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A crazy scientist's invention leads to a lot of drama...

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Part One

There was a house in Southern England, in a tiny town, which was largely avoided by common people, as there was an eccentric man living there, all alone. He was like any other man, but there was a special thing in that person making him the laughing stock of the society. What was he up to, nobody knew in particular. He would keep muttering things to himself, and was really absent-minded.

He called himself a 'Senior Scientist', and he was popular among the people as the 'Madman of all time'. People usually don't just keep on saying useless, baseless things, you know. This man was really strange, as the following incident points out:

Once, he had been strolling in a public park. He suddenly yelled at the top of his voice, "Oh! I GOT IT!!" And then he ran all the way to the house of his friend, shouting 'Oh I got it!' WHAT IN THE BLAZES DID HE GET?! Why to shout all the way? This type of things annoyed the people.

"Hi, what do you want now?" his friend asked him, who was decently dressed.

"I... Oh! I've got an idea! We will be able to go to any place on this earth with my machine! And it will really quick, probably within seconds!" he replied.

"Fine, fine.... What do you need for this 'machine' of yours?" the rich man asked, smiling at the thought. The scientist detailed out the plans, and finally, both agreed on the crazy idea. The project was called "The Madman". Work on this machine was started, and the scientist became very busy, planning, designing, and experimenting. The 'project' was to succeed, and he must try his best. He hired a team, made them work on his machine for months, and then finally, it was ready for testing...

(Ten years later)

The article in a newspaper went largely unnoticed, which was somewhat like this:

The police are really unable to explain the strange disappearance of a boy named Tan, a student in the sevenrh grade. He is said to have been kidnapped and killed. However, there are no proofs which prove the point. Some people say that he might have been hiding to escape arrest for recent charges of theft placed on him. But his parents deny such a thing.

An interesting news is that scientists have felt someone from outer space might have tried to contact with us recently, as there are new signs of radio signals of unnaturally high frequency around southern England, along with strange unexpected weather changes, like rotating clouds and lightning without clouds...


"Leave me! Let me go!" shouted the blindfolded Tan, struggling to open the ropes bound tightly around his hands, as his captors led him to a house, after a long ride in their car. "Keep your mouth shut!" bellowed a man with a loud ugly voice, giving him a shake. Having no option, he was forced to follow the strange group of people.

Finally, he was made to lie down on a hard cold surface, still blindfolded. "What are you doing?" asked Tan, and got a painful slap on the cheek for an answer. "OW! You!" he moaned, deciding that it was better to be quiet.

A door slammed shut, and seconds later, he felt as if he was put in ice. He lost all sense of his body, and it felt as if he was floating in the air, without a body, and he lost all sense of place and time. Suddenly, he felt as if he had fallen from his bed, and found himself lying on a hard ground. He felt a warm breeze blow, and soon after, felt his blindfold being removed. He was very surprised by what he saw.

A handsome man with a pointed silver beard, wearing a golden cap and shiny green flowing robes was staring at him as if he were a very strange object. Finally, after a few minutes of staring, he asked in a hushed voice, "A warm welcome to Silgorious! Who are you?"

Tan was also really surprised. He finally replied, "My name is Tan." "No need to say more, dear. I know all about you." said the man, smiling at Tan.

"You are telling the truth, and I will be happy to help you."

"But, how do you know me? I don't know you! Morever, who are you?! Why did you kidnap me?" asked Tan, bewildered.

"Well, you will soon get to know everything. Just be patient. Morever, I didn't kidnap you." he said, rubbing his hands together.


"Hey! What happened?!" exclaimed an engineer of the 'Madman' project, looking at the screen.

"The boy's vanished, but not returned!" Suddenly everything went blank, and then, there was a loud booming noise, and for seconds, their screens lit up, showing a golden monster in the arrival chamber. Then, again it all broke down once again.

"Look out! There's a dragon in the arrival chamber! Help!"

The sirens began blaring, alerting of oncoming danger. There was a big problem! Had there been a major fault with the machinery, or had there been interferance in the radio signals resulting in a failure?

"Hey! I wasn't expecting this result! Lock the exits! Trap the dragon!" bellowed the chief scientist, or to be specific, "The madman of all time" , getting very worried. "What went wrong this time?!" he yelled, getting out of control. He had worked so hard, and even after testing the machine for the thousandth time, he was unable to achieve his goal. The cat he had put in disappeared and only it's headless body was seen in the arrival chamber! Then he tried a chair, and it was really funny to watch a steaming man smashing the pile of junk in the arrival chamber.

To add to this, now there was a dragon trapped in the arrival point, threatening to get out of captivity, blowing fire all the time!


"You are really lucky to come here, as I love children, you know." said the silver bearded wizard, smiling at Tan.

"I'll create some fine snack for you. What do you prefer?"

"A cup of hot chocolate would be fine." Tan said, getting nervous.

The wizard waved a foot long silver stick, and within moments, there was a mouth-watering cup of hot chocolate in front of him, put on a table. Tan began sipping it, and asked,"How did I come here?" "I think there was a problem, you were kidnapped, put in a 'Travel box', and got off here by chance."


"Ha Ha Ha! It's so much fun! What a scare the new fellow will get! It's really good that I've fixed eyes on my cute draggie to let me see where it goes! Drama! Action! Ha ha ha!" laughed a man sitting on a fire proof chamber, beside whom a model of the silgorian world was kept.

The man was watching his pet toy trying to escape the room it was trapped in, (The arrival chamber of the "The Madman" experiment) , and finally succeeded in making it break out of the 'prison'.

First, he had recieved a cat, and had returned it after beheading it. Then he had sent all his useless crap through the new travel box number, and was pleased that his trick had not yet backfired. "The people are getting rich, I think... It'll be so nice to fool the new ones!"

He was a silgorian scientist, looking for life outside his home planet, and had finally recieved weak signals from a new unfamiliar unique and foreign identity, and sent his pet toy dragon to that place, after sending the garbage and the cat, to see where he had managed to connect. It was controlled by him, like a robot.


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