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The Hourglass Cult

By: IhaveI55ues

Page 1, My first novel, please leave a comment and some tips and enjoy!

March 9th 1934 New York

I look into my mirror in my messey apartment. 'When i get back i must clean up this mess' I think to myself. I gaze at my reflection tightening up my tie and straighting my suit and hat. Ahh, the smell of new clothes, the feeling of the new fabric touching my tanned skin. I smile at my reflection as my wife comes in.

'We really must clean up this apartment soon, hunny' my wife steps over the clothes in our bedroom to give me a soft kiss on the cheeck, I smile. 'You going out tonight?' she asks

'Yeah, just off to that club a few blocks away' I inform her.

'You've been going there for weeks now, whats so special about that place?'

'The drinks are cheap, the music... The music is fabulous.'

'You and music, why don't you just marry one of those singers!?' my wife starts to get angry

'Because im married to you!' I shout back. My wife gives a loud groan then leaves the room. I sigh then get my keys from the bedroom dresser besides me. I leave the bedroom, go left down the corridor then to the front door, I open it.

'Don't wait up!' I shout to my wife

'Be surprised if im still here!' she shouts back crying. I walk through the door and slam it behind me. I run down the stairs to the front door of the apartment then leave through that. The cold air on my face. The smells of the food coming from the neighbouring resturants, the laughter of the couples, the rumbling of the engines of passing vehicles. They make me smile, they make me feel free, free from my wife, free from that apartment. Out here, im a different man, a free man.

I walk down the road, in the chilly air of March, only the steet lamps to light my way through the night. I hear the music of the club, it exicites my ears as i walk towards the door greeted by a coloured man, opening the door for me, I give him a smile then I walk through the door. The music gets louder as i get closer, the sound of the keys being played, the sound of her... The amazing voice of Grace Adams. Oh how I would Love to just hold her in my arms feeling her body against mine.

I walk into the main club, I see her and she sees me, I lower my hat and hold it to my chest and smile, she smiles back then carry's on singing and swaying to the sound of the piano. Another coloured man, wearing a white tux comes up to me, his fragrence smelling quite good.

'Would you like a table, Sir?' he asks. I barley him him over the music and people talking. I shake my head because i know I wont be here for long. He nods back then walks away.

I look back at Grace, watching her move and sing... I Love how she moves, how she sings. Her voice, just as beautiful as her face. Her perfect body, swaying. It gives me shivers just to watch her.

She stops singing and heads off stage for her break. Now was my time. Now or Never.

I follow her backstage, she goes out back, probably for a smoke. I get distracted hearing footseps behind me, was someone trying to stop me from talking to Grace?

'Aaaah, get away you thief!' I hear Grace shout outside, i move quickley outside to see Grace fighting with a man who looked rough and smelt just the same. He takes her purse then runs. I chase after him pushing past Grace...


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