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the most frightening day of my life

Short story By: callummoore
Action and adventure

This is a short story about a boy who's life gets changed with a strange visit by three agents. Find out what happens in the twists and turns of his adventure.

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The most frightening day of my life!!
Hi my name is Max, I am a 23 year old man and in my life time I have had plenty of important experiences some sad, some interesting and some frightening, but the memory that stays in my mind the most is by far the worst. I am going to tell you about the most frightening day of my life!
It was in the middle of summer, July to be exact, and the day had started out just like any other. I had woken up, got dressed, had my breakfast and went to work, the same boring routine every day, but little did I know today was going to be different, very different.
I was sat in my office doing some financing and all of a sudden there was a knock at the door. I got up and answered the door and there stood three men all wearing suits and black sunglasses. I stood there and stared at them for a while then the taller one out of them stepped forward, his face was long and thin, he had no emotion in his face at all, he seemed almost dead. Finally he broke the silence and spoke, "Hello Max," he said in a death like tone.
"H-h-how do you know my name?" I stuttered.
"That's not important." He replied, and he stared at me as if trying to threaten me. "We are here from a far away place and we need your help."
"What? Why do you need me? I am just an ordinary person. I don't get it!"
"Just come with us, sir," he replied, as the other two came up to me and grabbed my arms, starting to pull me out of my office.
"HEEEELPP!!!!" I cried "Why isn't any one doing any thing? Don't just stand there help me." No matter how loud I shouted no one even flinched or moved a muscle. I was terrified as they rammed me into the car and started to drive away.
The next thing I knew I was in a room, a dark room, it was cold, I strained my ears and could hear a faint "drip, drip, drip". I took in a deep breath as I tried to calm my breathing and I was nearly sick, the smell was horrific, it smelt like rotting corpses. I looked around, but there was no window, but one door. "HELLLOOOOOOO!!!!" I shouted "Is anybody there?"
Then I heard the sound of loud, heavy footsteps and through the door came a huge man. He stood in front of the door. He had huge muscles and was about 7ft 7". He had a look on his face that was kind of menacing; he just stood there with a twisted look on his face. "Come with me, now!!" he shouted at me. His tone of voice was deep and frightening. I shuddered as he stood above me staring deep into my eyes. He bent down, grabbed my arms and lifted me up and began dragging me out of the room. "Get off me, what are you doing? Let go of me. Help!!!!" I started shouting. But as before there came no reply. Then the man hit me on the head with a baton and threw me over his shoulder.
When I woke up again I was in a room, strapped to a chair and the same three men were standing over me. I blinked over and over again and kept pinching myself, hoping to wake up and this to all be a dream, but it wasn't. The tall one came up to me again and said "Hello again Max".
"Why am I here?" I cried.
"That isn't important at the moment, what is important is that we need you to do something very important for us."
"What? Who are you?" I questioned.
"We are agents from Area 51 and we need you to go on a very important mission for us".
"I don't understand. W-w-why me?"
"Your body is one of the few on this planet that can cope with the conditions that we would need you to endure on this mission". He replied.
"I still don't understand. How do you know this?"
"When a baby is born we take samples from them and that tells us all the information that we need to know".
"I want proof." I said beginning to believe them.
"Okay. Agent Moore. Go get the folders". With that the shorter one stepped away and walked out the room.
After about five minutes he returned with a folder and handed it to the main agent.
"Thank you Agent Moore" he said as he handed the folder to me. I looked through them and sure enough it had all my details.
"Okay then. What do you want me to do?" I said.
"We want you to go on a mission to Area 51 as there is an out break in sector 7 and we need some one to sort it".
"Sector 7? What is sector 7?" I said confused.
"Well, Sector 7 is where we store all Extra- Terrestrial life forms, and one species has broke out," he said in a calm tone.
"Okay and what is it that you want me to do?" I replied getting more and more worried.
"Well we want you to go in there and get the species back into their cages".
"Okay," I said and with that they took me back into the room and left me in there.
Another few days passed and I was kept in the same room, I kept asking them why I needed to be kept in this small cramped room and they would always reply " Because if you get out and tell any one, then it would cause a massive uproar."
Then finally I heard a knock on the door and in stepped Agent Moore, "It is time Max" he said. His voice was shrill as if he was worried.
He led me into a huge room and then out through some big oak doors, which slammed shut behind us. He then pulled out his phone and rang some one "We are ready" he said and then within seconds a black Range Rover came round the corner. The back door opened and there was two man sat in there both dressed in all white. The man sat in the back looked over at me; he had pale skin and blonde hair. He carried on looking at me then he said "well are you going to get in or not?" He spoke in a very light tone and his voice was calming and welcoming. I then stepped up into the car and the door was shut after me. The driver then turned round "Buckle up lad" he said in a Texan accent. His face was slightly tanned and he had a few spots. He wore glasses and looked sophisticated. I did as I was told and put on my seat belt, then he drove off. The windows in the car were blacked out so nobody could see in or out of the car.
After roughly three hours the car came to a halt. "We have arrived" the driver turned round at me and smiled "good luck lad".
"Thank you" I replied sheepishly as I got out of the car. I looked around and there was nothing to see apart from sand, nothing in the distance what so ever. The other young man that had been in the car with me had got out and was stood next to me. "Follow me" he said.
We started walking out into the middle of the desert then suddenly he stopped. We were stood next to a small cactus. He bent down and pressed something at the bottom of the cactus and then there was an out burst of noise as the ground beneath me began to shake. The noise was deafening. The ground shook violently underneath us and then right in front of us, from underneath the sand, there appeared a small lift. The other man got me to enter it and then he pressed a series of buttons and we started going slowly down.
