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Slightly more than average

Short story By: helga5683
Action and adventure

A boy Simon goes to school one day and discovers he has powers. Time freezes and Men in black suits take him him to a top security building. (If yal like this story I can elaborate and make it longer and more detail.)

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"Simon get up!" was the last thing she ever said to me. Neither of us knew what was going to happen on what seemed like an ordinary Tuesday. I never would of thought I'd miss the sound of someone waking me up for school, but I do. I don't know what is going on, but everything I know they have taken away from me.

7:30 a.m Tuesday

"Simon get up! You're going to be late for school." My Mom screams. If you're thinking I am too old to be waking up to my mommy, then you are probably right. The thing is I had an alarm clock, but in my half awake state, I go for the snooze and smash it. I have been through seven alarm clocks this school year. Did I mention it's only August 21? It's impressive to my Dad that I can smash it down almost in half without hurting my wimpy hand. My Dad was quarterback when he was in high school, Prom King, and had muscles on his muscles. I am quite the opposite. I'm 5'10 and a mere 130 pounds. I'm also captain of the chess team if that shows how different me and him are. The only thing him and I have in common is our dark hair. If the only thing my Dad is impressed with me for is smashing alarm clocks, then I'll take it.

After my Mom wakes me up I wear the same 'Simon' outfit everyday. Some generally clean jeans, a band or comic book character shirt, and the conventional shoes that every nerd owns; black hightop converse. I stumble down the stairs every morning and play a little game I call "Where is my book-bag hiding today". I always throw my book-bag somewhere when I get home. I should take it to my room and maybe actually do my homework, but who am I kidding? Once I get home I'm too busy listening to music, reading my comics, and getting my 5 hour nap in. As you can see I just don't have the time. As I look for my book-bag my Dad always makes some disappointed exhale of air through his morning paper at me. I don't remember the last time I saw his face. My Dads face was now a figment of my imagination.

As I'm walking out the door to head to school my Dad yells for me to stop. Is this real life? He speaks? I'd believe pigs were flyings before I'd believe my Dad would speak to me. "Sit down. You need to eat something and put on some weight". He's not wrong I do. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm an Olsen twin's thinspiration. He speaks to me through the paper "I talked to Coach McDonald yesterday". My Mom gives me a pitying look, we both know where this is going. Dad keeps on "He said if you put on twenty pounds he still has a spot for you on the team Simon". We have this talk every year. My dad yearns so badly for me to play football. He wants a son he can brag about to his buddies and I understand that, but as I said, I need my daily five hour nap.

Messing with the food on my plate "Dad I don't want to play" I mumble as his hands holding the paper ball into fist. I can tell that his teeth are clenched "Sometimes I swear you're not even my son Simon. All you ever do is stay in your room and read those dumb comics. When are you going to do something with your life?" I slump down in my chair as he goes on. I never say anything back normally, but today was different. "Sometimes I swear you're not even my Dad too! I'm never going to play football. Just quit trying!" My head hurts as I yell and then all the sudden the window in the kitchen shatters. I take the opportunity to escape the football debate, grab my bag, and bolt out the door to my car. As I dig through my pockets for the key to my car, I realize I left the keys in my pants from yesterday. It will be too embarrassing to go back in there and I am not risking more football talk. I guess I'll walk to school today.

8:07 a.m

Mr. Thayer my English teacher wiggles his fat butt out his chair wobbles toward the front of the English class. Mr. Thayer has a raspy voice from all his excessive smoking. He's a nice man I just hate his class. I sit in the middle row right in front of Greyson. He's a juicer, no necked, rich kid, who likes to pick on me everyday as if his life depends on it.

Today, in Mr. Thayer's class is not just any ordinary day. It is poetry day. He makes us write poems to read in front of the class, if making us simply write it was not bad enough. Mr. Thayer legs struggling to hold his weight, tells us to get out our poems to read for today. You can probably already predict I haven't written mine. I get out a piece of paper and quickly squeeze some sort of poetry out of my brain. I can feel Mr. Thayer's eyes piercing into the back of my head as I write. He calls my name to go first, because he enjoys watching me squirm. It's a show for him to feel better about himself. He going to feel on cloud nine after this performance.

