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Seviper's Peril

By: sosnh

Page 1, This is the story of how Max The Seviper ended up being with Team Rocket. This is a Short Story from Pokemon. It is a Fan version, written by Shane O\'Sullivan (sosnh). This is the 2nd one. The first one was Deino Trouble. Coming Soon: How Victini Met Shane?


One day, Max the Seviper was sliding his way down Slateport City to his home, when he saw a wild pack of Zangoose eating a crop of Mango Berries.

He pondered to himself if he said hello, how their reaction would be.

He waved it off, and said Hello, and they said hi, without looking, then, one of the Zangoose turned around to look at the Pokémon and the expression on its face changed from happiness to angriness.

He told the other Zangoose to look at the Seviper behind them. When his friends saw Max, they made their claws pop out, and they began to chase after Max who began to slide away at its fastest pace.

Max saw a hole in the ground that would have been dug from a Diglett or Dugtrio.

He collapsed himself into it, and remained there, while following the path, waiting until all was quite.

While searching he found a Nugget, when all of a sudden a Meowth came up to Max and it told Max that the Zangoose have surrounded him, and Meowth will only help Max if Max gave Meowth the Nugget.

Without a moment of refusing, Max handed over the Nugget, and Meowth tucked it in it’s fur.

Within a couple of minutes, slight sounds began to echo, than all of a sudden, all of the Zangoose had surrounded them.

Meowth withdrew it’s sharp claws, and used Dig, and they escaped, but after running away, two human’s with a big red R on their shirts came up to them and began to talk to them.

After some explaining, Max learn that this Meowth could talk, and that the human’s names were Jessie and James, of whom were members of the notorious group-Team Rocket.

Suddenly, Meowth withdrew it’s claws, and used False Swipe on Max, who was on the brink of fainting. The Meowth began to shine, and then after a series of flashes, Max found out that the Meowth had just evolved into Persian.

Max tries to run away, but Persian uses Mean Look which prevents a Pokémon from escaping.

Max used Gunk Shot against the Persian, but Team Rocket’s Persian dodged ad retaliated with Scratch, which knocked out Max.

Jessie threw a Poke’Ball at Max, and caught him.

Max was sent out of his Poke’Ball, but this time, his attitude had changed, he wall all pumped up.

All of a sudden, a the pack of Zangoose flew up from the hole, and begun to attack Max and Persian.

Persian used Fury Swipes, and Max used Wring Out.

All the Zangoose were knocked out.

Jessie, James, Seviper and Persian walked or slithered away with the utmost happiness.



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