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Mava, Ae, and Nannah Save the Amur Leopards

Short story By: Avora Fisher
Action and adventure

Mava, Ae, and Nannah, three kid nature explorers, go on a mission to save the Amur Leopards. The task is hard, but the three girls are prepared with gadgets and gizmos. Join them on their natural adventure in Korea.

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"C'mon Ae, you take forever to change! Just get the dress on already!" Mava giggled as she waited for her partner and cousin to finish changing. Mava herself had already changed, and was impatient to get going to the girls singing gig. "I'm coming, keep your butt on!" Ae yelled from inside the bathroom. Mava watched as the door creaked open and Ae stepped out. Both girls gasped and spluttered.

"Mava, your hair . . ."

"Ae, your dress!"

"Mama mia! You look gorgeous!" The two said in unison, then burst out laughing. "Well, this song's not gonna sing itself!" Ae said, and began floating down the stairs, doing a silly victory wave as she stumbled around on her high heels. Mava followed doing the same. Ungracefully galloping out to the driveway, the girls grabbed their bikes and helmets. Mava's home was on the East side of Belena, so the trip to the town's local park was an easy downhill ride. "Oh no! Mava, I completely forgot my guitar at my house! We have to ride over there and get it!" Ae cried.

"Okay, okay, let's hurry though! The show starts in . . ." Mava looked at her watch. "Twenty minutes!". The girls bustled themselves onto the bikes. "Mava, I'll go by myself! You should get there in time to set up!"

"Alright, but hurry!" The two set off in different directions as fast as they could pedal their bikes.

Ae always had felt a certain freedom when she was on her bike, and even though she was in a rush, she still felt it as she zoomed along the path. She must've been going faster than she had thought, though, because she made it to her house in ten minutes! Running in, she bounded down to her music studio where she kept her guitar - and weapons. As she slung the strap of the instrument over her shoulder, she looked at her MAN inc weapons. They were neatly arranged from most powerful to more gadget type things. For a reason Ae didn't know, she grabbed her drawing pad of awesomeness(DPOA), her tempting gold coins(they were VERY tempting), and her special hat(It was a very special hat). Just as she was stuffing the gadgets into a bag, something caught her eye. It was her orange globe, and it was glowing a bright, vivid orange. Creeping closer to it, Ae looked at the vision inside. The scene took place at the local stage. A large crowd was watching three girls do a dance routine while they sang. All of a sudden, there was a loud thump. One of them had fallen off! Her face was blurred out, and in a flash the girl was grabbed by a giant claw and lifted up into a blimp. I wonder what that was? Ae asked herself as the orange stopped glowing and the image sifted away. BEEP BEEP. BEEP BEEP. Ae looked down at her beeping watch. Five minutes 'till show time. Grabbing her bag, Ae ran out to her bike and pedaled away . . . fast.

Nannah took her mini phone out of her fanny pack and looked at it. She was standing next to Mava, and the two were waiting for their friend Ae to get there. Another act was playing but it was almost over. Her phone was the size of a marshmallow, but could store more data than a high-tech lab computer. It was buzzing softly. Flipping it open, Nannah found an email in her message box. It said :

To: Nannahbananahearts@MANinc.org

From: AeFalliday@MANinc.com


I am running a little late. You can start the show without me and I will get there ASAP.

xo Ae

"Ae 'll get here soon, Mava," Said Nannah, rubbing her hands together.

"She's here sooner than she thought," Ae said, making Mava and Nannah jump.

"Sheesh Ae, you scared the -"

"LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! YOU KNOW 'EM, YOU LOVE EM, GIVE IT UP FOR MAN INC!" The stage grew dark as the three girls took their places. All of a sudden the music started. Mava went first: "This happened like never before"

Then Ae: "You didn't run away"

And Nannah: "I have not heard you ever say no"

Then Mava again: "But I guess I was wrong todaaaaaaaay"

Swing, punch, dip and slide, dip and slide, swing, punch, side to side, side to side. Nannah struggled to remember the dance moves Mava had taught her and Ae for this show. Surprisingly, she thought, it was easier doing it in public than just in front of her girlfriends. Oh boy, she was loving this. She was dancing and dancing - until she fell off the stage. "Nannah! Are you okay?" The whole scene looked blurry to her, but she could make out Mava running toward her while Ae just stared. "Nannah, Nannah run! Get up Run!" Now both Ae and Mava were running toward her screaming. A voice above her spoke, "It's too late girls. Just too late!" Then there was the strange sensation of her body being lifted up. Up up up. It looked like a giant claw machine. Then everything went dark.

