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Live Rounds (Challenge)

By: ShaunaLeigh

Page 1, Challenge by PeaceLoveLingleton Story- Live Rounds Character- David

I pulled the trigger. It's amazing how many thoughts my human mind could squeeze into those few seconds. He stood there- my best friend, but was he still a friend? Nick, we were closer than brothers and the bond between brothers was eternal, unbreakable. He'd murdered my sister for reasons he could not explain or perhaps just would not. My eyes filled with a pool of tears, the bloodshot veins in the whites giving on a pink tint. But no amount of tears could wipe away the picture of that night. Seeing my sister, my own blood kin crumpled and lifeless in my fathers arms, and hearing the heartbreak between my mothers sobs. I wasn't prepared for each sorry given from strangers or the embarrassed mumbles of their pity. None of them could ever be as sorry as Nick was. His eyes were pleading despeate and half-crazed. They were not the eyes of a cold blooded killer. They were the eyes of an innocent man who had made a mistake. Which is why the pistol I chose was empty.

He mouthed words that I couldn't distinguish but the message was clear on his face. I'd forgiven him long ago without even realising. But I couldn't live in this world alongside my friend forever knowing he made me lose a sister. No longer would I have someone to tease, someone to take the blame for. I could never again pull on her hair or be told off for annoying her. I did not know if there was a Heaven but I was willing to take the chance. I grabbed the other pistol and the hard cold metal was heavy yet comforting in my practised hands. I pointed it to my chin and pulled the trigger. Nick's face would stay with me to the grave, along with his cries of pain- there was understanding in that pain clear as a bell. He knew that I had to do this.

Hope I did an okay job with this PeaceLoveLingleton! I tried my best.

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