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This is the story of Deino. He thinks he is a Dinosaur. He sets out, wanting to know if he is derived from Dinosaur's, but he finds so much more thanks to the help of his friend, Herdier. This is a Pokemon Fan Story. (Number 1) written by Shane O'Sullivan (sosnh)

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Dinosaur trouble

One day, at the East side of Dragon Spiral Tower, a Deino was snacking on an Oran Berry that he had head butted off a tree. A Herdier came from the bushes and made a Sitrus Berry fall off the tree. They began to converse, and the topic of Dinosaur's began to develop. The Herdier asked Deino if it had been related to a Dinosaur, or if it was a Dinosaur to begin with. Now, this Deino had never known his family because a young trainer named Ethan had captured his mum and dad with the aid of a Samurott. To learn about his family tree,

With his new friend, Deino made his way to the Old Enchanted Cavern that the Elder lived in. After passing all the Pokémon Guards they finally made it to the leader's throne room. Deino told Herdier that he had never met the almighty Elder, and Herdier also replied by saying that he hasn't either.

They approached the throne, then bowed before the Elder's chair turned around. When the Elder asked what they wanted, and they saw what Pokémon it was, they were gobsmacked. It was a Serperior. It had known just who Deino was.

What a surprise it had been, and when Serperior told Deino that he had known him, Deino's heart stopped beating for a few seconds, he even though he was going to evolve from the excitement.

Deino asked Serperior what his mum and dad were like. "Your mum and dad were two of my best friends, back before that Trainer stole them with that Samurott" and then, like a sense, the Serperior stated that he isn't related to any type of Dinosaur.

Deino and Herdier showed their gracefulness, and began to leave. Just about when they left, Deino broke down crying.

They both walked home. The next day, at the Deino hut, Herdier came in with two Deino's behind him, and after discussing vigorously, Deino was told that the two Deino's behind him, that seem much older, was actually his mother and father that were found near the Dreamyard, abandoned.

Herdier and Deino's mum and dad told Deino the story of how Elder Serperior and Herdier had got an Abra Guard to transport them to the Dreamyard, where they were sighted.

Some Chimecho Guards chimed, and Elder Serperior entered the house.

Elder Serperior sat down, and a Chimecho made him a tea while the old friends began to chat while Herdier and Deino went outside to play Tag with the remaining Chimecho Guard.

After a while, Herdier left for home, while Deino and his parents, along with Elder Serperior & the Chimecho's had a lovely get-together dinner, which Herdier, and his family, along with other friends and family were then invited to the major feast.


By Shane O'Sullivan


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