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"Whoa! Watch it!" I say as I dodge the attack from my adversary.
"Shut up!" Benji seethes. "This is my territory!"
"Since when?"
"Since always!"
he lunges at me....

The beginning of my story. Want to see what happens next?Then read The Ongoing Struggle!

(Sorry I'm not done yet, so I'll add more when I write more. And this is a creative writing assignment by my teacher, so that's why it will be a short story..)

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"Woah! Watch it!" I say as I dodge the attack from my adversary.
"Shut up!" Benji seethes. "This is my territory!"
"Since when?"
"Since always!"
He lunges at me, but I move a couple of steps to the right and he falls to the ground.
"Why you little..." He hisses at me and arches his back, making him look bigger than he really is.
I felt puny next to him, and I admit, I was scared for a moment, worrying I might not get out of here unscathed.
"W-why can't you j-just leave me alone?" I stutter.
"Who do you think I am? Some coward who runs away from a fight? Never!" he roars, and has such a fiery look in his eye, I lose my ground. He runs towards me and gets out his claws and scratches me on my collarbone.
"Gah!" I yell, pausing for a moment to check the wound. There's blood. It's dripping down my dark coat. I realize I don't have much hope escaping this fight.
"Ha! Got ya, runt! Want me to do it again?" he says, inturrupting my thoughts.
"No thanks, I'm good!" I answer.
"Well, too bad!"
I get a glance around the area. Houses on the right, a grassy field on the left.
Ah ha! I think as I find the perfect hiding spot. Near the houses, in an alleyway, is a fence with a small opening just big enough for me to squeeze in. I should know because I went in there once before, and I couldn't have gotten that fat in a month. Perfect.
"Hey, catch me if you can!" I blurt out before I can stop myself.
"I can and will!" he shouts.
I start running towards the fence, with Benji in hot pursuit.
"Stop running away you coward!" he calls, but I decide not to answer.
I run past a few houses before I get to the fence. Swiftly I run in the gap and hide behind a dumpster, you know, just in case.


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