"Nannah, we'll get you back! Don't worry, Ae and I w -" A hand covered Mava's mouth and she was dragged away. "Let me go!" Screaming, Mava shook off the person tugging her. It was Ae. "What the *****, Ae?! What were you doing! We could have followed them and saved her! Don't you even care about her?!" Mava was blinking back tears as she let her breath out.

"Mava, just listen to me!" Mava looked into her cousin's face. It was reflecting the pain Mava felt, and she knew that she had to calm down. "Okay, now will you please listen to me?" Mava nodded.

"First of all, I dragged you away because you obviously didn't notice the second claw coming down on you from that blimp. Second of all, I didn't want the person that took Nannah to see any of our features, so when we go and find her he or she won't notice who we are," Ae said, letting her breath out. The two girls just looked at each other. Well, they at least tried to. They kind of, you know, broke down into tears and starting hugging each other. Once they were done sobbing, Mava took the first step. Literally. She stepped out from the backstage to check if the blimp was gone. "The coast is clear Ae," said Mava.

"Okay, so we don't have enough time to go home and get our weapons, and I don't suppose you've brought yours?" Ae asked.

"Actually, I've brought my poison nails and my bubble gun," Mava said, taking them out of her purse.

"And I've brought my sketch pad and my coins," Ae added.

"Ae! I just had a great idea!"


"Maybe the blimp had a license plate!"

"Okay Mava, sure,"

"No, really!"

So Mava went around to some of the frightened people left in the park and asked them about the blimp. Mava asked the first person she saw, an old woman named Fiona who was a village "elder". "Well darlin' it looks like you've come to the right person. There was a huge meteor that came and fell on poor little Nannah dear,". Well, what can you say? Her eyesight was failing miserably. The next people said that they had seen a giant floating castle. Other's said that it was the worlds biggest bird back from the prehistoric days: The Terror bird. Then the town's biologist(don't ask) began telling Mava about an encounter with a giant ostrich he had met a while ago. Even though this was an extremely boring story for Mava to listen to, she sat quietly and made comments like, oh wow! Or, That's really cool! Why? Because Mava is one of those people that are awesome listeners.

Meanwhile, Ae was drawing a tandem bike on her sketchpad, just incase the two needed to go anywhere. After about an hour, Ae ripped the piece of paper off her sketch pad and placed it on the ground before backing away. In the blink of an eye, the drawing transformed into a slightly cockeyed bike built for two. Just because she was feeling like it, Ae had colored it in purple and blue. "Ae! Someone without eye problems saw it's license plate!"

"Okay, but how is that going to help us?"

"Well, It had the numbers and place it was from on it! We have to go to Korea! It also said something on the side of the blimp: BIOF. It might be the companies name!"

"Mava! You're a genius! Ae said hugging her cousin with all her might.

"C'mon let's get our weapons"

Using the tandem bike, the two girls pedaled twice as fast to Mava's house first, and then to Ae's, picking up their weapons from each house until their bags were full of gadgets, electronics and FOOD! Since they had done all that pedaling, they were extremely tired out, and even though they were worried about Nannah, they decided to give themselves a night of planning before they went to find her.

Ae slipped a pair of Mava's pajamas over her body. Right when they had reached Mava's house to pick up her stuff next, it began to pour buckets of rain outside, so Ae didn't have any other clothes to change into besides Mava's. The pajamas Mava had given her consisted of an orange tank top and a pair of lightly made shorts. After changing, Ae went out into the living room to join Mava. The tv was on, and a report was happening. Plopping down next to Mava, Ae looked around the house. The couch they were sitting on was made of soft, squishy fabric that you could sink down into. Around them were a lot of plants and eating one of the ferns was Mava's black cat, Vido. Ae also had a cat, and her name was Piolet. Luckily, Ae had also brought her phone with her and had quickly asked her friend Hoam to feed and take care of her while Ae was off helping to save Nannah. "Mava, does Nannah have any of her weapons with her?"

