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A parody of Mice and men.

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They crashed on the pavement noisily. 'Think twice before you decide to do that again!' said the bus driver. They got up and picked up their heels in their hand and walked away. "What's wrong with that nutjob, I only said hello to that kid!" said Lilly perplexed. They started walking. It was hard being in this industry. After the incident in Amsterdam life had gotten tougher for Lilly and Georgia. Georgia maintained the silence, she felt humiliated. "I'm sorry, I just can't help it, you know I always have been feeling like this, I just can't help myself." said Lily liberated. "Over my dead body, you said the same thing in Amsterdam after you raped that poor man, stop making these filthy excuses!" muttered Georgia furiously, "Because of you we lost our jobs at the bar in Amsterdam, that was important to me, I don't want to be stuck in this industry forever you know. I want a nice house one day, with apple crumble baking in the oven and Frank Sinatra playing in the background, I don't want to be in a room pleasuring old pathetic men who don't even last that long!" burst Georgia out. They walked a short distance and they then arrived at a nice looking petite brothel. They went through the black French door and stepped in the quaint small lounge. It smelled like revulsion and shame. It was midday so there weren't a lot of people, there were a few men in there though, who were probably unfaithful little pigs that are cheating on their significant other. They looked around anxiously until they saw what seemed like the barkeeper and signaled him for the directions to the loo. He signaled them back immediately, pointing towards the stairs leading upstairs. They both passed the small tables to the side and walked in a straight line with Georgia two meters in front of Lilly. You heard the big oak door close and the sound of whispers within them. "Lilly, I want you to listen very carefully." whispered Georgia. "We can't lose this job, money is tight and we are both desperate, let me do the talking and don't mention anything about the situation at Amsterdam!" grumbled Georgia while putting her Russian red lipstick on. "I know, I know. I'll be quiet as a mouse." sighed Georgia while brushing her head and adjusting her bra. They walked out the washroom and went back downstairs. There were now dancers on the stage, covered in bright feathers and a boa wrapped along their necks. Lilly observed them eagerly and dazed into the mess of colour being projected on the stage. They strutted on until they reached the iron frame, which supported the bar. They pulled out the stools and sat on them. No words were necessary. The bar keeper knew exactly who they were and what they wanted. He nodded at them and left through a door on the right. "Nice place, huh?" yawned Georgia. Lilly looked tired. You could see that both were very clearly unrested. Their fake hair extensions were tangled, their eyes were puffed and had deep dark rings hanging around them. Lilly fumbled around until she found a comfortable sitting position on the stool. Lily always had a problem with her weight. It wasn't until the last few years until it had gotten noticeable. Lily was large and broad compared to Georgia who had a small structure and a sharp well-defined face. The bar keeper came back in the bar with a lady. She was lean and had a thick Persian accent. She wore glasses and had her long black hair tied up in a bun. She came in and stood opposite us. Georgia shook Lilly and they both stood up. "My name is Georgia and this is my friend Lilly," she blurted enthusiastically. The lady didn't seem amused. You could clearly see that she was a lady of no time and got straight to her point, "Welcome to my house, I'm assuming you ladies would like to be joining us with our business here?" queried the lady. "Yes, we would love to, when do we start" said Georgia eagerly. "Why is she so quiet, you do know that most men like them wild and loud" she beamed. "Yes of course madam, she's not timid in bed, I promise! She is just quite tired and doesn't want to talk." Georgia lied. The lady looked at them judgmentally and then broke the silence by mentioning that she has a room upstairs that are free for their usage. They thanked her and walked upstairs. While treading every step there was a sound of glass hitting metal coming from Lilly's black leather bag. Georgia stopped and turned around dismayed. She commanded Lilly to open her bag at once. "Why." Croaked Lilly. "Open it now, I know what you did, you got to stop with your habit of lying!" she told. Georgia grabbed Lilly's purse and in it were two bottles of Smirnoff stolen from the bar. "You said you stopped drinking." choked Georgia. "I did but I couldn't help my self Georgia, you have no idea how hard it is. I can't do it sometimes, it is just too much for me, I feel vulnerable." sobbed Lilly. They stood there in the middle of the stairs. Slowly drops of tears started rolling from Lilly's eye. Drops of vodka have brought them into this maze, which they can't make their way out. Family, peace and prosperity lies at the end but there is no way out. They both moved forward and shared the warmth of their bodies. It's different, the warmth of love and joy against your skin than the warmth of sin, lust and greed caressing you Lilly thought. Georgia looked at Lilly and said, "Darling, there is always an exit."


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