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The final battle has come. It's time for the law to take down Brunelesci's domain is now!

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It was a battle that lasted nearly two years, over one woman, but losing almost hundreds of men, both good and bad. I was one of the policemen in this, and had been convinced to write a true account of what happened in the Blood Feud. I had asked everyone who knew or were part of it, and with the media's help, I have amassed a great number of truths to make this story true and still excitable. First, we must start with the great TROI warehouse.

The night was very dark. The streets were filled with silence. Except in the TROI warehouse where all the Brunelescis were hiding. It was a giant warehouse, as big as two mansions, and filled with mob men and women everywhere. The warehouse was reinforced with steel bars, barbwire, watchmen and a gun set that made the army look like wimps. Submachine guns, machine guns, pistols, revolvers, even a bazooka, they were ready for war. Note, they WERE ready for war. But no watchmen was on duty, no silence was ensued. Nope, the Brunelescis were celebrating their big victory. and they had a good reason to.

The Brunelescis were a tough mafia family, headed by Don Emilio, his caporegimes Santiago and Sonny, and his numerous sons and daughters, all having great markmanship skills and had a good education in the art of physical warfare. Lately, they had seen some rough times. Perry, Don Emilio's lazy, but incredibly handsome 24 year old son, was found in a scandal with Police Chief Tracy's wife, Elena, and got caught up in a blood feud held only between the cops and made men. Apparently, Perry had not only slept with her, but had convinced her to run away together. Tracy was furious when he found out, and decided it was time to take her back.

The mayor ignored this issue for his big-ass ego was campaigning for reelection, so this war was generally considered legal, in a sense. Tracy had called everyone in to fight with him. Since this was an issue about a law enforcer's wife, every officer on deck was ready. The initally reluctant and old Ozzy, at age 42, was convinced by his friends, although he had to begrudgingly leave his wife and his eighteen week old son up at the beachhouse they lived in, a good 118 miles away from the TROI warehouse. One particular man was Sergeant Bartholomew, the distant cousin of Tracy. They also had Det. Patrick, age 33, with them, a good fighter and a worthy foe, and of course, they had Patrick's childhood friend, Police Chief Mac Tilles. Mac, at 30, was not only deadly in charms and looks, but had been trained very well at a very young age on how to fight with guns, martial arts, stealth and much more. Hell, he made it to the army, fought in both Afghanistan and Iraq, practically gone through hell and came out still smiling (he was 20 when he fought in Iraq). When he was preparing for this war, his mom, Hetty, an old Olympic swimmer, had warned him. "Don't go, Mac. Those mafia men are tough as hell. You would never make it out alive!" "Ma, I have to go! They're counting on me!" After a lengthy, and rather unnecesarily filthy, two hours of discussion, Hetty had to let him go, but began to cry as soon as he was stepping out of the house. During the epic shootouts that happened, Mac killed such a large pile of them. The people started calling him the Headhunter, for the many bodies that fell to his many incredibly accurate shots. No one could stop him.

Unfortunately, one of the allies he fought with turned on him. Bartholomew had taken a friend of his, Berenice, who had been held hostage during a battle against the Brunelescis in a downtown subway station. She was a great beauty, and mesmerized many. Her innocence and dazzling figure had already taken Mac of the edge of his seat, and his heart swelled everytime they met. He fell in love with her, but at that time, Bartholomew had to surrender his captive, and unfortunate sex slave, Caroline, and everyone urged him to do so in order to get the good graces of an informant, who was Caroline's best friend, that had control over a a great amount of their funding for resources. Bartholomew, ever the stubborn, finally conceded, but had then ordered to take Berenice as a replacement.

As love can make us do crazy things, it made Mac to the unthinkable. It would be forever known as the first and only time Mac had ever walked out on his comrades, with his loyal squad, the Enforcers, and his friend, Patrick, who was equally appalled. The condition was that if they wanted his help, they would release Berenice back to her. Bartholomew had angrily objected. However, the following months, the cops became badly outnumbered. In the end, they released her and a few other items as recompense. But Berenice had told Mac that she was still treated very badly. It was true, as Bartholomew was the sinister type, going as far as beating her, almost to death at times, and now Mac had seen her beloved face and figure covered in cuts and bruises. Enraged, Mac had refused to join in and hold up his end of the bargain.

Patrick, however, knew the force could not stop the Brunelescis for long. So, he had asked to borrow Mac's gear, which had a distinct red and black color, and went out of to the front lines. Mac warned him about this: "Don't you dare go into their fortress without reinforcements, you wouldn't last long." Alas, Patrick had done the opposite, and was greeted with a brutal shower of bullets from the famed gold AK-47 of Hector, Don Emilio's greatest son. Mac had been destroyed at heart. In a blind fury, he had challenged Hector, with nothing more than a riot shield and a wrench.

Well, let's just say Hector recieved more beatings than hell would have provided, as he was not only beaten to death, but his head was battered, cut off, his body partially dismembered and dragged on a car all the way back to HQ. Don Emilio had then successfully, although bitterly, had the body returned by the cops, where a large funeral was given. Among the mourners was Elena, who was still highly regarded, although now she was in deep regret of joining Perry, who was now one of the most hated members of the mafia ever. Had it not been for his incredible sniping skill, rivaled only by Mac, he would have been killed already. Meanwhile, Mac had a similarly large burial for Patrick. And on the agreement of a temporary halt, peace was restored for whole month. Until now...

Earlier that evening, Ozzy had successfully tricked the Brunelescis to believe that they were surrendering, and would leave town. They had sent a peace offering of beer kegs and cars to them. As the Brunelescis partied all night, however, Ozzy, Tracy and Mac had rallied the few remaining cops to wear camoflouge, and silently, they neared the warehouse. When the last mafia man had finally called it a day, and left his post, no one in the warehouse was watching or being careful. Then, they charged.

It was a horrifying scenario, as they came in, guns blazing, slaughtering many of Emilio's man. Mac had even managed to get a lucky shot on Emilio, who had died thereafter. However, Mac would not make it out alive. Alas, Perry had taken his sniper rifle and shot Mac's heel, which distracted Mac long enough for Perry to go for the kill with a headshot, although Perry would then recieve a hail of bullets from the cops in retaliation. The screams were loud, the cries were strong and the night became as bright as day in the TROI warehouse.

When the dust had finally settled, nearly all mafia men had been killed. The only survivors were eight women, including Emilio's wife and daughter-in-law, and two men, both watchmen of the warehouse. Charged with multiple crimes, they were taken away. As for Tracy, he had forgiven Elena, and they reconciled peacefully. Ozzy, however, felt bitter for the many lost lives in this blood feud, and had only wanted to go back to his son. As for Mac, he recieved a happy ending when they buried his body alongside Patrick, and was forver hailed as the hero of the blood feud. And, as always, our time with Mac Tilles finally ends, as it does with every death.

However, Ozzy's journey may not yet be finished...


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