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Eve,Blue and Ellen was send on a mission to retrieve the golden ring for the boss to gain more power and fight the Queen of Blades.Will one of them turned evil on the mission? If one of them turned evil, who will it be?

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Boss: Ellen, call Eve and Blue here.

Ellen: Yes, Boss.

At the dormitory,

Blue: Eve, you keep winning at Uno!

Eve: Because I'm a expert and you are a beginner.

Ellen: Eve and Blue, come to the Red Room immediately.

Eve and Blue : Sure,Ellen. We will be there in a minute.

At the Red Room,

Boss: My dearest Eve and Blue.

Blue: Yes,Master? What do you call us here for?

Boss: Recently, the Queen of Blades, called one of her top 10 pirate to steal the ring before us. I want the ring to fight her and get back our palace. So I'll be sending you,Blue,Eve and Ellen on this mission. You are my top 3. I will be putting Ellen in charge.

Blue: Boss, what if we die on the way?

Boss: I will assign a Cleric to heal you. So don't worry about death.

Blue: Yes,Boss, I'll gladly take this mission.

Eve: Yes. You assign us to take this mission and we must take it seriously.

Ellen: Okay. Chop Chop. We have to get the ring before them. Let's go.

On the way,

Eve: Ewww! These mud on our boots are ewww!

Blue: Stop complaining! You took on this mission so you have to tolerant it.

Ellen: Eve, Blue is right. You must take this seriously.

???: Well well. If it isn't little Eve.

Eve: Who's that?

??: You forget me already? Such a bad girl.

Eve: Cloudy!

Cloudy: Let's fight,Eve.

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