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The black Spider-Man has a fatal battle with the Green Goblin.

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The sky had turned dark sooner than normal. Something tragic was waiting to happen any moment. Inside an abandoned warehouse in New Jersey, a dark figure moved slowly through the halls. It was amazing that he can see in this dark and misty place. As he walked downstairs to the basement, the candle light stroked his face, which revealed the man was Norman Osborn. He looked imposing as ever with his superhuman physique and spike-like disheveled red hair.

"You thought it was over didn't you, Spider-Man? You thought I was dead." Norman Osborn chuckled. "Well, you and the whole New York were wrong. Now, it is my time for revenge. I will kill you if it's the last thing I do. Tonight, Spider-Man dies!"

A devilish grin danced on his face as he gazed at the Goblin costume hung on the wall. Norman Osborn put on the green artificial bulletproof exoskeleton, and stood on a small flying platform called "the goblin glider". He glided out of the broken windows and soared up to the sky like a rocket. His destination was New York City!

In midtown Manhattan, a weary Spider-Man apprehended all the members of the Sinister Six (Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, Electro, Sandman, Chameleon, and Rhino). He tied them all up together with his sturdy spider webs against the brick wall. Then the police arrived on the scene. Spider-Man leaped in the air and swung away. Onlookers cheered as they watched their favorite superhero swing out of sight. Some of them texted and tweeted their friends on Twitter that they just saw Spider-Man.

"It's over!" Spider-Man said excitedly. "I finally defeated all my enemies! Now, I can go home to my beautiful wife. My body can use the rest. I have kicked ass for four straight days without taking any breaks."

In the sky, darting in and out of the clouds, the Green Goblin was moving at an incredible speed. He cackled at the sight of the beautiful skyline of New York City. The thrill of flying back to the city where he allegedly died in aroused the Green Goblin. He can feel Spider-Man and cannot wait for this encounter.

Walking back and forth in a Manhattan penthouse anxiously was Shadiyah. Her nerves bothered her because she had not seen her husband in four days. She wore in a white-platinum sweat suit and tennis shoes. It was hard for her to eat and sit down because she had her husband on her mind.

"Where is he? I hope he is okay. Being married to New York's greatest superhero isn't all it's cracked up to be." Shadiyah said to herself softly. "Sometimes it's so hard for me to keep on my happy face when Shomari is out playing Spider-Man. Maybe some green tea will help relax me."

Shadiyah walked inside the kitchen and see Spider-Man hanging upside down with his mask off. The sight of him shocked her.
"Daddy's home, Goddess!" Spider-Man announced.

"Oh my God, Shomari," Shadiyah said excitedly. "Thank God, you're home. I was so worried about you. Now, come down here so I can hug you!"

"Not so tight, baby." Shomari said, after Shadiyah hugged him tightly. "My body has taken a beaten."

Shomari removed the upper part of his spider costume. Wounds covered his muscular body.

"Baby, you need to go and treat that." Shadiyah suggested. "Look at you!"

"I know," Shomari agreed. "I'm about to jump in the shower and put something on my wounds. I need you to sew this costume when you get the chance."

The Green Goblin was in the heart of Manhattan hovering over a street full of people. It was time for him to bring Spider-Man out. He soared in the air and dropped goblin bombs on the people below. Screams and smoke filled the night. The street crowds looked high into the air and run. They were in shock and disbelief at what were happening before them. The Green Goblin's hideous shriek echoed over the street as he tossed another bomb. It exploded, knocking down a dark-colored statue and crashing down to the pavement.

"Come out, Spider-Man!" The Green Goblin shouted. "Save the city from the wrath of the Green Goblin!"

Back at the Manhattan penthouse, Shomari and Shadiyah were relaxing on the couch. This was the most rest Shomari had gotten in the last four days, and it felt great. He was not in the mood to do anything, but enjoy the company of his wife.

"I want us to retire in Hawaii, and sit on the beach enjoying the nice weather." Shomari said. "New York isn't big enough for us anymore."

Shadiyah was channel surfing and saw a news broadcast about the Green Goblin's tirade in Manhattan. She could not believe what she was seeing. The images on the screen also shocked Shomari.

Shadiyah stared at Shomari and said, "Oh, my God, I cannot believe Green Goblin is doing this!

"Green Goblin is taunting me," Shomari continued. "He knows one way to bring me out is to harm the innocent."

Shomari gets up and stood stationery for a few seconds.

"Shomari, what are you doing?"

"I've got to go babe. I have to protect the city."

"You're not in the condition to go anywhere. You can hardly stand!"

"I know, but I have to go. Only I can stop the Green Goblin and put him away. I do not want hundreds of New Yorkers' death on my conscience. I've got to go!"

"Are you sure your body can take another beaten?" Shadiyah continued. "You barely survived your fight with the Sinister Six."

