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My new work of art introduces some new characters to the story what's gonna happen now?

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On a cloudy midday after noon Jet (The leader of sky Felled) was walking along a forested trail that was walled off by trees almost unnaturally. After reaching the exit of the trial he finds himself in front of an ocean of water "Ok I hope this works!" Jet said to himself as he reaches into his vest pocket taking a small smooth blue stone then took form of a samurott and swam from there. After a few yards jet spot something floating in the water "What's this?" Jet said to himself, squinting "Wait a second! That's a person! That person's in trouble!" Jet said to himself as he speed to the rescue "Oh my god, I hope she's alright!" Jet said to himself as he settled the blond haired woman on his back "Nih!" moaned the blond as she slowly regains Censuses "Are you ok miss?" Jet asked, looking sideways "Mmm… who are you?" said the blond as she opened her emerald green eyes. "I'm Jet, what's yours?" Jet asked as he looked away "Cleo, I'm a magician of sorts." Cleo said as she holds onto the samurott's blue hair with one hand and her head with the other "A magician you saw? Well so am I!" Jet said as he went a little faster "What a coincidence! Wait a second you sound like one of Blackheart's friends!" Cleo said observantly, now both hands on Jet's hair "I am, so what?" Jet said as he slowed down to dock with the sea side "Did you know she's married?" Cleo said as she dismounted off of Jet's back "To whom?" Jet asked as he transformed to his normal form "To my ex-boy friend, Ichigo." Cleo said as she kicked the said "Wait what!" Jet said as she paced about "Yup, Ichigo-san and Blackheart, but why?" Cleo said as she paced about "But I was supposed to marry her! Ichigo has no right to take that away from me!" Jet said in rage with a wicked angry face "I feel the exactly the same way!" Cleo said as she raised her fists halfway "That bastard!" cursed Jet as he raised his fists up halfway just likes Cleo "Huh? You know…you look pretty hansom when you're mad." Cleo said as she let go of her anger and drooped her arms to her sides, giggling "I-I do?" studded Jet, now blushing "Yes, you do." Cleo said as she walked up to Jet, placing her hands on his clenched fists and brought them down until her hands were on his open, flat hands. "Hey I just meet you and this is crazy, but you just saved my life so marry me, maybe?" Cleo asked as she put her head on his chest, blushing. "C-Cleo is-isn't this a little bit, uh, rushed? I mean we just meet you can't possibly…" Jet said as he gently and slowly placed his hands on her shoulders but she tucked her arms in between their chests "Cleo." Jet said softly then sighed "Alright Cleo," Jet said as he got down on his knee and Cleo dropped her hands to her side and stared at Jet intently. "Cleo, even though we only just meet, will you marry me?" Jet said with all his heart "Yes! Yes!" Squealed Cleo as she drooped to her knees in tears and tilted forward onto Jet's lap "Cleo, let's get back at them!" Jet said as he took her hands and lifted her up till she sat up right, revealing her face full of tears "Ya! As husband and wife, well teach them!" Cleo said as she shifted and hiked "Yes, as husband and wife!" Jet said as he leans in and hugged Cleo to comfort her. A week later Jet and Cleo got married and set off to find Ichigo and Blackheart "ready Jet?" Cleo said, holding a shiny orange glowing gem "Ready!" Jet said, holding Cleo's arm and then they teleported. When they reached their destination they found themselves in front of a building that looked like a half science lab and half ranch/daycare facility "Wow." Jet gasped in awe but was punched on the top of the head by Cleo "Baka (Idiot)! We are here to teach them a lesson, not to sight sees!" Cleo said "Oww! That hurts more than usual! What's got you so stressed?" Jet said as he holds his head in agony "Shut up!" Cleo said as she used another teleportation stone to get inside the ranch part. The next thing they see is Ichigo and Blackheart playing with their children and Pokémon "Ichigo!" Cleo yelled getting every ones attention "You! But we defeated you a long time ago!" Ichigo said as he turned to face Cleo "Thanks to Jet, my husband, he saved my life a