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The Wild Feline

By: HeartStone451

Page 1, The wild is her home, her birth place and her race track

Tress flying by and my legs moving as fast as they could, it felt amazing. The wind was fierce but cool on her face as the sun blazed high in the sky and basked the land in a warm blanket. Birds chripped in the trees, sometimes in unsion,they flew above her, animals scattered as they knew she was the predator, them the prey. Her strong hind legs propelled her forward, she jumped high in the sky over a pile of debris, landing gracefully, not slowing down. She felt like she'd been a cub for so long that she probably would never stop running, she was slike, tall and long. Golden fur covered her whole body, black dots splattered over it, her long tail almost touched the ground. She wasn't a cub anymore she was a full grown feline, fast, smart, and strong.

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