"Yes, but we both know crime never stops."

"What about the Avengers and the Fantastic Four? They're also crime fighters based in New York." Shadiyah retorted.

"The Green Goblin is my nemesis and only I can stop him."

"You cannot stop every crime that happens, Shomari. It is impossible for you to eradicate crime all by yourself."

"True, but I have to do what I can regardless how wounded I am. I cannot stand by and let innocent people suffer."
Shadiyah stood up, stared at him, and put her hands on her hips.

"When we got married I knew what I was getting myself into. I have to be honest; I have trouble coping with your Spider-Man career. I hide it because deep down I know I cannot help you. The promise you made to Peter Parker was a vow of responsibility so do what you have to."

Shomari sauntered up to Shadiyah and kissed her. "Thanks, boo. I love you."

Then Shomari hurried upstairs and rushed to the closet. After selecting the black and white costume, he leaped out the window like a veteran Hollywood stuntman and fired a line of webbing at a nearby building. It was time for action!

Spider-Man had to battle the Green Goblin and New York was the perfect place for this epic encounter. He swung from one building to the next at an incredible speed. He looked like a highly skilled ninja flipping in the air and his black costume blended nicely in the dark sky. It was a sight for residents in high rises to see their hero swinging into action. Spider-Man's adrenaline was at maximum high. The excitement of facing one more super-villain had him ready for the battle.

Finally, he spotted his target hovering in the air on his glider. The Green Goblin looked imposing as he grinned devilishly. Spider-Man's face twisted in a furious grimace.

"You finally decided to show up, spider!" The Green Goblin shouted.

"I am the eyes of New York!" Spider-Man continued. "Wherever danger is, I'm there! Now, I'm going to take you down!"

"Well, come and get some!" The Green Goblin replied.

Green Goblin hurled two goblin bombs at Spider-Man like darts. Spider-Man's spider-sense warned him, and he dodged them. While still spinning in midair, Spider-Man shot a web in Green Goblin's face. Green Goblin bellowed as he clawed at the webbing that covered his face. Then Spider-Man kicked Green Goblin in the chest, which almost knocked him off his glider. New Yorkers standing by applauded. It was as if they were at a live show in Radio City.

"Go get him, Spider-Man!" A blond-haired woman clad in a designer coat shouted.

Spider-Man wanted to end this charade quickly, so he moved forward with his fists cocked. Green Goblin tossed Spider-Man, sending him flying across the street. Spider-Man smashed through the glass window of La Familia pizzeria. Shards sprayed in all directions, and customers jumped up shouting in surprise. Some thought it was a stunt gone badly. Shrieking across the street as he slowly glides on the glider was Green Goblin.

"Are you okay, Spider-Man?" Green Goblin asked jokingly.

He glided easily through the massive hole in the glass window holding a goblin bomb in his right hand. Scared customers rushed to the back of the restaurant to move away from the commotion. Green Goblin was about to drop his bomb on Spider-Man, but bullets from a police officer's gun bounced off his armor, which made him accidently drop the bomb on top of a table. In a split second, Spider-Man jumped up to the ceiling, stuck there, and hanged upside down.

The bomb exploded, splitting the table in half. Green Goblin glided away shrieking like a lunatic. Once the gray smoke cleared, Spider-Man swung out of La Familia pizzeria.

"Go get him, Spider-Man!" A boy with a shaved head said.

"Wow, I cannot believe Spider-Man and the Green Goblin were here."

"They smashed my window!" The manager of La Familia shouted. "Who the hell is gonna pay for that?"

Police cruisers pulled up to the pizza restaurant. Then reporters from various news channels showed up to the scene. Spider-Man did not have time answering any questions, so he left, web swinging down the block.

Hurrying through Manhattan, he finally had Green Goblin in his sight. Spider-Man knew it was his destiny to stop him. Green Goblin was the deadliest of all the criminals roaming around the city, and the wealthiest. Spider-Man wondered if the late great Peter Parker, the original Spider-Man would have gone the extra mile to kill Green Goblin just to stop him.

"I'll have to defeat the deadliest killer I've ever faced!" Spider-Man said to himself. "If I fail, I'll be dead! I understand there is no alternative. God please forgive me, if I take the Goblin's life."

The scene was in front of Madison Square Garden, the world's most famous arena. So many epic moments took place in this New York institution. Now, another epic moment was about to happen. Green Goblin tossed goblin bombs at the running crowd and laughed devilishly when the bombs exploded.

"Run cowards, run!" Green Goblin roared.

Spider-Man kicked Green Goblin in the chest and knocked him off his glider. Green Goblin jumped up, and the two combatants went at it in front of a surreal audience.

"Wow, this is amazing!" A hyped Caucasian man shouted.

