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Skaters Unfortunate Demise

Short story By: Egardnilb
Action and adventure

Once called "Skate Boarders big accident" I wrote this in elementary, I went back and re-did it and added in some more fancy words and details, just a fun little story.

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Skateboarders unfortunate demise

"Hey Mom where are my clothes? All I found was my T-shirt with a hole in it and the dog devoured my socks leaving large holes in them!" yelled shadow from upstairs

"We will go out and get some new clothes!" mom yelled back

"I have to go to the skateing rink to get practicing for the competition pronto!" shadow Exclaimed

In two weeks the big skateboard competition would begin in Lexington, Kentucky and shadow needed to practice really hard to pull off as many tricks for the judges as he could to impress them to win the grand prize of a trohpie and a thousand dollars in cash.

"Get off you freakin retarded dog, you are going to make me late for practice!" commanded shadow. The dog yelpped as Shadow pushed him to the side forcefully

Shadow and his mom rushed out the door because they where going to be late getting to the skating rink in fact Shadow was so worried about getting late as soon as he got there he slapped on his helmet and knee pads and started on out to the rink, him not warming up before practice was a big mistake, he called the warm up time before practice pre-practice, and its something he has been doing to keep himself from wiping out too much in practice, an essental part of his practice.

He started doing tricks on the semi- circle like flips in the air, flipping his skate board while in air and combos like that, also grinds. If you don't know what grinds are let me clarify, it is when you approach a bar and jump with your skateboard and land on the rail, black top up or down, black top is the side without wheels and the opposite is with wheels. When he lands the skate board on the rail blacktop up or down, he then slides down the rail with the momentum that he got while approaching the rail to pull off a succesful grind. Note: the skate board is usally sideways when you land, thats the best way to do it usally

Shadow was doing okay until he tried to do the big flip. The big flip is where he goes up the ramp into the air, spins himself on the board exactly three times and the while he is decending he flips the board two times.

He was coming down to land the trick and thats when it happened, he was still flipping as he was coming close to the ground and couldn't stop, his leg was at an akward angle and landed on it wrong, as soon as Shadow heard the O-so fimillar wet snap sound he knew he broke something...again, He screeched "Mom, Im hurt!"

His mom rushed up to him to see if hes ok and asked "Shadow, are you alright?"

"No, my leg, I think its broken!" exclaimed Shadow

Shadow mom called 911 on her cell phone and told them to get a ambulance over to the skating rink A.S.A.P.

Ten minutes later, the ambulance showed up and took Shadow and his mom to the Hospital. When they got there the doctors took xrays of his leg to see the damage, and found out it was in fact broken.

Shadow cried, "Crap! I wont be able to skateboard in the compitition. Shadow had an idea. He thought he would work out to strengthen his broken leg so it will heal faster. So thats what he did. He worked out at least three times a day for and our for two weeks. The doctor took off the cast on Shadows leg and to his suprise Shadows plan worked, Shadows leg was a lot better. Then Shadow asked the doctor if he could skate in the compitition and the doctor said

"Go ahead, your leg looks fine to me."

Then Shadow and his mom took off to the skating rink because the compitition was about to begin. Shadow waited for his turn to get on the rink warming up and taking his time also watching other skaters skate to see what and what not to do.

Shadow was doing good doing flip tricks here and grind tricks there wowing all the judges, the finally it was time to do the Big flip, Shadow was nervous, but he knew he could do it he heard his mom cheer from the bleachers as he took a deep breath and started to roll.

He rolled twoards the ramp with precision and accuracy then cut up the side of the ramp into the air tiwisting his body back and forth for the spin effect, he did this three times

then flipped his skate board two times, and instead of falling and being defeated miserably, he landed it perfect he even managed to put a grind combo in with it.

Shadows mom being the big dork that she is yelled "HURRAY!"

"I did it." Shadow said with a sigh of relief

After he won his whole family went out to celebrate and let Shadow bask in his glory.

Not to mention the trophy or the thousand dollars cash tucked inside it.


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