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Tags: Fighting

A fight between KoKo and Uzi. More like a practice fight.

Submitted:Jan 11, 2010    Reads: 81    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

Uzi pulled out his Soul Sword slowly as I backed up getting ready for a battle with one of his halfs. My eyes turned purple and my hair turned silver growing down to the middle of my back. His eyes turned silver as he pointed the sword at me. I eyed him as his eye brow raised. "This seems....Interesting."He said smugly. I smirked. Inodded as his sword formed into his right arm. "Whats so funny?"He asked his eye brow raising. "Nothing."Answering simply as I got into my stance of my fighting postion. "Hm okay."He ran at me and jumped into the air in front of me the arm extending a bit. "Now that I've taken over Ican kill you." He said. Ismirked at him as I slashed Lunar at him. He jumped back the arm splitting into 100 other arms.He charged straight at me also the arms stretching out from all side."Lunar strike"I taked a swing at him only a foot away and the 5 poison rods hit him directly except for one."Damn you.." He growls lowly.The one lands behind me as I run the other way letting the poison rod blow up underneath him.He falls to the ground coughing. I stops dead in tracts few feet away smirking.The poison already starts to take effect.He stands up and the arms fly at me. " Black Death." He says calmly.All the arms surround me from all sides.

I turn around with lunar in my hand and blowed out my now glowing lips twirling.Small poison hearts touch all of them and they start to explode. " It's no use, its like a spirit weapon." I growled and I jump up quickly.The hands slam into the ground where I was. Landing on the ground a few feet away, Ijumped back taking one swing in the air, " Lunar wind scar" lighting comes up from the ground with wind at dangers speed coming at the arms and him.He ducks down the black arms wrapping around him for safety. The winds start to rip the arms apart, I jump in air throwing Lunar up father. " Dark Balls!" I yelled.10 dark balls apper hovering around me keeping me in the air. My hand opens and one huge massive Dark ball of poison form.He points his finger out of an opening near me."Neus!" A red beam flies at me at a high speed."DARK POISON STRIKE!" I said with anger. 5 of the dark poison balls attack the red beam as the rest fly at him. I release the huge Dark Ball one and it comes at him at dangerous speeds.

He jumps to the left and opens his mouth inhaling and then exhaling blowing black fire at me.Lunar appers in my hand taking a swing as the lighting and wind strike it.The fire subsides and his eyes glow a tint of gold a golden beam shooting from his eyes. " I know how to control these powers unlike him." He smirked."Now you son of a bitch". I could feel Melantha trying to come out.My hand opens and a huge rod of my worst poison." Neus!"The beams extends in width of 10 feet. A barrier appered around me as I walk closer. He jumped straight at the barrier punching it. Once he hit the barrier I make it dissapper jumping at him with the rod and stabbing him with it. "Damn...you got me.." I could tell he was lieing. I looked at him and pushed him down to the ground. " Black Attraction" He says. Black arms appears from his torso wrapping around him and me. My right hand glows a bright green and stab it. They keep wrapping around me. "Constriction." He grinned.They wrap around me tight progressively getting tighter I could feel myself getting weak. It started to get tired and I was losing control. "Lunar striking pierce......."I say quietly. With all the power i have left I raise lunar bringing lunar down into his chest and it goes all the way through his chest stabbing into the ground. The hands dissapear and his eyes change back to normal.

I pull back falling onto my back about to pass out. Uzi passed out on the ground.I close my eyes feeling defeated. I stab lunar into the ground and stand almost falling. I felt Melantha help me walk to him and hold my hand open with a Lunar Death Wish Heart in the middle of my palm. He slowly opens his eyes as they return to their normal color."Ugh..." He groaned in pain. My eyes open and I place the heart to my chest consuming it inside of me for later. He sat up slowly putting his hand on his wounds. " ow" He yelped. He stood drawing Soul back.
I stood and healed him by kissing his forehead. "Thanks." " No problem." MY eyes closed I fell back passing out into Uzi's arms. He set me down as I breathed heavily sleeping. He pressed his hand to my cheek. "What the hell did he do to her?"He sighed feeling that I was slightly warm. He placed me in his bed and let me rest.


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