"I don't know. All I do know is that she has her phone with her!!" Mava said, realizing what she was saying.

"Well that's easy! We can just call her!" Said Ae, flipping her phone open.

"Wait!" Mava stopped her cousin. "What if they've taken away her phone. Or if they pick it up? Than it would be exactly like you said! They would notice our voices, or our number, or they might make Nannah tell about our job as animal savers," Mava explained quickly.

"Right," Ae replied, sounding disappointed. "Lightbulb!" Ae said, and began looking up the next plane to Korea.

"Ae, we don't know where in Korea!"

"I'll just find a flight to any place in Korea," she said, tapping on the computer in her hat.

"Here's something! When I looked up the airports in Korea where we could land, there was one that, when it described it's location, it says it's a couple miles North of the company, BIOF!!!! That's the thing that it said on the blimp that took Nannah away!" Ae said excitedly, bouncing on the fluffy couch. So the girls booked themselves a flight at the three am plane ride. With, of course, a lot of complaining from Mava about how early they had to get out of the house.

The two girls showed up dreary and sleepy eyed at the airport the next morning, a suitcase in one hand and pillows in the other.

"Ae, why do we have to - "

"SHHH. No more complaining about how you're too tired!"

"Ae, how are we going to get through security here?"

"Uuuuuum . . ."

"Hold up, back up, and listen up," Mava said. "What are we going to do?"

Pausing for a second, Ae thought hard. "Well, I might be able to draw us our own private jet and we can fly it to Korea!" With that, Ae went to draw the jet for the two girls.

In about another half an hour, Ae and Mava had pedaled to a large soccer field at the edge of town. When they got there, Ae lay down two drawings - one of a pilot and one of a jet plane. Slowly, the paper grew into the drawing of it. The entire plane was a dark, forest green, and pictures of animals were decorated all over it. "Nice," the girls said in unison, and even though they were in the middle of a crisis, they grinned.

"Let's go," They said again, and hopped into the soft interior of the plane.

"Please fasten your seatbelts! Our first and only destination is the Amur Airport in Korea," The pilot said over the speaker. The plane began moving forward, slowly at first, then it picked up speed and launched itself into the air.

Nannah looked around, although the ropes around her restrained against her body from moving. She was in a small, broken down shack, much like the one back in Belena. A man and a woman were there, whispering quietly among themselves. After a while, the man turned to her. In a gravelly voice, he said, "Well well well. Missus Nannah. Where are our little friends now?" Nannah struggled to keep her voice defiant as she answered, "They're right behind you," This made the man and the woman whip around in surprise, and Nannah allowed herself a small cackle. The woman turned back to her. "Listen girl, you can either tell us where they live, or you can deal with us the hard way,"

"Well, since it's clear that you will never see your little friends again, why don't we tell you?" Right as he said this, Nannah slipped her hand down to the fanny pack at her waist and flipped open her tiny phone. Since she had Ae and Mava's numbers on speed dial, she pressed one of them without looking and held it closer to some of the cracks between the ropes so the sound would be better.

"Well, if these girls whom you call, ah, Mava and Ae. If they come over here to find you, we can capture them and put an end to their career. You see, we know that humans are really the only important life forms on the earth besides archaebacteria and eubacteria, and stuff like that. Since we have our headquarters in Korea, we've decided to start with an easy one - the amur leopard."

"Nannah? Nannah can you hear me! We heard everything, but what's going on?!"

"Mava, be quiet!" Ae's voice came over the phone's speakers. Nannah sighed in frustration.

