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The Captain John Diamond Adventures: The search for Pontpine Island (part one)

Short story By: Nixie
Action and adventure

It was once told that treasure lay in a sunken ship which now, years later lay shipwreck on the banks of a mystery land called Pontypine Island, north of pirate waters… further north than most pirates dare go! And there the Almighty headed. Where unbeknown to Captain John Diamond, there waits another tale yet to be discovered…

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The Captain John Diamond adventures
'The search for Pontypine Island'
'Part one'

Once upon a time, a long, long time before the Titanic took to the waters, a wind powered vessel called the Almighty commanded by Captain John Diamond, sailed the ocean in search of truth in a restless tale that compelled pirates into war.
������������For it was once told that treasure lay in a sunken ship which now, years later sit shipwreck on the banks of a mystery land called Pontypine Island, north of pirate waters… further north than most pirates dare go! And there the Almighty headed. Where unbeknown to Captain John Diamond, there waits another tale yet to be discovered…
"One two, three four" the pirates swung the sail half circle "Turn her bout the open shores" each singing in time as the breeze caught the white sail from behind and began to push them on course "Five six, seven eight…"
����������� Captain John Diamond, with a tiny black beard and in full pirate clad stepped out from the cabin 'Dum-di-dum, di-dum-dum-dum…' and waved his hands like a conductor in time with the music.
����������� "NORTH CAPTAIN!" a tall man with a peanut shape head and long wiry arms ideal for manning the deck, shouted out as he began to tie the rope around the spars to keep direction.
����������� "North, right you are Snake, right you are!" Captain John Diamond tipped his black tricorn hat toward him in good spirit. Snake was the Mate of the ship, as Mate it was his responsibility to take care of the ropes, pulleys, sails, and all the other rigging that was necessary for the voyage, which often made him second in command.
The Captain took the steps down onto the deck, his shoes clicking against the rough planks as he passed the row of sweaty men pulling the cordage to keep the rope tight for Snake.
����������� "Captain!" each of them called out as he passed. John sneered behind their backs; the smell of their hard work was putrid on his tongue and so he kept walking. He walked until he reached the bow of the ship where he looked out to sea with the breeze blowing back the few fallan dark strands of hair from his face whilst the hands still chanted in rhyme behind him. He turned up the white cotton sleeve of his right arm, licked his index finger and placed it above his head to find the direction of the wind.
����������� "Can you feel that? I believe even nature is on your side!" a clear British accent settled on the breeze toward the Captains ear.
John looked round to see a man with pure white hair in a ponytail smiling at him with a set of pearly white teeth. He nooded and waved him closer "That, my friend is not nature, its gold!"
"John, you took me away from my wife, my home and my country! You and I, we are not friends!" he said standing politely with his hands together at the small of his back.
"Oh come now, don't be so hard on your Captain! I let you live, didn't I? Now that is a generous gift from a pirate, Charlie boy!" John slapped him on the shoulder, amused by his own wit.
����������� "You stole me from the British monarchy to help you find Pontypine Island. You need me John, why would you kill me?"
Captain John Diamond responded by raising an eyebrow at him.
����������� "Your not going to kill me are you?" Charles asked nervously watching John playing with his beard reluctant to answer… "We're friends!" Charles added with a trying smile.
����������� John gleamed with a change of disposition "Indeed we are Charlie!" and hit his shoulder again knocking Charles forward, his hands grabbing the front of the�ship.
����������� "It's Charles!" He corrected.
John's shapely grin slipped to one side; an unpleasing reaction, Charles noticed.
"...But you can call me Charlie!" he quickly agreed.
����������� "Perfect!" John slapped him on the shoulder for the third time and twiddled his fingers together with a mischievous smirk.
Charles shook his head shamefully, knowing to well the trouble he was about to get himself into������������������������������������� The day was late and the wind picked up the further north they ventured, the Almighty was now sailing in darker and heavier waters.
It had been a long afternoon of drinking ale from one of the barrels�from a Caravel ship which they'd pirated a few days ago, and Captain John Diamond�now committed himself to the cabin for the evening where he now sat slumped in front of a map with an empty brass mug swinging in his hand.
"Snake!" Captain John whined and then, with no answer he bellowed "SNAKE?" and threw his mug over his head in frustration.
Snake entered the cabin head before body ducking the low beams that had caught him on the forehead so many times before and the wind began to blow the cabin door back and forth, rocking the ship under the strain of the increasingly windy weather.
Snake, stood still and searched the Captain with his good eye, the other being wonky. The Captain now sat with his head flat on the desk "Captain?" he preceded carefully.
Captain John Diamond sighed from beneath his falling dark hair which hid his face and his dribbling mouth.
Snake, stepped closer and bowed his head "What can I do you for?" he asked.
This time John said nothing at all and Snake paused and tried to think of what to do.�His eyes�circled the room and�noticed the Captains hat beside his head on the desk. Looking back and forth at John and the hat he reached for it with an excited giggle.
"Don't even think about it!" John barked with a slurry tongue, turning his head to see Snake playingnervously with his hands by his chest.
"Sorry, Captain… its jus so bootiful!" he squealed excitedly in a slang accent.
John rolled his eyes and lifted his head in a drunken state "Ssssnake…" he grabbed the hat placing it on the crown of his head and said "Get me Charlie boy, I can't make head nor tail of this darn map!" each word prolonged and spinning off the tip of his tongue.
Snake watched John's index finger circle the map with no apparent means of direction "Captain, sir, Charlie boy?"
John screwed up his face "Charlie boy, Charles…" he waited for a response but got nothing, Snake looked about him as if he were talking to someone else "The British man with the fancy white suit Snake!!" John spat.
Snake's wonky eye rolled as he nodded his head "Yes, yes…" his voice lifted "…I know the fella! He's on deck Captain!"
"What?" John stood up unsteady on feet and tilting his head with a suspicious glare, he did not intend to steel the prince of England for him to prance around with the hands!
"His up on deck, manning the crew he is!"
At that moment the ship took a dip to the left and rocked fiercely from side to side taking ornaments with it to the floor. The cabin door opened with a slam and the crew could be heard shouting over the rain that now fell against what looked to be stormy weather.
Captain John Diamond stirred bitterly whilst gripping to his desk. This was not good a storm would throw the ship right off course!! He moved forward with a cursing fist and used Snake to lean on a he passed him.
Snake crumpled to the floor with his weight on his arm. Managing to pick himself up he followed his captain eagerly.
������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Outside, the sea was fierce with life biting and spitting over the bow of the ship leaving the deck inches deep in water.
"PULL HER LEFT!" Charles yelled to the hands holding the pulley. The sail began to turn right putting them in line with the clashing waves, hitting them every few seconds and knocking the ship sideways. Charles waved for their attention "LEFT! I SAID LEFT!" he hollowed over the storm and watched as the hands fought the coil, the sail turning left.
The ship settled over the waves and eased the ship into a clear direction. John had been watching from the cabin door, with his hand on his hat to keep from it blowing away. Impressed he look back to Snake "He is the new Mate!" he said putting Charles in charge of the sail.
Snake frowned "But Captain…" he was the Mate of the ship!
"Step down Snake! Charlie boy will serve Almighty well!" John said cutting him off. Snake sunk back into the cabin with disappointment and began to mutter under his breath "Thieving pest!! I will get you for this!"


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