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This is number 2 of the Holiday Man series! April Fools day!... sorry its about 2 months late...

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I can't wait, Clive Peterson thought to himself as he bought his coffee. He took a sip and smiled. He was so lucky he got Holiday Man as his hitman. Clive just absolutely hated Terrance Johnson. Heruinedhis whole life. First he stole his girlfriend, then his job, then he ran over Clive's cat! And all of this was within a month!

Clive was just happy Terrance was going to die today...

Holiday Man was fully loaded. He had all of his weapons for April Fool's Day. All the tricks were up his sleeves. He couldn't be defeated even if he was unarmed.The man he was targeting was Terrance Johnson, a rude, hansome, arrogant kiss up. He lived in his suburban house surrounded by an electric fence, rotweilers, and approximately ten guards.

This is just too easy,Holiday Man thought.

He went to the nearest tree and climbed up it. With his jet black hair waving in the wind, he took out his gun and jumped easily over the fence. He landed quietly but still one dog heard him. It came running at him, but before it could open its mouth to bark, Holiday Man threw it a buiscut. The dog happily snapped it from the air and ate it. It chewed and Holiday Man waited. Then the dog dropped unconcious.He moved on and entered through the back door. Holiday Man had scoped the place out before and knew that the back door was never locked and there wasn't an alarm.

Unfortunately there were guards.

They turned immediately to him and he smiled. "Hello. Just letting myself in." The guards took out there guns and Holiday Man took out his.

They stood there, pointing there guns at eachother for a full minute. Then, someone walked in through the door next to Holiday Man, a guard, and Holiday Man grabbed him. With his gun pointed at the man's head, Holiday Man said, "Drop the weapons."

The guards reluctantly dropped their guns. Holiday Man smiled and said, "Now back away from them."

They did and Holiday Man walked towards the the guns. He kept one arm around the captured guard with the gun in that hand, then he slowly picked up one of the guards' guns.

Then, in one quick movement, Holiday Man shot the two guards and pulled the trigger on his original gun. All the men fell dead.

It's just going to cause confusion if i explain this any other way: Holiday Man's gun is really a knife. He pulls the trigger and a six inch blade comes out of the barrel.

Holiday Man pulled the blade out of the guard's head and walked on. The thing he hated about working on April Fools' day was the weapons. He only had the pistol-knife and a detonating snakes in a can. So he used the guard'smachine gun for much needed ease. Now he was taking guards down with a quick pull of the trigger.

Holiday Man was nearing his target. Oh, how he loved this part. Two guards stood in his way. Behind them was the room Terrance Johnson, the target, was in. Holiday Man turned the corner, saw the last two guards, and pulled the trigger.

And the ever-so hated click of the out-of-ammo gun was heard. Holiday Man looked at his gun and frowned. The guards looked at him and pointed their guns his way.

"Wait just a second," Holiday Man said to the guards. They shot at him and he ducked behind the corner.

"Hey! I said wait a second!" he shouted. After he checked his gun he cursed. It was out of ammo. He was out of ideas so he just turned the corner and threw the gun. It hit a guard in the face and the guard's gun miraculously flew Holiday Man's way. He grabbed it and quickly shot the guards.

Holiday Man smiled to himself and strut through the doors of his target's home office. Then he frowned again. No one there.No, he thought,that's impossible. He must be hiding.

But he searched the room to no avail. He simply wasn't there.

"No, no, no, no, no!" Holiday Man shouted. "I did my research! Where is he?"

He sighed. Good thing he had a Plan B. The detonating snakes in a can.

With the can left on the desk, he exited the building and went back to his hiding place where he did his research. He waited for ten minutes until a car pulled up. Holiday Man saw Terrance Johnson walk into his front door and smiled.


Dead bodies everywhere. not that Terrance cared much. He mostly cared about his items and if they were damaged. Terrance ran over the dead bodies of his guards while cradling his most precios items in his arms. He needed to get to his office. He needed to know if the killer got to his safe.

Terrance burst through his office doors and ran straight to his hidden safe. The killer didn't even touch it. He sighed in relief Then he noticed a colorful can on his desk. Terrance went over to it and opened it with curiosity.


Holiday Man loved explosions. Terrance had opened the can and the whole house blew up. Holiday man got down from his hiding spot and walked away. Today wasn't his favorite day. Too many risks But soon was easter and that would be worse.


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