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In the name of Alexandra there exists a corrupted history, poisoned with spilled blood and disheveled emotions. The history of hit man assassins. For five generations the Alexandra family has partook in such covert actions, each son of the head of the family taking up arms once more to serve and fulfill. Though upon reach of the sixth generation brought a female upbringing.

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Parasol Of Freedom

In the name of Alexandra there exists a corrupted history, poisoned with spilled blood and disheveled emotions. The history of hit man assassins. For five generations the Alexandra family has partook in such covert actions, each son of the head of the family taking up arms once more to serve and fulfill. Though upon reach of the sixth generation brought a female upbringing. At first her father, the head of the family, did not want her to take the path but being the leader he knew the legacy had to be continued and discarded any personal feelings he had in the matter. But, three years ago her father became deathly ill and died leaving the throne to the family head, open. It would have been his daughter, that is, if she didn't run away to pursue a life of peace to break her destiny. When she had left, Allen Alexandra, her uncle, had taken control of the family's title of leader and wants her dead so he is finally in full control of the family Alexandra.

In a small apartment in Southern England a female with blond long hair draping down to her lower backside dressed in a traditional white long sleeved frilly blouse and a blue dress that cuts open revealing her left leg and part of her right. She sits peacefully in front of a mirror, brushing her beautifully lustrous hair she strokes gently with her eyes closed. To the side of her is a parasol decorated in red roses while the overall background is a plain white. A pretty parasol yet one that feels as if it is crying.

The woman felt...Something, she wasn't sure what but she felt something and instinctively reached for her parasol jumping out of her seat. She walked precariously to her living room seeing not a soul but still feeling a presence. She looked around with a wary eye. Her right hand was carefully placed on the end of the parasol which is being held upside down in her left hand. Suddenly she felt a killing intent and immediately unsheathed a hidden katana from her parasol, holding the actual umbrella piece in her left hand. Turning in a complete 360 degrees, she sliced at her front which was once her behind, colliding swords with a masked man in black. She noticed the emblem on his shoulder the crossing katana and pistol, the emblem of her ex-family...The Alexandra family.

"What do you want Alexandra dog." she spit the words. "Your head, Catherine Alexandra." he retorted in an angry tone of voice. He broke the sword lock by pushing himself back and lunged at Catherine. She gracefully turned her side to dodge the blade and pushed down his sword with her own locking the blades once more. She elbowed the masked man in the nose hearing a crack emit from the contact. She broke his nose and blood was trailing from his nostrils. The man ignored the injury completely focused on ending Catherine's life. She sliced her katana gliding it along his and reaching towards his throat. The man dropped his weapon and raised his arms. "I will ask only once more, what is it that you want?" she snarled at him.

"Allen Alexandra." the moment he said that name his eyes rolled behind his eye sockets revealing the gray of his eyes and his mouth began to foam. "Poison..." she softly said. The man then dropped to the floor convulsing but then soon dying down to stillness. "Dead." she whispered. She left the body and looked out her window sheathing her katana back into the parasol. Staring at the full moon beaming through her window "Looks like I'll have to return home for a little bit..."

A few days later Catherine takes transit by train to Northern England where her home presides. Looking at the window she stared at the trees and buildings fly by as the train moved at a consistent speed. Catherine must have fallen asleep because she awoke to someone sitting in the seat in front of her. The man was in a suit holding a suitcase and smiled at Catherine, but something seemed off and she didn't ignore that possibility. She lightly gripped her parasol and the end with the same motion as that day ago but simply kept it in her lap. Catherine merely kept her eyes closed not even bothering to acknowledge the man any further. The suited man frowned "Oh come now don't be so rude, has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?" he said with half earnestly and half something other. Catherine still did not respond and the man seemed to be growing impatient. "I see...So what brings you on this train ride north?" he questioned her again but same as before, she did not respond not even so much as to bat an eyelash. He clicked his tongue "I didn't WANT to be mean but it seems I HAVE to be..." Catherine finally opened her eyes feeling disdain in his voice. "Oh ho now I have your attention? Well it's too late Catherine." upon opening the suitcase embroidered in was the emblem of the Alexandra family and inside the suitcase are two dual hand guns.

Catherine jumped out of her seat firmly placing herself in the middle of the isle, the man sat up wielding his dual handguns and stood a part away from Catherine in the isle. "Tch, tch, tch, this could have been so much simpler." he aimed both handguns at Catherine. She positioned her feet even part and bent forward holding on tightly to the end of her katana leaving it sheathed in the parasol disguised scabbard. The man shot twice Catherine swiftly dodged one bullet, then quickly drew her sword slicing the second bullet in half as the halves flew through the windows of the train. The man put on an angry disgusted face and began to spray bullets from both hand guns. Catherine continuously dodged several bullets while splitting the ones she cannot dodge in half.

