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My Little Pony: The Never-Ending Attack

Short story By: JSTAR
Action and adventure

This short story is about a pony named Lightning Flash, Spike, and Glowspark they were best friends with the ponies named Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, and Rarity. Lightning Flash and Glowspark a long time ago accidently injured Fluttershy's pets, ruined Rainbow Dash's house, ate all of Pinkie Pie's cupcakes and one thing they should've never done EVEERR!! is.... Well now they're in trouble. Read the rest of the story to find out what bad thing they did. By: Lightning Flash and Glowspark

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My Little Pony: The Never-Ending Attack

By: Lightning Flash, Glowspark, and Spike

The story starts off by when you see Lightning Flash, Spike, and Glowspark having an arguement with Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and Rarity

Lightning Flash said, "It's Not my fault that we ruined your house RAINBOW DASH! maybe next time don't chase us around the town try to push us off a airplane and try to tie us up and chase us with a hot-air balloon. Rainbow Dash said, "HEY! well maybe next time you should TRY to be more careful that was my home your lucky it's not so bad that they can't fix it!" Spike said, "Like I said this never would've happened if Rarity never dropped all of her clothes got in Lightning Flash's eyes so he can't see then they crashed into the house". Rarity said, " YOU TAKE THAT BACK!" Spike said, "NO!". Rarity said, "I SAID TAKE THAT BACK". Spike said, "make us" Glowspark said, "make us... WHOA whoa whoa whoa whoa" (Rarity gets up on the table gets into a karate stance she looks mad and she's yelling) Rarity said, "listen Spike I may be your friend but that doesn't mean I CAN GO ALL NINJA KARATE ON ALL OF YOU!" Spike said, "I'd like to see you try" Rarity yelled, "HI-YAH!" (She kicked Spike all the way against a pole). Rarity said, "Rainbow Dash, Twilight!." (Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle come to the sides of her. They're all in a fighting stance) Rarity said, (she whispers in a creepy way.) Rarity said, "you're next". Lightning Flash said, "run" Glowspark said, "got it". (They were both screaming and running. Lightning Flash grabbed Spike while he was flying and then Rainbow Dash and Twilight started flying up in the air chasing Lightning Flash, Glowspark, and Spike.) Spike said, "They're getting closer what do we do" Lightning Flash said, " I know exactly what we're going to do... KEEP FLYING!" (Glowspark said, "Hey I see Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Fluttershy let's go to them". Lightning Flash said, "THAT IS NOT A BAD IDEA!" Spike said, "What WAIT WAIT" (Lightning Flash and Glowspark start zooming down to them). Lightning Flash said, " Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy we need your help" Spike said, " GUYS! they're mad at us too" Glowspark said, "WHAT WHY!" Spike said, "you know I said some things" Lightning Flash said, "like what". Spike said, "that they're stupid and no one would ever want to date them" Lightning Flash and Glowspark said, "AGGGHHHHH!!!" Lightning Flash said, "COME ON SPIKE!!" Spike said, "sorry" (But then before they know it they're all surrounded). Glowspark said, "oh no!" Spike said, " guys there is another way to get out of this" Lightning Flash said, "like what Spike! LIKE WHAT!". Spike said, "you can fly". Glowspark said, "oh yeah I forgot" (Spike jumped on Lightning Flash's back and started flying he flew in the air). Glowspark said, " IN YO FACE PONIES!! WE LIKE WHAT!!" (Pinkie Pie gets her Super Party Cannon and blinds all of them they start falling and they destroy Rainbow Dash's house again). Lightning Flash said, "OH COME ON!!!" (Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, and Rarity start getting lazer red eyes they start running on thin air. Lightning Flash, Glowspark, and Spike start flying superfast and screaming. When Lightning Flash, Glowspark, and Spike are flying and screaming a pegasus accidentily drops a heavy peace of metal and it hits Lightning Flash, Glowspark, and Spike's head. They get knocked out and fall to the ground. Then, all you see is blurred vision and you see all the 6 ponies standing at them and carrying them then it goes dark.) (Then, when they all wake up all 6 ponies are standing in front of them). Pinkie Pie said," Lightning Flash, Spike, Glowspark are you okay". Spike said, "yeah I think so" Pinkie Pie said, "good... BECAUSE YOUR TIED UP INSIDE A TORTURE CHAMBER!! TUBE" Glowspark said, "WHAT!" (Glowspark, Lightning Flash, and Spike struggle to get out of the net!) Glowspark said, "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US!" Twilight Sparkle said, "we want you to tell us why your keep destroying our things and why you did that big thing" Lightning Flash said, "okay first of all all of them are a accident and that thing is supposed to be kept a secret". Rarity said, "hey what thiinngg" Applejack said, "yeah". Spike said, "we'll never tell you". Pinkie Pie said, " I'll put the torture chamber tube on super high pitched sound, make it so it can shake you all around like crazy, and I'll also make it pour Fruit Punch on you and that'll make you sticky and gross" Spike said, "UGH! okay Lightning Flash tell them PLEEASSSEE!!". Lightning Flash said, "NO WAY!". Glowspark said, "OKAY HERE'S WHAT HAPPENED! Lightning Flash, Spike and I were walking around we saw Twilight doing this important test in front of Princess Celestia so Lightning Flash was making a bet that he can bounce off all the walls and make it to a basket right" All said, "Riight" Glowspark said, "so then when he did it he missed the court broke the basketball thing, broke all the walls, ruined all of the water, and..... he kind of ruined all of your games and stuff you worked on for the past 5 weeks." (They all looked surprised). Rainbow Dash said, "put it on". Pinkie Pie Said, "yep" Lightning Flash said, "NOOOOOO!!" (The thing went on for a full minute they've been shaked around a lot and their ears were hurting like crazy after that). (When she stopped it Lightning Flash, Glowspark, and Pinkie Pie dropped out of the thing) Lightning Flash said, "please no more". Spike said, "yeah are we good now" Rainbow Dash said, "not quite" (You see Lightning Flash, Glowspark, and Spike redoing everything they made) Spike said, "can we take a break" All said, "NO!" Lightning, Spike, and Glow said, "AGH!" Glowspark said, "Are we still best friends though" Applejack said, "yeah we are" Lightning, Glow, and Spike said, "good" Twilight Sparkle yelled, "KEEP WORKING!!"


By: Lightning Flash, Glowspark, and Spike


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