Green Goblin missed a right hook, and Spider-Man landed several high-impact blows on him. Spider-Man's incredible speed, reflexes, and uncanny spider-sense kept him from the Green Goblin's reach. Onlookers were in awe with the action happening before their eyes.

"You'll never beat me, Green Goblin! I do not care how mad, insane, and strong you are! I am just too great to quit! I have the will to win!"

Spider-Man connected more blows to Green Goblin's head, but he did not go down. The pain fed Green Goblin, which made him stronger. He stood there with a grin on his face, taunting Spider-Man.

Green Goblin smiled, and said, "Come on, you black bastard!"

Spider-Man threw a punch and missed. Green Goblin kicked Spider-Man in the chest, and he went down. The blow was so hard that Spider-Man's heart stopped beating for several seconds. When his heart began beating again, he was about to get up, but then Green Goblin smashed a foot into his head. Spectators gasped loudly.

"Owww. Damn!" Spider-Man grunted.

Green Goblin got on top of Spider-Man and started punching him in the face. He enjoyed every minute of this as his blows were making Spider-Man's head move side to side. Finally, the police officers piled on Green Goblin and began hitting him with their nightsticks. However, with a shocking burst of superhuman strength, the Green Goblin hurled the police officers off him, and they go flying in all directions. It looked like a scene from a blockbuster movie.

"Get the hell off of me!" The Green Goblin shouted. "My fight is with the spider."

"I have the move this fight away from here." Spider-Man said softly.

Spider-Man shot a web and launched himself in the air. He began web-swinging uptown. The Green Goblin hopped on his glider and chased Spider-Man. He had a wicked smile on his face.

Spider-Man swung inside the Grand Central Terminal, with the Green Goblin closely behind him. Shocked pedestrians could not believe the action that was going on. A few of them pulled out their camera phones to record the fight between Spider-Man and Green Goblin.

"I can't believe Spider-Man is fighting in the middle of the Terminal." An exciting teenager with a Yankees hat said. "I can't wait to put this on Twitter and Youtube."

Green Goblin kicked Spider-Man in the chest, knocking him down to the floor.

"Give up, Spider-Man, you know you can't win!"

"Do you wanna bet?"

Spider-Man shot a web at Green Goblin's glider and was airborne, flying behind him in the subway tunnel. They moved at an incredible speed, flying pass the Bronx Bound 6 train on the side of them. Green Goblin's demonic laughter echoed the dark tunnels.

"Are you enjoying the ride, web-head?" Green Goblin asked, as he looked over his shoulder. "You don't look like a hero that is supposed to protect the innocent. Ha-Ha!"

Minutes later, they flew out of the 125th Street Subway Station. Spider-Man released from his webline and landed on his feet on the roof of Harlem Pathmark. Green Goblin looked down and noticed Spider-Man wasn't there. He swerved leaning his weight to one side and sending the glider to curve so effortlessly back toward Spider-Man.

"That's right, come to me Goblin!" Spider-Man said under his mask.

As the Green Goblin got closer, he reached down to his purple bag of tricks, grabbing one pumpkin bomb. That moment, Spider-Man fired spider webs at him, hitting Green Goblin in the eyes.

"Nooo!" Green Goblin shrieked.

Spider-Man watched as Green Goblin lost control of his glider and crashed through the window of a nearby department store. It was just Spider-Man needed to rest and gathered enough energy to finish his battle with the Green Goblin.

Inside the department store, equipment and scattered glass covered the Green Goblin as he lay on the floor. He opened his eyes and slowly rose up. Wetness raced down Green Goblin's face. He knew it was blood, and that made him angrier. He got on his glider and hid in the darkness. Then he watched as Spider-Man entered the store. Spider-Man moved slowly through the darkness. Then he stopped.

"Come on, Goblin! Stop hiding! Show yourself! Stop being a bitch!"

With quickness, Green Goblin headed directly at Spider-Man and yelled, "Die!"

Spider-Man heard a loud crash; his spider-sense went berserk. Spider-Man turned around and saw Green Goblin shooting goblin sparks from his fingers. The glare of the goblin sparks partially blinded him. Green Goblin ran into Spider-Man, and the two of them were soon flying in the air on the glider. They traded blows in the air as they glided over Harlem.

"This is the last thing you should have wanted hero, to fight me in the air!" Green Goblin said. "You thought you had the mastery of the air, but all you do id leap and swing to buildings like a circus fool! As you can see, I can actually fly."

Once Spider-Man regained his vision, he started fighting back by throwing punches. It was hard for him to defend himself as the glider was flying unsteadily, because of the shift in weight. He noticed they were leaving Manhattan and heading into Brooklyn. Using all his strength, Spider-Man lifted the Green Goblin off the glider. The two of them tumbled off the glider. They were falling to the ground like two humanized bombs.