While the man had to reload his handguns Catherine darted towards the man and impaled his right shoulder, the pain forced him to drop both guns and fall to his knees. She pierced the sword deeper before violently ripping it out of him, the man screamed in pain. "You were sent by the Alexandra. Go back now or have no future." she said sternly.

"Hmph...Killing your own family...No wonder you were always the favorite assassin...No mercy." he slowly reloaded a gun and aimed at his jaw. Catherine turned her head and heard the gun shot, blood splattered all over the seats, floor and windows of the train cart a bleeding hole could be seen from his chin to the top of his skull. She sheathed her katana making it appear to be a beautiful parasol once more. Catherine walked through the train cart doors and entered a more public cart and sat in an empty seat silently.

Catherine stared at the blossomed crimson roses that pave the way to the front door to the illustrious castle. She remembers her childhood always watering the roses with her father and taking very good care of them. The manor held many memories for the lady for it was her home. Was. She, still clutching her hidden katana, came up to the towering twin doors that is the entrance. She pushed one door open and cautiously entered knowing that the home she once so adored has now become the nest of her hunters. Walking through the spacious empty hall, columns could be seen as far as the eye can venture, the ceilings were high enough that a cyclops would have no problem walking in and the stain glass windows were shining with the reflected light of the full moon.

Each step Catherine took you could hear the clack of her shoes echo through the massive manor. It feeled relatively empty but she knew that many await her...And she was right. Catherine felt a tingle down her spine, so she quickly unsheathed her hidden katana and prepared for battle. Numerous numbers of men confronted her nearly at the exact moment all with different weapons ranging from swords to guns, morning stars to electric prods. Catherine made sure to dodge most of the other weapons going for the most dangerous guns first. She didn't want to kill anyone, she left that life for that reason. But she feared she may have no choice...She couldn't die there she had to proceed at all cost. Slicing her way through skin and limbs, organs and bones. Blood was spiraling to the floor like petals in the dancing wind. Catherine did sustain a few cuts that were bleeding and her exquisite attire has been cut and torn to shreds. Still her body still seemed to be covered up nicely by her outfit. Once she had finished off with all the men she was a sweaty mess and panty like if she raced a 1000m marathon around London. Catherine did not expect Alexandra to give her a rest though...

She paced her breath and continued her path to the room where Allen would be, the master room where everyone reports to before and after their mission. She climbed the vortex of stairs and traveled the wide hallways until she once more felt a presence but this time it felt more murderous. One with truly no remorse. "Come out now! I know you are there Alexandra slave!" her words resonated through the hallway. Out from a corridor walked a girl in a frilly trimmed one piece dress that circled around her legs, the dress bubbled around her shoulders and she had ribbons circled around the dress, on her chest and on her white leather gloves. Her dress was a light pink that of flowers and her heels were a stunning red. Her blonde hair was shining off the light of the window and her eyes were green like a jade jewel. In her hand was a thin and narrow rapier with the Alexandra emblem on the hilt of the blade. Catherine thought she must have been her replacement. "My name is Serci Alexandra. I'm Allen's daughter." she peacefully spoke while sliding her fingers along her silver weapon. "Serci...Why would you work for this family? And especially that Allen who usurped the throne after father died?" Catherine asked. Serci grinned and began to snicker which turned into a mad laughter.

"So what? All my father ever cared about was you! IT WAS ALWAYS CATHERINE!! I was just a baggage to the family just waiting to be thrown out! All Allen or even your father cared about was YOU! I thought it would be different when Allen poisoned your father and took the throne since you left but NO! It was still about you!! So if I kill you now maybe father will finally find some value left in me and I won't just be a soulless vessel!" she was screaming with a mad look in her eyes but Catherine was stunned, she stood there motionless and her breathing was slowed.

"Allen...Poisoned my father?" Catherine was astounded by this new told truth. She figured something was odd about his death in-fact the illness altogether but she never thought this. Now a second fuel drived her. The first to get her life back and now the second to avenge her father from the scum that has taken control of the family. Catherine clutched her sword and upon unsheathing it screamed a powerful battle cry that traveled through every corner of the mansion. She charged at Serci and she took a step back and took a sideways stance then lunged at Catherine's face as she was coming near. Catherine's katana missed but Serci's rapier was dead on in slicing her left cheek. Blood slid down it as Catherine touched the wound knowing she was struck. Serci stood there laughing.

