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Taylor, a mountaineer and carpenter, recently has conquered every mountain needed to achieve 4000 club status. All except Mount Washington. A fierce, 6000+ foot mountain known for its brutal weather and dangerous ravines. He ascends the mountain with his friend Larry, as he climbs for glory.

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A Short Story

By: Lucas Ragusa

����������� "What do you think?"� His voice was serious, but the context was downright unorthodox.� His name is Taylor.� He is a carpenter in his profession, but his hobby is mountain climbing.� Based on his recent projects, it's safe to say he takes mountain climbing more seriously.� He has climbed every mountain in New England over 4,000 feet, and until he climbs Mount Washington, in New Hampshire, he is only a mountaineer.� Climbing Washington will make him a member of the 4,000 foot Club.� By doing this, it will make his lifelong dream come true.� He asked one ore time "What do you think?"� He is asking his buddy, Larry, about climbing all compass points of the mountain with in one week.� That will mean that he has to climb a 6,300 ft, snowcapped, brutal mountain, four times in one week.� "You're kidding, right?� You might as well sign your own death warrant!"�

����������� Larry, one might say, is more reasonable with his thoughts.� He understands that humans can only go so far, and he realizes that not only does no human enjoy climbing a mountain four times in a week; humans also can't endure that kind of pounding.� Taylor, however, is a man of nature; nothing is an inconvenience to him.� A week before, Taylor went to New York and climbed Mount Marcy, a similar mountain, for practice, and he made record time, but he did not follow any protocol that made it an official climb.� He did not follow a main compass point, and he did not climb that last few hundred feet beyond the timber line.� Its Thursday now, his last climb, and he is weak, he is frail, and he's pissed.� Pissed because he's hungry, but he can't gain any excess weight.� For his final climb, he asked Larry to go with him.� "Hmm, fine, on one condition."� Larry said.� "What's that?"� "Bring toilet paper."

����������� They are around 3,000 feet now, the October wind is blowing hard and snow and ice is pelting their faces, so badly they had to make camp.� "Wind's a bitch" said Larry.� "I'd take this over Aruba any day" said Taylor.� They sat under the tent, listening to the wind whipping at the canvas, eating tomato soup from a thermos.� "Do you think we'll make it?" asked Larry, "Of course, probably by tomorrow."� Taylor was right, by noon they made it to the top, a winter squall blowing in their face, rime ice coating the weather station.� "How does it feel Taylor?" Larry asked.� "What, the accomplishment?" "Yeah" Taylor finally added "recognition is one thing, but personal satisfaction is my one love."


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