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The Golden Dragon Part Two

Short story By: Silgorious
Action and adventure

A scientist's strange invention results in a dragon coming to the earth, and read on to know what happened...

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Part Two

"Emergency! Get out as soon as you can! Hide in your base! Can't hold him much longer!" yelled the man controlling the machine. No further warning was needed. Within minutes, everyone was safely sitting on beds in their comfortable underground rooms.

The dragon burst out, flying around the machinery, and then soaring high up in the sky. It glowed in the sun, sending golden rays in all directions, as the people inside the underground shelter were wondering what the dragon might do.

The news of the dragon spread very fast, and it was soon broadcasted as follows:

"An interesting news for all of you! A bright golden object was seen moving over the waters south of England, and some believe it to be a ball of fire, and the British army is sending it's fighter jets after it to investigate."

It continued... "So far, scientists are unable to verify reports of a golden dragon flying over the sea, as claimed by the people travelling by ships... and there are rumors among the people of Holdenhurst village that a dragon burst out of the groud, and flew towards the south."


"It's indeed a new place!" exclaimed the silgorian scientist, getting excited. Just then, he saw that some birds were following his pet. He chuckled to himself, thinking that the creatures were indeed weak. "Let me see their power!" thought the scientist, and he made his pet dive down suddenly, and then suddenly turned it sharply towards the left, so that it was behind the planes.

He then tested if the pet dragon could still do the 'Dragon Dance' , and he was so excited to see it work that he bumped his head on a vital contact switch, and the command system of the dragon died down, making it free to act on it's own free will, making it unpredictable...


"Can you take me back? I'll be very happy if you could!" Tan said, feeling homesick after an eventful day with the good wizard. He had gone to the magical play park, and had a wonderful time there. He also had met some of his own type there, making him very happy.

Now, he really was willing to go home. "Yes, I can leave you at your house!" the wizard said, smiling at Tan.

"I'll be happy if you get to see my home too! Will you accompany me?" asked Tan, hoping he would agree.

"Yes, of course!" the silgorian wizard replied, getting excited.

"One, two three, and we GO!!" The wizard said, holding Tan's hand and waving his wand. Tan felt as if he was pressed on all sides, and everything turned dark, only for a second. Soon, Tan was standing in front of his house. He was truly surprised to see a crowd of people on the streets, talking about something.

Then he got the reason: Most of the farmlands were charred and burned to the ground, and there was chaos all around him.

"DRAGON! Devils are roaming! Help!" the people were shouting.

"What's so frightening?" asked the good wizard, becoming curious.

"A dragon has burnt down all of our produce!" yelled a man.

"Oh silly, where is it?" the wizard asked.

As if on cue, a golden dragon came diving down from the skies, making half of those present faint. The wizard took out his wand in a flash, sending a repelling charm towards the dragon.

The fight between the wild dragon and the good wizard began, and sorry for not being able to go into the details of the fight. Finally, the wizard disappeared with the dragon, and no one really knows what happened.

The End


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