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This is just a small bit for an opening of a movie I am working on. I just want to know if this is something you might watch. Please Comment

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An empty main street shows no life. Windows are broken with shards of glass have specs of blood on them. Debris is everywhere on the street and sidewalk. Dead bodies lay where the living has left them as if no one cares.

The faint sound of screams, gunfire, and explosions can be heard in the distance. As the camera moves down the street it becomes louder and louder. It's not till the camera turns the corner do we start to see the action.

Guns are going off, grenades are flying, and hand on hand combat is also happening. Women hold on to their children while their husbands take their guns and shoot at them. People of all ages and genders are trying to fight those in the black mask that seem to be the one's attacking.

The camera stops on one man who hits a black mask person with the butt of his gun. Seeing that person is out, he helps his family, his wife and their 12-year-old daughter, run from the area.

They find a small space to find shelter. The mother sees another family and takes off to them, pulling them to the same shelter. The mother is calling out about her kids. The husbands look at each other, telling their families to stay there. As they turn around, the second mother yells out to her son who's carrying his little sister over to them.

The two families take off together hoping to get away from all the fighting. A grenade lands ahead of them. They call out and the two families dive in two separate ways to take cover. The two mothers call out to each other not wanting to be separated, but they do.

The husband and wife look around to se their daughter isn't near them. Looking around, they see her getting up. The husband pushes his wife to take off and they will catch up. He goes after his daughter seeing black mask people are advancing on her. He shoots them, saving his daughter. They run off to way their mother ran, not seeing her.

Another grenade lands to the side. The father pushes his daughter out of the blast zone. Both get blown off their feet but live. The little girl appears to have been cut bad on her shoulder. Her father, a distance from her, tells her to run off and he will find her.

More adults group together with their guns and other weapons and start shooting those coming towards them. Strangers pull the little girl, calling for her dad, away from him. She looks back once to see her dad fighting and shooting the enemy.

Nine years later.

Cory, the young boy who was caring his sister, is seen driving an old beat up car down the road. Garbage lines the floor along with empty cans and bottles. In the back are a bag and a box to show he's moving someplace. The passenger seat holds a map with a sticky note attached that has an address on it. Cory turns the radio up when the news comes on.

"The City Protector of Addetsville spoke to the people yesterday regarding the latest attack. She stated it's unclear if this was a Rebel's attack or not. But, the Protectors are always out to catch these traitors."

Cory drives showing no emotion about the story that was just read.

"In lighter news, the People's Protector, Morris Goodwin, has picked the town he will visit for the Annual Protector's day. Only the City's Protectors know what town this is. That's all the news we have now. Have a good day. The Protectors are Protecting You."

"Bullshit," Cory says turning the station to music.

He drives past a sign that says Regina Falls, which is located in what was once Main.

Entering the town, he finds it's just like any town. It's small but not a huge city. There is a hardware store then Cory turns the corner on to Main Street. The doctor's office sits alone across from there with the dentist connected. Next to the Hardware store is the bakery followed by smaller shops and one restraint. At the end of the street is the only bar that looks old and run down.

Cory parks his car on the side with the doctor's office and gets out. Off in the distance, sitting on a hill looking over the town, is a grand building. Looking at his piece of paper, Cory looks and sees Small Shop. He heads towards it.

Opening up the door, Cory enters the small shop. The shop is filled with random items from paper to clothing to even some food. Cory walks around taking in all of it. At the counter at the end of the store sits the counter with two men talking. Cory stays off in the distance to hear what they have to say.

"What do you mean my deal expired?" the man closest to Cory ask angry. "Last week, you said I had two weeks to make my payments and now you're telling me my time is up? What type of hoax are you running here, Small?"

"If you remember," Andy Small says calmly but starting to get impatient. "I told you that a month ago, you drunk asshole. You know my policy. You signed the contract."

"That was my wife's grandmothers you stole, bitch. When she finds it's gone, what am I suppose to say?"

"Try telling her you had a debt to pay with me and you lost it to pay if off your bar tab from the last five years."

"That cost most then five hundred dollars."

"I was thinking around seven hundred for crystals like that. You want it back so bad, pay the seven hundred by Monday or else it's on my self."

The first man walks off in a hurry, almost bumping into Cory. Andy stands there with no expression on his face. A girl walks out of the back with a broom and starts to sweep. Cory advances to the counter.

"What can I help you with?" Andy asks.

Cory takes an envelope out of his pocket and places it on the counter. Andy takes it and looks over it quick. He takes a quick glance at Cory.

"Where you from?" Andy asks.

"A small town two states over," Cory says using the works he rehearsed. "Small, only 150 people."

"Come with me," Andy says folding up the paper. "Mary, watch the front."

Cut to a mansion surrounded by a wall with a gate to enter the main part. Guards stand outside the gated part where there is a plaque that says Bartlett Mansion. In the back of the house we see a figure jumping down to the yard. Cutting to her, there is a small fog covering the ground. She walks closer to the main door to see the alarm.

Andy takes Cory to the back of the store and down a set of hidden stairs. Cory follows, unsure of what he will find.

The girl sprays a mist over the door to find nothing. She then takes out the security system.

Andy and Cory walk into a dark and gloomy hallway. Andy leads the way, his head almost touching the ceiling and the same with Cory.

The girl enters the kitchen spraying mist with every step she takes. Entering the dinning room, she sees a chandelier hanging from the ceiling and a large dinning table. Going out into the main entrance she takes more precaution. It's not till she sees a small hint of a red lazar beam does she stop walking. Spraying more in the same area she sees more beams guarding a door. She halts the beams using one of her tools before opening the door into a hidden office.

Andy opens a door that's hard to see with it blending into the wall.

Andy and Cory enter a better-looking office. Andy takes the seat behind the best while Cory sits across from him.

"Cory Anderson," Andy says picking up a file from his desk. "Rebel shooter from Chicago."

"Yes, sir," Cory says.

"Says here you're a pretty good shot. Which is good. My last shooter just left us. No reason why."

"Not me sir," Cory says.

"Call me Andy. We aren't the Protectors. No need for the formal greetings. I bet you want to unload you're stuff in case a Protector finds anything in there."

"Actually," Cory says. "I left all of my guns back in Chicago. They were the divisions. They didn't let us have our own in case there was a search."

"I'll have someone show you were the market is." Andy says. "We don't have money like the Chicago division so our fighters have most of their own supplies. Here's the address to a house in town and your key. Is there anything in your car that would cause suspicion?"


"Great. Then let's meet the rest of the team quick. Then you can go and unpack yourself."


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