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Defended by a Vampire

Short story By: Rumor
Action and adventure

Part 3 of 'Don't Steal from a Vampire'. The hunters have come.

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Just before dawn, I woke and met Chris downstairs. He was sitting around in his living room, reading a book. It was in Spanish, so I didn't know what it was. He lifted his head to me when I came into the room.

"Feeling any better?" he asked.

"Yeah. Hungry though."

"Not an unusual thing. I've got plenty of stuff in there for you."


I found the components for a sandwich, grabbed an orange, and ate. It felt a little strange, eating in front of him. He just watched me. By his face, he seemed genuinely fascinated with the process of eating my…breakfast, I guess. It was almost seven in the morning. The sun was coming up outside.

"Well, I'm up now. And you can stop watching me like that. It's weird."

"Sorry." He looked at the sunlight coming in through a window. One of his hands reached out and he seemed to be trying to catch the sunlight. He observed the way the light played on his hand.

"You can go out in daylight, can't you?" I asked him.


"Where do these movies get their info?"

"Dunno." He yawned. "If you're all right now, I'm going to bed. Feel free to do whatever you want."

With that, he turned and went out of the room. I heard a door open, shut, lock, and then footsteps on hollow, wooden stairs.

That first day was boring. I didn't know what to do and I was too paranoid to leave the house for fear of missing the 'vampire hunters' as they were attacking. No one came that day.

I called in to work around eight, saying that I'd come down with something bad and needed some time off. While not happy, there wasn't much that could be done. If I was sick, I was sick.

I ate dinner that night alone, an eerie feeling over me. It was the same feeling you might get standing in the eye of a storm. From your viewpoint, it's calm and you're fairly safe. But you know something's out there, something that could kill you.

Chris came up from the basement at eight, with the sun still hanging on the horizon.

"Want to come into town with me?"

"Sure. Where're we going?"

"I need to get some food. There's a bar I usually hang around, if you want to come."

"Sure. Don't have anything better to do, do I?" I really didn't.

It wasn't all that exciting to be honest. Although, watching Chris pick his victim, while I just stood by and let him, was a strange experience.

See, what he does is pick someone out, this time he picked a guy, and does some sort of mental probing. He gives them the thought to talk to him and get close enough to him. Makes them feel safe.

Creepy. At least he wasn't actually going to hurt anyone. I was sort of glad he wasn't picking out a woman though. That might've made it harder for me to just stand by. Not that it's okay to take advantage of anyone, but I was raised to be protective of women.

After talking for a while, and for the man to get another few drinks in him, I watched Chris's eyes begin to do that red flashing light thing. Apparently, everyone else was oblivious to it. Chris told the guy he didn't look so good and offered to help him outside and get him a cab or something. The offer was accepted.

I saw the two leave, the guy leaning on Chris heavily, seeming only half-conscious. I waited another five or ten minutes before getting up and leaving myself. Chris was already in his car, waiting for me.

"Anywhere you want to go?" he asked.

"No. I'm okay."

I went to bed right after we got back.

The next day was better. I got up, ate, and popped in a movie. At around lunchtime I took a walk around the outside of the house, tracing the edge of the trees. I kept the house in sight, just in case, but stayed outside for several hours. I explored the barn, but it was so broken inside I couldn't really do much there.

On the fifth day, they came.

I was hanging around outside when it happened. I saw a white van coming down the path to the house and ran for it. I watched from the front window as they pulled up.

Six people hopped out of the back of the van, along with two from the front seats. All were wearing dark jeans and black, long sleeved shirts. Each of them pulled a belt and various weapons from the van.

One of the men had a bat, another had an axe, and a third had some very dangerous looking knives. The last of the men had a gun. The other members of the group were women of various ages. One particularly strong looking woman clipped a few knives to her belt and also took up an axe. The other two women had guns.

Before they even began coming towards the front door, I raced for the basement, heart pounding with adrenaline.

My fingers shook as I took the key from my pocket and unlocked the door. I heard the group on the front steps as I slammed the door behind me and locked it. Something crashed upstairs and I realized that the axes were both used to break down doors and as weapons.

