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Lost Brotherhood (Teaser 1 "We are the Champions")

Short story By: Troy Chittocks TPOD
Action and adventure

(TRAILER #1, series coming soon!)
(Featuring the song "We are the Champions" written by. Queen)

Two brothers Alen and Bryan Yates have been picking fights with each other for years in a small-ish city with their parents, mom and dad. When a new mayor is assigned for the town, the mayor surrounds the city with a giant barrier and sends in his military to torture the citizens and make them work for him. When the mom and dad disobey the mayor, they are killed, and Alen and Bryan run away and are lost in the shadows...

But, not all is lost for the two brothers! They find some weapons, scattered around the place from mysteriously fallen military, and they are forced to push the rivalry away and work together to fight against the mayor and make an attempt to free the town that was taken from them!

This is a series involving somewhat daily episodes, a chapter will be added for every new episode.

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I've paid my dues

time after time.

I've done my sentence,

but committed no crime.

Troy Chittock presents,

And bad mistakes

I've made a few.

I've had my share of sand kicked in my face

but I've come through!

a new action series.

And I just need to go on…

"Keep running!"

and on…

"Mommy, don't go!"

and on…

"Stay here, we'll be back! We promise!"

and on!


We are the champions, my friend

"I love you mommy!" Alen said, hugging her. Mom smiled and hugged him back, "I love you too, dear…"

and we'll keep on fighting, until the end.

"What is that sound? Outside?" Alen said, backing away from the windows. Dad gasped and peeked through the curtains, "Shit…! Kids, stay back!"

We are the champions,

"We do we need to go upstairs?" Bryan said, staring at dad, fearfully. Mom had a single tear rolling down her cheek, "Just go! Don't ask why, just go!"

we are the champions!

"MOMMY, COME BACK!!!" Alen cried, running after her, and as Mom used the rest of her strength, she ran back to the children, but was grabbed, and so was Alen.

No time for losers,

"LET ME GO, I WANT MY MOMMY!!!" Alen screamed, trying to get out of the soldiers grasp just so he could hug her, watching his mother struggle as well to do the same.

because we are the champions!

"PLEASE, LEAVE MY CHILDREN ALONE!!!" the mother screeched, being pulled away from the two, the children crying even more for her love… And she was out of sight…

"MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!! DADDY!!!!!!!!!!"



*BANG* … *BANG* … *BANG* … *BANG*

Lost Brotherhood



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