The man and woman just stared at her. "Did you just tell them about our plans?!" The man's face began to redden with anger. "Actually, you did," Nannah held up her flashing phone. Immediately, the man picked up a knife and began to saw the ropes that bound Nannah. "What other little gadgets have you got in here?" He asked her, looking and sounding like he had mental problems. As he was undoing her ropes to get to her fanny pack, Nannah gripped her goop gun. As soon as the ropes fell off her, she karate kicked the man away and shot a glop of goop at him. The woman, in shock, screamed, "security! A little girl's gone mad! Ahhhhhhhh!" Men and woman dressed in all black entered with metal sticks and some even with pistols on their belts. But even though there must've been fifteen against one, Nannah still kicked butt. Her feet were very swift and she hopped back and forth, dodging hits and firing goop until everyone except Nannah was in a sticky ball of glop. Flipping open her phone, she called her friends as she ran from the little shack.

"Please make sure you are safely in your seats, the plane will be touching ground in ten seconds," The pilot said over the speaker. Both girls were awake now, and as soon as Mava opened her eyes, her phone rang. "Ae, it's nannah, should I pick up?" She asked her cousin sleepily. "Yeah, but don't say anything. Let her talk first, just to make sure," Ae replied, typing something up on her hat. The plane hit the ground fast and rolled out into a deep green meadow dotted with wildflowers. Taking their bags of weapons and food, Mava and Ae walked out onto the plain. In a poof, Jet and piolet disappeared, leaving nothing but a couple pieces of shredded paper. Luckily, Ae had done some research on Korea, and she had made sure to pack some sleeping bags in case they had to sleep in the woods. "Ae, look!" Mava gasped. Behind the river that flowed in front of them, there was a few small shacks. Each one was brown and had the letters: BDOK written on them in white paint. Quickly taking out a blow-up raft Mava had packed, the girls pumped up the raft and Ae drew some paddles. In less than twenty minutes, the girls had reached the other side of the river and let the air out of the raft. The Paddles disappeared in a puff, leaving only a small pile of sawdust. "Let's go!" Both girls took out their special guns and sprinted to the first little shack. Inside, about seventeen people lay slumped on the ground, covered in green goo. Rubbing the substance between her fingers, Ae broke the silence. "Nannah was here,". In the corner of the shack, there was a huge coil of broken rope, and a man lay on the ground holding a knife. He too was covered in green glop. "Well let's call her now," Said Mava, swiping at her phone to turn it on.

Nannah's phone was vibrating in her fanny pack, so she stopped to catch her breath and answer it. "Hello?"

"Nannah, this is Mava. Where are you? Our plane just landed next to a shack covered in your green goop in Korea!"

"Oh thank goodness you're here! Stay right where you are, I'll come to you, okay?"

"Okay. Are you alright?"

"Well, actually we have a situation. I'll tell you all about it when I get there," With that, Nannah turned around and ran back to the little shack.

Meanwhile, Ae looked around the shacks as Mava stood guard at the fronts of each one Ae entered. Flicking on a light switch, Ae noticed something that hadn't been in any of the other shacks. Hanging from many, many racks, were pelts of grey with spots. "Amur leopards!" Ae breathed. She was very familiar with these animals, but had never found out what was causing their rapid disappearance. On the side of the wall, was a sign that said: BDOK - The Biological Destruction Of Korea. "Well that explains so much!" Ae said aloud to herself. "WHAT?" Mava yelled from outside. "OH AE, NANNAH'S BACK!" She yelled.

"Mava, shut up!" Ae said right behind her cousin.

"AHHHHHHHHH!" Mava jumped and yelled. "Oh, it's you. Pretend you didn't see that," Mava brushed herself off. Nannah was standing next to Mava, and she began explaining everything she had heard to her friends. When she had finished, both of the girls looked at each other at the same time. "Well," said Mava, "First things first, so we tie 'em up," With that, each girl took a shed of people and tied them up with some of the strong rope that was hanging on the walls of each shack. Before Ae left the shed that she was working on, she grabbed three lightweight coils of the rope, one for each of them to carry around their waists. Nannah in her shed decided to shake one of the employees awake. As he came around, Nannah forced him to tell where the Amur Leopards were hidden. When he refused, she took her goop gun out again. "Wait! The Amur Leopards are in the sky complex!"