"A head on attack won't work on me Catherine I've seen how you fight, you can't beat me the way you are." she said with a wicked grin. Angry as Catherine is, Serci was right. The way Catherine is fighting now is filled with hatred and rage, no concentration and too many openings. She posed herself sheathing her sword, bending her knees and arching her back froward. Her eyes slowly shut and her breathing to to a peaceful pace.

"Giving up already Catherine? Whatever, makes my job all the easier!" Serci charged at Catherine with her rapier in front ready to plunge the weapon deep into her heart. Blood was seen flying into the air and splattering on the floor. Catherine had swiftly unsheathed her hidden katana and sliced up from the stomach to the chest at Serci. Serci's eyes were wide and there was no scream just shock. Serci fell to the floor and dropped her rapier. She tried to crawl to grab it but Catherine squatted in front of Serci stopping her path. "I don't want to kill anyone again...Especially my direct cousin." Catherine said pitifully.

"Shut the Hell up! I'm nothing! Worthless! Trash! I'm a hag, a wench, a slut!" Serci was crying, each tear fell harder then the last with each insult she spit.

Catherine patted her head softly while propping her up against the wall. "Serci, live your own life. Be whoever you want to be, do not let the name of Alexandra drag you down to Hell. Be your own person, abandon your old self and be reborn anew." Catherine stood up, ripped off a piece of Serci's clothing and wrapped it around her wound tightly. She stared down the looming hallway preparing to meet Allen.

She was ready to open the main door that is decorated with the Emblem of the family.. Allen waits behind here. The man who killed my father, ruined my free life and destroyed Serci's freedom...She slowly open the door, it was not that large a room, a long window is across the room with bookshelves on both sides of the wall. There in the middle of the room was a long desk and a rolling chair, the back of it turned to the door Catherine entered from.

"A fine evening isn't it Catherine? It's very nice indeed..." a voice said. The chair turned around and sitting in the chair, his leg and fingers crossed, white hair combed back and black suit with a pin of the Alexandra family was Allen Alexandra. Catherine's scum bag of an uncle.

"You bastard...Your the one who poisoned my father and killed him! Just to be the head of this stupid family!" Catherine screamed as hard as she could.

"Tch. I guess Serci told you. That stupid, stupid girl. Can't even keep her damn mouth shut. And this family is not stupid, it's very smart for it's business! All the money that comes in from every country, the fame and just the sheer mention of the name Alexandra drives commoners into holes wetting themselves!" he laughed the most sinister laugh you could ever hear in your life.

"You truly are a sick man. You don't deserve the head title, you don't deserve anything. You are more insignificant than a pimple on the butt of the worlds smallest amoeba." Catherine drew her katana from the parasol's handle, walking towards Allen. She stepped one foot on his desk and aimed the katana right at his neck. "Do you even deserve to live?" she asked expecting no answer. Allen sneakily took a hand gun that was under the desk and quickly had it aimed at Catherine and ready to press the trigger.

"Don't even try it parasol girl." he said with sweat trailing down his forehead. Catherine grinned and with a smooth twist of her wrist her sword sliced the gun in two, both pieces falling to the floor. Allen was panicking he was shaking and stunned, his eyes were as wide as those beady old eyes can get. Catherine angrily rose her katana high above his head. He covered his head and closed his eyes still shaking and whimpering like a puppy. Hesitation filled her, she did not want to this. That was the reason, to stop this useless killing. She put her katana down and sheathed it, removing her foot she walked back towards the door. "Leave me alone Uncle. Forever." she closed the door one final time. Allen sighed relief and ordered all personnel still alive in the building to let Catherine go free. "But sir why?" one man asked. Allen simply replied "She is on a whole 'nother league than us, we will let her be forever and...Change our ways a bit." When Catherine reached the hallway where she battled Serci her body was gone making Catherine smile slightly. "Live your life Serci, just live." Catherine walked out of her home for the last time and never looked back.

The End


It's been months since that faithful day, finding out the secret of her fathers death, meeting her cousin Serci and finally stopping Allen from pursuing her. Catherine had rented a new apartment in southern England because the old one...Well you know. Catherine had just gotten out of the shower a towel wrapped around her bust that drapes below her thighs. At that moment her cellphone let out a ring, picking up the phone she saw it was a text message from Serci. "Hehe, Serci huh?" reading through the text message it says:

"Hey there Catherine you doing well? I'm still sorry about our last bout but I hope we can mend things still. I started a new life like you said and rented a nice apartment in America plus my job is pretty sweet! Well I'll be seein' you soon hopefully, bye Cathy!" Catherine smiled softly at seeing the nickname Cathy, she remembers her father used to call her that when she was very young. Catherine looked out her window seeing the same full moon as that day, still smiling she walks into her bedroom to get clothes on.


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