week ago." Cleo said as she grabbed Jet's arm and brought him close to her "Jet what is the meaning of this?" Blackheart said as she held a small gray evee in her arms "This is revenge for abandoning me and running off with another guy!" Jet said as his rage surly showed it "I guess we have no choice." Ichigo said as he takes out a stone and transforms to a floatzel and Blackheart transforms to a gardevoir, dropping the gray evee "Kids get back! Xavier, Volt get Jade out of here. The same for you all!" Blackheart said as her eyes turned bright red "Now you'll see why she's called Burakkuhato (Blackheart)!" Ichigo said as he pulled out a dark stone and a crystal "Blackheart watashi no hana (My flower) take this!" Ichigo said as he tossed the stone over to Blackheart "Thanks strawberry!" The dark haired half-elf as she now whispered something inaudible to the stone and then her eyes turned black and white! "Now it's my turn!" Ichigo said as he holds the crystal up in the air "What is that it?" Jet said smirking "No! You fool he's goanna summon six Floatzels from that crystal!" Cleo said as she scrambles to retrieve a stone from her bag "You won't beat me again!" Cleo screamed as she changed to a mightyena and quickly tried to attack "I don't think so!" Blackheart said as she used the vine whip attack and just in time too! Ichigo then called out for all the Floatzels in the area and six appeared! "Now it's time to finish this!" Ichigo said as he walked past the other Floatzels "Dash, come here," Ichigo commanded "Lead this battle to victory!" Ichigo finished "Yes, sir! Come, my brothers and sisters, to victory!" Dash yelled as he rushed in and attacked Cleo but was interrupted by Jet as he used tail wind to halt them in their place "I don't think so!" Jet said as he is now in his bird Pokémon form "Now it's my turn!" Cleo said as she lunged over the group of Floatzels and attacked Ichigo. Now Cleo has Ichigo pinned down "How does it feel to be at the brink of death?" Cleo said as she took a big bite out of Ichigo's right arm "Gahh!" Ichigo cried "Yuck! That's not what a strawberry taste like!" Cleo said with an evil but disgusted look on her face "Hold on Ichigo!" Blackheart said as she used Giga impact and knocked Cleo away but as soon as she does Jet used brave bird and hit Blackheart badly "Gahh!" cried Blackheart as blood splattered out of her mouth "You bastard! Fight me! Or are you just a coward!" Ichigo yelled. Jet stopped and turned to Ichigo "Crap!" Ichigo hissed as he stood up holding his bloody arm "Hah! You can barely stand up, how can you expect to fight someone as agile as me?" Jet laughed as he dived to finish him "Oh no you don't!" Dash yelled as he sent a boiling blob of water at Jet "Gahh!" Jet screamed as he crashed head first to the now moist ground "Thanks!" Ichigo parsed but was pounced on by Cleo "You know you should never turn your back on an enemy!" Cleo said as she ripped Ichigo's water tight vest off "Ichigo!" Dash yelled as he and all the other Floatzels dash toward Ichigo "NO! I'll handle her!" Ichigo said still pinned down. "Don't be fool strawberry!" Cleo said as she takes a huge bite out of Ichigo's side "Ahhh!" Ichigo screamed in intense pain as he starts to spit blood out and blood poured out of his side "Damn still doesn't taste like strawberry!" Cleo said as she spit the blood out "Mmm…Ichigo…Ichigo!" Blackheart gasped as she saw the red liquid spew out of Ichigo "B-Blackheart no!" Ichigo coughed getting her to stop "Ichigo!" Blackheart screamed as Dash and Jack stopped her "Cleo," Ichigo rasped as he coughed out blood "you don't want to do this," Ichigo said as he coughed out more blood, his vision blurry "please for every one's sake!" Ichigo finished as he coughed even more blood out, bleeding out. "Ichigo1" Cleo said with a soft voice as she steps off of Ichigo then Blackheart then immediately went to Ichigo's side, trying to stop the bleeding "Cleo what are you doing? You had him where you wanted him!" Jet said as he held one wing out of injury "I can't, I just can't hurt him anymore. Huh? Jet what's wrong?!" Cleo asked as she rushed to jet, transforming back to her normal form "I'm fine, it's just a broken wing." Jet said, wincing as Cleo picked him up "No, you're hurt and I won't have that." Cleo said as she walked away "Cleo!" Ichigo said with a raspy voice "Don't talk!" Blackheart said