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I was always used to getting myself into trouble, little things though. But not like this, this was different...

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I don't know where I am. I don't know how I got here. I think I'm in a car but I can't tell. I have a blindfold on. We must be driving somewhere. I attempt to free my hands from the tape wrapped around my wrists but its no use. My pulse begins to quicken as I wonder, where could we be going. Suddenly, the car brakes to a halt and I'm thrown out of the vehicle by rough, enlarged fingers. The blindfolds come off and I spot two well-dressed men grab shovels from the passenger side. Even though it is too dark to see anything, the warm sand beneath me makes me reconsider where my location is. We're in the desert, nowhere to be seen or heard. I rapidly try to unravel my hands from the tape that locks between the matter of my life or death. Looking around, I see nothing sharp enough to cut through it. I'm like an animal trapped in a cage. The men begin to gracefully dig, as if they loved their job. They showed no sympathy. I sat hopelessly waiting for my grave to be finished. In a matter of minutes, the hole was deep enough to fit the three of us combined. Without hesitation, the men grab my arms and toss my body inside. I feel as if I'm a rag doll being tossed inside of the trash. I could hear the grown men chuckle as they throw dirt into my face. As I sank deeper into the ground, I could feel myself losing air. I feel as if I'm being pulled inside by the devil himself. As the sand piles over me, I think of my family and what I did to get myself into this mess. I had messed with the wrong people to have this happen to me. My throat feels like sandpaper and I sit waiting for my last breath to exit my mouth. Suddenly, the tape around my wrists begin to loosen! Holding my breath, I wait for the men to finish the job. After what seems to be an eternity, I could no longer hear the sand pile up. They must be leaving. Desperately, I dig my way up onto the surface. As my head reaches the surface, wonderful air fills into my lungs. I look around and see nothing. The men had already left by now. After escaping the hole, I blissfully prance throughout the desert, joyful for my accomplishment. I escaped death. Walking down the road we'd come from, I can see something in the distance. As I cautiously approach closer to the object, I realize that it is only a young man smoking a cigarette. He gazes upon the desert as he leans on his car. I call out for help and he immediately snaps his neck towards me. He rushes over to me and notices my position. I tell him I was being buried alive and I needed medical assistance right away. Without a doubt, he nods and helps me to his van. I could see the heroic look on his face as he helps me inside his new-looking car. On our way to the hospital, I repeatedly thank him for the assistance he's given me. He nods as a response and keeps his firm eyes on the road. He then offers water to me and I satisfyingly gulp it down to the last drop. It tastes funny. It tasted a bit like, I gulped down the remains of a toilet. Suddenly, the man receives a phone call and I listen as I watch through the darkness of my window. "Yeah, I'll be home soon," he says. As I listen to his conversation, I start to feel light headed. I attempt to signal him that something doesn't feel right but he pays no attention. He continues with his private conversation. "Yeah, I got him. He must have escaped," he explains. My vision begins to become blurry and my body starts to tingle. "I'm sure it's him. He told me what had happened. Don't worry, I'll take care of this." On that note, he closes the conversation and focuses his view on me through the rear view mirror. Before I realize what had just happened, I black out into a deep sleep... Unexpectedly, I awake in another hole. In a sudden panic, I try to breath in air but sand piles into my mouth. I could feel my lungs beg for air. The same strategy with the tape comes into play but there's only one problem. I have handcuffs on...


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