"Zac! Don't spill the beans!" Luke yelled suddenly.

"Oh for gods sake Luke, Claire has to know what she's doing if she's going to help us!" Zac said angrily.

"Zac you spilt the beans," Luke sighed, frustrated. Claire started laughing quietly under her breath.

"Saying 'so' is hardly telling all our deep, dark secrets," Zac grumbled, obviously annoyed that Luke didn't trust him to say anything. "Why don't YOU tell her then," Zac looked down at his spaghetti, stirring it with his fork, a ridiculous pout on his face.

"The BAKED beans Zac, you spilt the baked beans," Luke sighed, standing up to get a sponge. He picked one up, dampened it under the tap and threw it straight at Zac's confused face. "Hey!" Zac exclaimed. Claire burst out laughing as Zac peeled the soggy sponge off his face.

"Pay more attention next time!" Luke laughed.

After eating the remainders left, they all decided it was time to go to bed. Claire didn't get much sleep, to many thoughts rolling around in her head, why had they chosen her? Where even were they? What is so important that they had to kidnap her? Where is Katie right now? Was she alright? Maybe she had called the police? When where her parents going to find out she was gone? All these thoughts stopped her from sleeping and worried her sick. Eventually she forced her eyes shut, she needed her strength if she was going to escape from here...


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