It was pitch black down there, but I felt a light switch next to me as I made my way down the stairs and I turned it on. Lights came on all over the basement.

Chris was absolutely unconscious in his bed. None of him could be seen, except for an obvious lump under the covers. I noticed that the small windows had been painted black from both the inside and the outside.

As hard as I could, I shook the lump under the covers, saying almost frantically, "They're here! Come on! You have to get up!"

I threw back the comforter.

Thankfully, Chris was fully clothed, missing only shoes. His body curled up farther into a ball, eyes squeezing shut at the light.

There were footsteps coming from upstairs. I shook Chris again, then, when that didn't work, flipped him right off the bed.

He woke with a start, eyes snapping open and rolling into a crouch. He growled for a few moments before shaking his head and stopping and standing up. His head cocked to the side, listening.

"They have guns," I informed him.

He nodded and rushed towards the basement stairs, where we heard the cracking of wood breaking.

"Here, take this," Chris said, handing me a metal bat that had been propped against the wall. It was pretty heavy. I knew it wasn't a usual bat.

We were both standing at the bottom of the stairs when they got the door open. The first of them, the woman with the axe, narrowed her eyes hatefully at us when she saw us there. Her eyes flickered to me.

"You're human. Why are you helping that?"

"Why not?" I returned. My hands were trembling on the bat.

The axe hurled through the air at me faster than I could react, but not faster than Chris. He snatched the thing right out of the air, stopping it just short of me. Just as fast, he twisted it around and threw it back at them. One of the men caught the axe in the face and crumpled.

"Try and hurt my friend, and I'll hurt yours," Chris told them. His voice was cold.

One of the ones with a gun came forward and she began to shoot. Chris pulled me out of the way and back into the main part of the basement.

"You may want to keep out of the way until I take care them."

"What happened to no killing?"

He shook his head. "Too late for that. I don't know what I did to make them so angry, but I know their kind. They won't stop."

The remaining seven hunters came down into the basement, led by that same woman, and the ones with the guns were right next to her. What came next, the fight that came next, really didn't seem like a fair fight.

Chris stepped out to them while I stayed behind a wall as Chris suggested. He was faster and stronger and I had no problems with not getting shot.

No one spoke. They only began shooting. Chris disappeared. Or at least, appeared to. He reappeared behind the group and snapped the necks of another two hunters before anyone realized what was going on.

An axe swung towards Chris, but he caught it, yanked it out of the man's hands and turned it on him. His head rolled away from his body.

Chris threw the axe at another of them and it caught him in the chest, crushing ribs and the man fell back, spitting up blood.

I couldn't look anymore and leaned back first against the wall, closing my eyes. I heard a scream, a feminine scream, and had an urge to cover my ears.

When it was all done, Chris told me, "You can come out now."

"Do I have to?"

"At least you have to go upstairs."

"…All right."

I came out from behind the wall and was almost sick from the blood on the floor. I noticed that one of the women had been spared. She was unconscious, but still breathing.

"What is she for?" I asked him.

"I have some questions."

"Are you going to hurt her?"

"You mean torture? Only if I have to. I don't think it will come to that."

I felt sick, but nodded. I went upstairs. Chris followed after a few minutes. He took out a cell phone. I heard a voice from the other end, but couldn't tell what it said. Chris said his address and hung up.

"What was that?"

"Clean up crew."

"Specifically for this kind of thing?"

"Yeah. They'll be here in a few."

"The world keeps getting stranger and stranger."

"I'm sorry."

"It doesn't matter anymore. Look, I want in. I want to know this stuff. The last five years have been hell. I never knew if one day I'd walk out my door and suddenly find another one of your…kind. I was paranoid about seeing something I didn't want to know. And now I do want to know. But I want to know everything."


There will be more to this. Questioning the hunter, Chris's story, etc. Let me know if there's anything you REALLY want to see happen. Comments are always great. And if you don't comment, at least click the like button. It lets me know how you guys feel. :)


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