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When seventeen-year-old junior Vanessa and six of her friends find themselves tricked into attending an unauthorized fraternity and sorority mixed party, they do everything they can to try an ESCAPE. But during the ESCAPE, they find themselves split from each other, and for three long hours, search for everyone.

I had this dream last night, that woke me up at 5 this morning, and continued my headache. I thought I'd right it down. :) Enjoy!

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We stood next to the stairway that led up to the second floor dormitory area. There was too much chatter, too much loud, ear-crushing music, and too many drunken twenty-one year old "adults" in the trashed atmosphere. The only thing Amber and I wanted to do was get out of this place.

It was just three hours ago that the seven of us-Zac, Troy, Amber, Charlotte, Isabella, Alyssa, and I-were tricked by Mr. Banner, our science teacher, to go to this very fraternity house where a very random party was being held. And it was just three hours ago that the seven of us found ourselves completely split apart from each other. Amber and I had stuck together, but Alyssa, Zac, Troy, Isabella, and Charlotte had been long lost.

It was almost one-thirty in the morning, and the party was nowhere near finished. For two long hours Amber and I searched nonstop for our friends, but we did not have much luck. Mine and Charlotte's cell phones were the only two that were working among the seven of us, but we could barely hear each other talking. The platform in front of us was being occupied by a group of overly drunk college students doing a Greek "Opah!" salute, so anyone who was to walk across the platform was to be trampled. Both of us were starving, but neither felt like eating something from the refreshment area, in fear of it being poisoned or urinated on. We had no business at this party, but on top of that, we weren't even allowed into it. Only the ones twenty-one years of age and older were allowed into it, but thanks to Mr. Banner, we were permitted. Very soon, we learned that we were not the only high school sophomores and seventeen-year-olds at the unauthorized party-there were many others. We may have been seventeen, sophomoric and jejune high school students, but we knew right from wrong, and we were no mood for drinking heavy vodka, or pounding our faces and mouths with repeated servings of Coors Light.

As I attempted to peer over the moving circle of kicks, I spotted a girl, about the same size as Amber, sitting on a bright, metallic orange loveseat with her face in her hands. Every now and then her back would bounce, as if she was sobbing and sniffling. But I soon recognized her black hair with maroon highlights as Alyssa's. I tapped Amber's shoulder as she looked the other way.

"Amber!" I shouted. "I think Alyssa's over there, on the other side of the platform!"

She looked at me a little blankly. "What? I really can't hear you!"


She then looked over and spotted Alyssa, as well.

"What do we do? There's only one way there, and we'll get trampled!" she said.

"We could climb the stairs and walk around to the other end, maybe it'll help."

"Alright, if you say so!" she shrugged.

I grabbed her hand to make sure she wouldn't get lost, and we sprinted up the stairs. Avoiding another group of people playing football with a glass fish, and walking straight past a couple making out in an open closet, we finally found the other staircase, and jogged down to find Alyssa.

"ALYSSA!" Amber yelled. Alyssa looked up, and tears were streaming down her face.

"Oh my God, you guys found me? H-how?" she stuttered over a few words, and began wiping her wet face with her jacket sleeve.

"We saw you on the other side of the platform," I explained, pointing towards the other side of the crowd. After a brief explanation of how we had found her, Alyssa, Amber, and I headed up the staircase in search of our other friends.

After a half an hour of luckless searching, we stopped for a short break, and found an empty couch on the third floor of the frat house. Minutes later, a girl with shocking blue eyes and gorgeous red hair stopped in front of us.

"Umm…are you guys, like, trying to find a way out?" she asked hesitantly.

"Yeah, we've been trying to get out for the past two and a half hours, but we've been trying to locate our friends, too." Amber told the girl.

"Oh, great," she sighed in relief. "I've been trying to find people like us for the past hour, and I haven't had any luck until now. By the way, I'm Alice."

"I'm Amber, and this is Alyssa, and Vanessa." Amber said, gesturing towards Alyssa and me.

"Nice to meet you guys. Hey, you know, you look a lot like Vanessa Hudgens, has anyone ever told you that?" Alice asked me.

"Oh, zillions," I joked. "Was that a compliment?"

"Yeah, she's pretty…listen, why don't I help you guys find your friends, and let's get out of here, quick, or else my parents will seriously beat me."

"Sounds good, let's go." Alyssa said quickly, and we were off.

For another hour, the four of us searched and searched, when finally, I spotted Zac.

"There he is! There's Zac!"

We ran past another refreshment table, and found Zac standing near a door that at least fifteen people were beating on.

"ZAC!" I yelled.

"Vanessa!" he yelled once he had spotted us.

"Finally, we found you!" Amber said, and we explained everything about finding Alice and Alyssa to him.

Ten minutes later, my phone began to vibrate, and I looked to find that it was Charlotte calling me.

"Hello?" I screamed into the phone.

"Vanessa! Quick-we're trapped in a bathroom, and there's a whole bunch of people banging on the door, and we're scared!"

"Who's 'we'?"
"Isabella, me, and Troy,"
"All in the bathroom?"

"Yeah, there was nowhere else to hide, now can you please help us?"

"We're standing right outside that door," I said.

"I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" she said, and seconds later, the phone was cut.

"How do we get them out?" Alice asked.

"We'll have to run through the crowd…" Zac said.

Bravely, the five of us ran through the chaotic mob of people beating their fists on the door, and we shoved the door open. Once we had grabbed a hold of all three of them, we hurled back outside into a safer area.

Isabella explained how they had waited for four hours inside the bathroom for someone to rescue them, Troy explained how they starved, and we all explained to the three of them how we had found everyone.

"Alright, now that's settled, how do we get out of here?" Charlotte said.

"I looked at all the exits, and no one is letting anyone pass," Alice told us.

"I've got an idea," Troy said, picking up an empty beer bottle from the floor. "Let's go."

The seven of us followed Alice to an exit, and the two doormen seemed bored out of their minds. When we approached them, Troy struck the beer bottle onto one of the doormen's heads, and hastily opened the door before the other could react.

We quickly crept outside and found Zac's minivan, and everyone climbed inside. Three minutes later, we were on our way back home.


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