We were in the lift for what seemed like an eternity, and then suddenly the lift stopped. The doors opened and we stepped out into a huge room, the walls were white and there was nothing in there apart from twelve doors, four on each wall. "Follow me" the man said.
We walked through one of the doors and my eyes widened in shock. I stood in awe staring at the rows and rows of weaponry and body armour. "This way sir" the man said. He led me down one of the isles, named isle 23, and he stopped next to some hi-tech guns.
He picked up a huge gun and strapped it to some armour. He then put that on me, and began strapping lots of guns and equipment to me. "There" he said finally "You have all the equipment that you are going to need. Including any necessary things in case of emergencies".
He then led me further down the isle to a big blue wall. He then pressed a button and a door opened from within the wall, and there was a huge flash of light. "I'm sorry Max, but you are on your own from now. I can no longer help you".
I looked at him with terror all over my face. "What do I have to do?" I asked.
"You'll know when the time is right," the man said as he urged me forward into the light. Then once I was fully into the light I turned round and he shut the door behind me. I looked around and then looked down at my equipment. I took out one of the guns that he had given me; it had lights flashing on the side and a power measure on the top. I looked at the ammunition belt that I had strapped around my waist; it had hundreds of little canisters with tiny bullets in them. I then took off one of the canisters and inserted it into the gun, holding the gun out in front of me. I was shaking. My legs trembled as I started to walk out into the open. As I was walking it began to get darker. I stepped out into a room and looked around. There were operating tables and specimens in jars all around the room. Then all of a sudden I heard a scream of pain and the sound of a siren. The lights all suddenly went off and a red light in the corner began flashing. I then heard a voice come over the telecom "all personnels evacuate, it is no longer safe in Sector 7. I repeat, all personnels evacuate, as it is no longer safe in sector 7".
I carried on walking; I spotted a door at the other side of the room. I walked through it and saw loads of cases with holes in them, where the "creatures" had broken out. As I carried on walking I turned a corner and witnessed the most terrifying scene I could ever imagine. I stared in shock at a small monster eating away at a man in a lab coat. I backed away and accidently stood on a test tube smashing it. The creature looked up at me, it had huge black eyes and big gruesome fangs, dripping with blood, it stood up on its rear legs and began to run at me. It leaped into the air towards me with its fangs drawn, and just before it got to me I shot it. I stood over it staring in shock. I then went over to the man who was led dead on the floor. I knelt down next to him and looked over his body. He had a huge gash in the side of his neck and his chest was ripped to pieces. I then began to search through his pockets to see if I could find any thing to help me with this "mission". I then found a small slip of paper and on it a picture of the gun that I had been given, underneath the picture was a paragraph explaining about the gun. It said "this gun's ammunition has got the right amount of gun powder to knock out any creature for 30 minutes and no more". I then realised what I had to do I had to shoot all the "creatures" and put them back into the cage. I walked out through a door at the end of the room, and my jaw dropped through shock and fear. I stood there staring a huge "monster" in the face. It was huge, it covered the whole room. It had twelve arms and on the end of each arm it had a hand with six sharp claws on. I took out a torch and shone it over the creature. With that it turned round to face me. I was surprised at how a monster that big could move that fast. I looked up at its face. The sight was terrifying. It had seven, big black eyes. I felt each of them looking at me, as if judging me. I jumped then as a voice come over a walkie talkie that had been strapped round my belt. I picked it up and said "Who is this?"
"This is Agent Smith" the voice said "Now the creature that you see in front of you is the main species. If you can get her back into her enclosure then this will all be over. Now get the gun from the case on your back. You see that it has a gauge on the top?"
"Yup I got it" I replied, shaking as I held out a gun as big as my arm.
"Right now switch the gauge to take down. That would kill any other creature but not this. If you shoot her ten times with that she will be knocked out for one hour. I will then send in a group of experts to move her back into the cage".
"Okay". I said, as I started shooting this beast. I shot her about twenty times but still nothing was happening.
"NOOO. Shoot it in the head!" Agent smith shouted over the walkie talkie.
As I was about to reply, the beast swung out its hand and sent me flying backwards across the room.
"Right that is it" I said "DIIIEEEEE!!" I shouted as I began to shoot the thing in the head.
Then after about thirty shots my clip ran out and the creature fell to the floor.
"Yess!!" I shouted as I picked up the walkie talkie from my pocket "I've done it".
"Okay now make your way back through the halls and go back to the room with the operating tables and we will get you out" Agent Smith said.
As I got to the room about forty men in lab coats and gas masks came bursting through a door and in the door way after them stood Agent Smith.
"Well done," he said "and thank you, we are in your debt".
"Okay, thanks" I replied. Feeling quite proud of myself.
"Now if you go through this door," he said pointing to a small metal door, "it will take you straight outside where a car will be waiting to take you home".
I then walked outside and was taken home. As I got out of the car the men in there turned around to face me and said "Well done. You really are a brave man Max. We are proud of you". And then with that they shut the doors and drove off.
Two years have passed since that day and I have still not heard anything from them. I had just got back to leading an ordinary life. I was at work just doing my job, when I heard a knock on the door. I got up and answered the door and there stood three men all wearing suits and black sunglasses. I stood there and stared at them for a while then the taller one out of them stepped forward, his face was long and thin, he had no emotion in his face at all, he seemed almost dead. Finally he broke the silence and spoke, "we need you to come with us" he said in a death like toneā€¦


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