as she started to glow green "Thank you." Ichigo said as he passed out from the massive blood loss "I'm sorry." Cleo said as she looked as Jet, resting in her hands "Cleo," Blackheart sighed "Let me see him." Blackheart said as she received Jet and healed him "What about Ichigo? Wont you need all your strength to heal him?" Cleo asked as she takes Jet back "Ichigo's wounds are too much for me so I'll wrap them up and take care of him." Blackheart said as she turns Ichigo back to his human form, his shirt is torn to hell "I'm sorry Blackheart for all the trouble, is there anything I can do to help?" Cleo said, still holding the passed out Jet "Yes, actually, can you apply pressure on Ichigo's wound." Blackheart said as she pointed to Ichigo's torn side "Oh, ok but what about you?" Cleo said as she settled Jet down and applied pressure on Ichigo's torn side "I heal faster than normal Pokémon so I'm fine, but you did take a beating so I should worry about you more." Blackheart said as she wrapped Ichigo's arm first then his torn side "Gih!" Ichigo groined "Sorry!" Cleo whispered as she slowly applied more pressure "Don't let go Cleo!" Blackheart warned "Ok!" Cleo said. Later that night when Ichigo and Jet woke up in their normal forms they were greeted with a big feast! "Oh! Their awake Blackheart!" Cleo said as she stood up and walked to Jet first squatting "Uhg…where are we?" Jet said groggily "We're at Ichigo and Blackheart's home." Cleo said as she helped him sit up "Where's Blackheart?" Ichigo groined, holding his chest wound "Ichigo don't move!" Blackheart said as she rushed in with an apron with a huge heart on it and two and two small pockets with strawberries "Koibito (Sweetheart)! Gah!" Ichigo groined as he held his stomach "I'm sorry Ichigo, I…I don't know what got over me, Please forgive me!" Cleo said as she starts to cry "It's ok, don't cry, please." Ichigo pleaded as he starts to tear up "Ichigo, I'm sorry." Jet said as he sat up with his feet hanging out "I said it's ok, so don't worry about it." Ichigo said wincing as Blackheart placeless her hand over the bloody bandages to check if it hurts and they started to unwrap them. "Gih, careful Blackheart!" Ichigo groined but was restrained by some invisible force "Calm down or you'll start bleeding again!" Blackheart warned "How about we eat now!" Cleo said as her stomach grumbled "Well Ichigo can't get up from his wound so…" Blackheart said but Ichigo quickly added "since when did YOU get to chose for me?" Ichigo wined but stopped automatically when Blackheart placed a sharp finger nail on Ichgo's side and slid it around "What, finished already?" Blackheart said as she gave Ichigo the evil eye stare then Ichigo quickly shook his head from side to side with a ridiculous panicked look on his face. "Um…ok." Cleo said as she lifts Jet to his feet "Well…Uh…we should be going, we have something to take care of…so bye!" Jet said as he took Cleo by the wrist and lead her out "Great you scared the guests away, GOOF!" Ichigo groined as Blackheart whammed a fist down to his stomach "Damare (Shut up)!" Blackheart said as she sat on Ichigo's chest with her arms crossed and a champion face on. Later that night Jet and Cleo finally got home "Well, we're home." Jet sighed as he and Cleo entered the small two bed room house. After closing the front door Cleo grabbed Jet's right wrist and pulled him to her "Whoa Cleo, What's up?!" Jet said as he stared into Cleo's eyes "Let's…go for it!" Cleo said nervously with her face all puffy, Jet gasped with his face boiling red but Cleo didn't wait for his reply she just simply lead him to their room. The next morning Jet woke up to see Cleo in his face sideways, smiling "Whoa!" Jet gasped as his eyes quickly widened "Morning Jet!" Cleo said with a huge but warm smile "What's up with you?" Jet said but then remembered last night "Well…" Cleo said as she lowered her head giggling then whispered something in Jet's ear "What?!" Jet said as he jumped out of bed with his jaw dropped and eyes wide "Is this true?!" Jet asked as he grabbed Cleo by the arms and Cleo nodded then looked at him with teary eyes Jet then let go of her just to hug her tightly, crying. "I know you'll be a great father, Jet." Cleo said as she hugged him back and looked at the ceiling with tears running down her face.


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