"Thank you!" Then she shot him with the goop gun anyway. "Guys!"

Later, the three girls reached a small city in Korea called Kumi. Asking other people that could speak English, they found out that the sky complex was a series of tall condos that were put on the ends of giant rods so no one except flying machines could reach them. Only the high class rich people could afford to live in there. "C'mon girls!" Ae said, flipping open her spiderweb gun. As the girls looked around, they finally found the BDOK sky complex on the edge of town.

"Okay, lets do it," Ae said again, and she shot up a huge spider web. The material that the edges were made out of was a sticky, superglue kind of thing, so when it stuck to something(the side of the sky complex), it stuck there baby! Slowly, the girls climbed up it until they reached on of the doors. It was the lobby. A beautiful glass chandelier spread light over the polished wooden floor. Comfortable looking chairs were in small clusters throughout the lobby, and on almost place they could put them, were rugs of Amur leopard skins. From out of nowhere, a net shot out and landed on Mava. Flicking her poison claws on, she ripped the material of the net and side stepped the next one that almost caught her a second time. It flopped on the floor. Looking around, Mava could see Ae and Nannah shooting goop and spiderwebs at people dressed in black with name tags hanging from their necks. Joining them, she took bubble gun and trapped people in it. " Lets go!" Said Nannah, and the three friends jumped in the elevator and rushed to the penthouse, where they had been told the leopards were being kept. Cheesy elevator music came on and the air conditioner did too. "C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!" The girls said in unision. Finally, with a loud, Bing! They reached the penthouse. Nannah looked around. Locked up in cages were amur leopards. Their coats were smooth and dark orange with black spots. Although they were beautiful, as Nannah saw, they were thin and whimpering with hunger. In each of their food dishes were a couple of untouched carrots and lettuce. "Why are there so little?" Nannah asked, turning to Ae. "Well, because of this and habitat destruction, there are only about thirty left in the world. This looks like all of them."

"What should we do?" Nannah asked again. Without warning, Mava shoved them down. Indicating with her finger that there was a man coming into the room. A heavy smell of steak filled the room. Peeking from behind the couch they were hiding behind, Ae saw the man bend down to one of the leopards and wave his plate of steak in front of it, saying "You want some steak little fella? TOO BAD! Enjoy your carrots, because you're the next one to become a warm blanket!" The leopard whimpered even more and backed away from him. Laughing, the man turned around and went back through the door that he had came from. Without a word, the girls came out of their hiding places and got to work. Ae began drawing slabs of bacon and pork chops. When they popped out of the sketch pad, Ae cuzzieslipped them into each cage. Soon, each leopard had eaten some real food and they were starting to get a more lively look in their eyes. Meanwhile, Nannah was on the phone with the pilot of the invisible MAN inc helicopter. "He'll be here in fifteen minutes!" She whispered to the other two, who nodded and kept going with their work. While Ae and Nannah were doing their things, Mava was(one at a time), releasing the Amur leopards and putting them in bubbles to keep them safe. Soon, the helicopter arrived and turned visible again. Just in time too, because everyone in the other room had heard Mava Ae and Nannah, and were coming out with clubs and guns. One after another person fell in either a bubble, goop, or a spider web. Flicking on her tiny phone, Nannah called the police while Mava and Ae rolled the Amur leopards in their bubbles onto the helicopter. In another ten minutes, the cops had come in a second helicopter, and the girls explained everything to them. Then, MAN inc flew to the animal sanctuary in Kumi, and gave them the leopards to keep safe until they could be let out into the wild.

Back on their helicopter flying home, Mava sighed. Well, this was a strange adventure. Looking around at her friends, she saw Nannah snoring loudly in her seat and Ae typing something up on her computer hat. "What are you writing Ae?" Mava asked her cousin. "Oh, I just thought that we should start writing down the stories of our adventures. After all, they can be very entertaining," Ae said, not looking up.

"You know what Ae? I'll start writing one too," And with that, she flipped her computer open. The title of the story was, Mava, Ae, and Nannah save the Beluga whales! Even though the adventure had taken them four days, they were still wearing the clothes they had worn for the singing gig in the park.

The end


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