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Tags: Skyrim

This is my first story EVER!
Only helping comments please.

This story is based on a game I play. I know I skipped a huge chunk. I LOVE, and I repeat LOVE that game. It's amazing.

Again, helpful comments only please.

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As i was crossing the border from Skyrim to Cyrodill we got ambushed by the imperials. We were taken to a town called Helgen, not far from the border. As the imperials took us on wagons all armed, we had the high king of Skyrim, Ulfric Stormcloak. He killed the first king -ripped him apart by a dragon shout.his mouth was covered, we knew we were heading into big troubles. As we reached the heavy, wooden gates of the town, people were looking at us not knowing who we were, or where we came from. They took us to the executioner, I was lucky i wasn't the first one in line. As they called name by name to go to get their head chopped off, I was the third person in line. The first person died, the second person tried to run away, it was no use, the archers got him. When it came time for me, they didn't had my name,Brug on the list. But they still sent me to the executioner. As i was getting down, we heard a loud, at first they ignored it. The commander ordered the man to get ready to kill me, as soon as he raised his ax, a dragon appeared from no where, hes name was Alduin, he breathed fire. I was lucky, I was still alive.

Everyone was running for their lives as buildings were burning down. I ran as fast as i could to the near by guard tower, no one cared i was a prisoner anymore, all they cared about was to kill the dragon. As i was running, i saw archers shooting arrows, and the mages casting fire balls on the huge, immortal dragon.I made it to the tower, as I was going up, suddenly I saw the dragon breaking in the tower, I had to hide. He made a huge hole in the wall, so I could jump. I jumped from the tower to one of the burned houses, and ran for my life. I made it to the village dungeons. Lucky for me, I saw one of the prisoners waiting for me, his name was Giver.

We got to the dungeons safely, and we found a dead body on the floor with a dagger, and some armor. I took his things, and went deeper to the dungeons. As we were walking through, one of the walls collapsed, and almost smashed us. Now we had to go around. We entered one of the rooms, and there were two Imperial guards talking, we sneaked on to them, and killed them from behind. There was a lot of blood, but it was worth it. As we were continuing on, we passed a tiny wooden bridge. As soon as we passed through, giant rocks fell, and smashed it into piece. We didn't have a choice, we couldn't turn back, so we pushed foreward.As we were getting near the exit, we saw six Imperials walking around, three archers, and three warriors. We charged on them,won, and finally were free in the gigantic world of choices.

Giver and I went on different directions, but he suggested i join the Stormcloaks, and battle to free Skyrim from the Imperials who just wanted money, and power. I listened to him, and went with him to the village called Riverwood. Everyone saw the dragon fly, but they could believe it, they thought it was only a legend, at least until now. They knew the village was in danger, so they asked me to go to the capital of Skyrim, Whiterun. As i was going there, I was attacked by a pack of wolves, I slayed them all with my trusty dagger, and the armor I found in Helgen. I took their pelt to sell and make some profit.

As I was arriving in Whiterun, I saw guards fighting a giant, as soon as I got near him, the giant collapsed and died. The Guards were not happy that i just stood there, and didn't help. With an angry voice they said "well, no thank for nothing, we killed the giant, without your help", when i tried to answer, they just walked away, and never been seen again. As I entered Whiterun, I immediately saw the beauty of the city -white walls protecting it, the huge houses, the fountain in the middle of the city- I went straight to the Dragonsreach, where the Jarl Bulgruuf The Greater resides. When i entered Dragonsreach, I was amazed, the place was huge, and bright, a table with food was standing in the middle, and the Jarl was sitting in his chair. As I was walking to the Jarl,one of the guards stopped me, and asked me what was my business with Whiterun."I saw a Dragon in Helgen, and it was flying in this direction. I was passing by Riverwood, and they asked me to get some help from Whiterun". The Jarl agreed to help them, only if I helped them first, I agreed. he wanted me to go to an old Barrow, to get the Dragonstone. He warned me about the undead, before I was leaving Whiterun, I made a quick stop at the armory, and bought a sword with the money I made from selling the pelt..

I reached the Barrows, as sonw was falling down the sky, i opened the old, rusty gates and got in.It was quiet inside, some water dripping, with no source of light. I found a torch, and lightened it, suddenly I saw i wasn't alone in there. There were graves everywhere, graves of kings, or just people, but they were the undead as Jarl Bulgruuf warned me. As I was walking in the Barrow, suddenly i heard a notice, I turned around, and saw the undead rising from their graves. Immediately I drew the sword, and began swinging in the air, I was terrified. As they were getting closer, I ran on them, and slayed them. I wanted to turn around, and get out of there, but I knew Riverwood was counting on me. As I reached the Dragonstone, I heard a cracking in the nearby grave. An undead raised from the grave, he looked like a king. While he was rising, I started swinging my sword, and charging at him at the same time. As soon as he started to fight me, I knew some magic, so i casted flames, and burned the undead. When he collapsed, I ran to the nearby chest, took the Dragonstone, and headed back to Whiterun.

As soon as I reached Dragonsreach, the Jarl of Whiterun, and the court magician were talking about a dragon attack nearby. They asked me to go look into it, and then they will send reinforcement to Riverwood. I did as they told me. I headed to the dragon attack, and saw burned tower, I got ready to fight, but I didn't see the dragon. One of the survivals told me the story, as he was finishing it, he yelled "watch out, the dragon is coming back". i turned around, and it was heading to our direction. I ran into the burned tower for protection, and the dragon landed near by. The survivor and I decided to attack the dragon from two different directions, so we did.

The dragon was finally dead, and I absorbed some sort of power from the dead dragon. When I reached Whiterun, the Jarl asked me what happened. So I told him everything, and the power i absorbed. he could not believe it, he did as promised, he sent reinforcement to Riverwood, and suggested me to go visit the Blackbeards on the highest mountain of Skyrim, High Hrothgar. It took me about two days getting there by foot. When i got there, I saw the tremendous gates to the building, with wall all around. When I got inside, the Blackbeards were waiting for me, I saw the lighting fire, the dark rooms, and the strongest, and holiest people of Skyrim. They explained to me the power I obtained from the dragon was a shout I can cast. They created targets, and told me to try out my new skill, so I did.

When I got some rest, they explained to me what happened in Helgen, and Whiterun, I understood the world was in danger. The dragon who attacked Helgen was eldest dragon, and the all mightiest of all. He can call upon dragons to fight for him, and no one ever even tried to attack him. His goal was to rule over Skyrim, and kill all the mortals. To get to him I needed to fly there, so the Graybeards thought me a shout to call upon a dragon. I called him, and we went on our way to Sovngarde.

As we were reaching Sovngarde, they dragons, and the undead were waiting for us. The dragon left, and I was the only one left. There were the undead and more dragon to fight. I got my sword, and went on slowly. As I was approaching the place to get to Alduin, I have been spotted, and attacked. I ran from them, and made it to the gates of Sovngarde. A huge, all mighty castle was standing in front of me where i had to go. As I approached, I had to cross a hole in the ground. There was no bridge, but dragon bones attached to each other.

I finally got to the castle, and saw its beauty. The walls were white, with golden statues. I asked them where to find Alduin, they told me he is flying around the castle, and they would help me to kill him. When we got outside, we didn't see the all mighty dragon. Suddenly, out of no where appeared Alduin. We were ready to attack him, but he was flying. The others knew a shout to make a dragon land, so they used it. As soon as he landed, we charged and slayed the dragon. "Hail the Dragon Born!".



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