I push myself out of my desk and walk to the front of the class. I hate reading my poetry to the class. It's not like I'm the unpopular kid with some secret amazing talent. Nope, I am just ordinary or a little less than ordinary. I clear my throat and mutter "I am Si-mon and this is uh my um po-em." I stutter badly in front of people. It's like a fire being lit in my chest and my voice cracks non stop. The giggles start and I'm stuck like a deer in headlights. Then, Greyson mimics me "I'm Simon and made a poem for my mommy" and the class laughs even harder. I don't even understand why that is funny. I look over to Mr. Thayer and he is doing nothing! That fat lard is sitting eating another candy bar saying absolutely nothing. I march up to Greyson and bark at him "shut up". He looks at me like I'm a new game, "What are you going to do?" as he shoves me backwards. I catch my balance march back up to him and rear back my fist "This."and swing my fist at him. I hit him and he goes flying toward the back wall. Everyone gasps and starts staring at me. I didn't think I could do that. I start panicking and realize how much trouble I'm going to be in. Greyson's girlfriend screams "What did you do Simon? He's not moving!" I have to get out of here. I look around "I don't know" I shriek and the glass window burst, but before the glass hits the ground it freezes. It's just floating there. My classmates are frozen too, their faces filled with fear. I run for the door and three men walk in, "Simon do not try to fight us, it will hurt less. We are taking you into custody." they say blankly. They shoot me. Falling to the ground, completely unable to move I see them walk closer to me.

7:08 p.m

"Pssst, hey you wake up. You've been asleep ever since you got her this morning." I open my eyes expecting jail or maybe Hell. I jerk remembering what happened in school that morning. Did I kill Greyson? Who were those men in suits and why did time freeze? I look around from my bed and this small girl about 5'0 is staring at me. "Hello?" I said kind of questioningly. "Hi" a radiant smile forms across her small face. "I'm Alina and I can make fire. "What?" I say and keep staring at her. That's not normally what little girls are into. "That's my superpower", she began, "What's yours?" "I don't I have a superpower. I'm just a human and neither do you." Her smile faded away. "Well, I did before they took it away." she says kind of temper tantrum like "Who took your powers away?" She leans in closely and whispers "The men in the suits. Everyone here as a super power. When they find you they take you and bring you here. They give you some medicine to make your power to go away and sometimes it works like it did on me." "What if the medicine doesn't work?" "You don't want to know. Look at your wrist band what's your power?" I look down and it reads: "Super strength; telekinesis". "Wow that awesome can I see you do it?" "I don't know how." "It's easy focus on me and imagine lifting me up." I look at her and she start floating. She starting laughing and screams "Higher, higher!". She gets the hiccups and fire blazes out of her mouth and engulfs the whole room. I lose focus and drop her. She hits the floor like a rag doll. I scoop her up and run out.

Men with black suits run into the room with fire extinguishers. Three men take Alina from me and take her down a hallway into the back room. I am alone again in this foreign place. I sit on the couch alone trying to understand my new found powers for a few hours until a man approaches me. He tells me to follow him to the back room for an interview. I figure this is about Alina. I didn't mean to drop her, it's just the fire kind of freaked me out a little bit.

I walk into the room and sit with my arms crossed. The room is white and empty with nothing but two chairs and a plain table. Five minutes later a man, tall, slim, and in his fifties walks in. "Is Alina okay?" I blurted out before he even had a chance to shut the door. "Unfortunately we had to put her down. We gave her many treatments over the past five years, but her superpowers were too strong to get rid of." he answered to me with no emotion. "How can you kill her? She was no more than seven years old!" I snapped at him. "It was in the best interest for everyone's safety. Her parents dropped her off when she was born. They realized they had a super human baby and they gave her to us. We tried to fix her, but the medicines didn't work completely. "What about my parents? They just gave me away too?" "No, Simon. They don't even remember you. We wiped everyone's memory of you. You killed a young boy today in your school." The tears start running down my face. I no longer have anything and I'm a murder. "I didn't mean to." I sobbed. "I didn't even know I had powers." "We know Simon. We need you to cooperate with us and we can help you." "Yes, sir." I manage to say and cry at the same time. One of my many amazing talents along with super strength and telekinesis. "Simon,", he got eye level with me, "I'm going to give you your first dose of medicine." He injects a six inch needle in my abdomen. Thing start going fuzzy and I realize I'm going to die. My heart beat slowing, breathing getting harder, I just lay there and wait. Then, I hear a familiar childish voice... It's ALINA! I turn over and see her at the door with a mob behind her. She shoots the man in the black suit and looks at me with that radiant smile "Hold on you're going to make it superman.".


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