At the last moment, Spider-Man shot a web in the air creating a web-like parachute while holding the Green Goblin with one hand. They landed in a cemetery rolling on the ground. The Green Goblin's goblin glider nosed straight down to the ground and shattered on impact. Lighting flashed in the sky and rain began pouring down.

Spider-Man and Green Goblin got to their feet and met head-on, trading punches, kicks, and elbows that would have killed any normal human. Both combatants moved swiftly, blocking, and weaving, looking for any advantage. The more Spider-Man beat on Green Goblin, the stronger he became. Gradually, Spider-Man slowed down. His adrenaline faded away. Green Goblin staggered Spider-Man with a combination. Then he landed a fatal blow, then stepped back to watch Spider-Man fall.

"You can't beat me, hero!" Green Goblin yelled. "You never could, and you never will."

Green Goblin saw a dark shovel standing firmly against a tombstone. He walked over to it, and noticed there was a deep hole in front of a tombstone. Apparently, someone dug up a coffin from this spot. He grabbed the shovel and saw Spider-Man struggling to get up. The Green Goblin strike Spider-Man in the head with the shovel, knocking him out. Then he lifted Spider-Man up, and dropped him in the hole in front of the tombstone. With an evil grin on his face, he started burying Spider-Man. He filled the hole with dirt in several minutes. Then he raised the shovel in the air and laughed.

"Spider-Man is dead!!!" He hollered.

Spider-Man woke up to complete darkness. His body got the needed rest as he lay on his back. Spider-Man realized he was in a coffin. No, let me out! I do not want to be here. It is too dark, and no air! He said to himself as he began to push the top of the coffin open. The thought of maggots eating him alive freaked him out.

"I'm not dead!" Spider-Man shouted, as he made it to the surface.

"Damn!" Green Goblin bellowed. "Why can't you just die?"

He charged forward, and Spider-Man met him head-on, like a hungry bull. They traded punches and moved with implausible speed and agility. Finally, Spider-Man delivered a 5-hit combo, which knocked Green Goblin down.

"You can't beat me, fool!" Spider-Man gloated. "And you never will. None of your peers can!"

Green Goblin gathered himself and jumped up. He tried to defend himself, but in vain; his struggles grew gradually weaker. It began to sink in Green Goblin's head that he was not going to win this battle. Spider-Man was high on adrenaline. It had him madder and stronger than ever.

Spider-Man's fist hit the Green Goblin's jaw hard, and he heard it crack. Spider-Man knew he broke Green Goblin's jaw as he watched him spit blood. Spider-Man continued his onslaught, attacking every part of Green Goblin's body. The more he pounded on him, the more Green Goblin was ready to fall. Spider-Man delivered a kick to the face, knocking out Green Goblin. The Green Goblin struggled to get up, and Spider-Man hovered over him as blow after blow rained down on him.

Spider-Man lifted Green Goblin by the throat with one hand, and the other hand drawn back in a fist. Ready to kill Green Goblin, but Spider-Man saw that he did not resist. He was not moving or barely breathing. The Green Goblin's mask fell off, and Spider-Man gazed at a horribly bruised, bloody, and swollen face of Osborn. He dropped his hand as the sight of Osborn snapped him out of his street mentality and brought him back to sanity.

Spider-Man wrapped Green Goblin with his webbing. He felt great that he beaten the Green Goblin. The adrenaline wore off, and Spider-Man felt his body in pain. He fired a web-line, and began swinging back to Manhattan. He caught glimpses of police cars and helicopters moving back and forth from Brooklyn and Manhattan. Spider-Man barely had the strength to hold Green Goblin. Every inch of his body was aching, but he still managed to swing Green Goblin to the hospital.

After the emergency unit came and put Green Goblin on the stretcher, Spider-Man launched himself in the air and began web-swinging uptown. He swung from building to building for a few minutes, but did not have the energy to continue swinging to his home. He let go of his web, and landed in the middle of the street. Strangely, there were not any vehicles coming from any direction.

"I'm so exhausted that I can barely get to my feet." Spider-Man said dryly.

Spider-Man's spider-sense screamed a warning, but his wounded body prevented him to react quickly. A dagger plunged into his back, poking his heart.

"Gotcha," a soft voice whispered in his ear. "I knew I'll finally get you, Wall-Crawler!"

Spider-Man turned around and saw Black Cat standing there smiling. As Spider-Man fell to his knees, flashes of his epic battles with his enemies roamed in his head. He beat them all without suffering a defeat. Now, it was all coming to an end by the hands of Black Cat. Shadiyah's face popped in his head, and then he closed his eyes and succumbed to his death.

New Yorkers will remember this day as the saddest in New York City history. Their most popular hero finally fell. They watched him give his all and more for the love of humanity. This was the saddest day ever! For this was the day that Spider-Man died!


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