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GunShots - BestCliffHanger Competition:)

Short story By: TwoStepz
Action and adventure

Doing a competition for the best cliff hanger and will try and enter this:P! && Snow WAS Bad, and in her past she had left something, something deep that scarred a person. Now he's back and angrier than ever.

Submitted:Sep 8, 2011    Reads: 29    Comments: 7    Likes: 1   

The gun shots ripped through the air as I ran from the house bare footed. The snow was cold at my feet but I didn't care. The air was black, no stars in sight, only the steroid moon to guide me away. This hill I had never ventured out to, not since I moved here and took up the name of Emily to all the neighbours back there. But my cover was so blown now. Tomorrow the police would be there and find two dead bodies of two elderly people, the only two family members I had left - that I knew of. Grandma and Grandad. I hated myself, but I kept running, I couldn't look back or I'd loose footing and he would catch up.

'He' being my stalker... for a perfect reason. A few years ago, I had been an assassin, sent to kill his wife because she was my bosses ex and he had hated seeing her happy. So yeah, I killed her... made a video of it and mailed it to him to see. Sick, I know.
My feet were cold and my bare arms had goosebumps all over them as the cold air bit at them, gnawed at them even!
I was dressed in a small T-shirt and some pajama bottoms, I was just about to go to sleep when I heard the screams from my Grandparents and then quickly jumped out the window.

I was used to hearing those fearful screams and I always knew what coming after them. Being a retired assassin you knew.

Those gun shots ran through your mind all day, when anything banged, you jumped. It was scary, but you had to stay calm and not let it take over your mind and make you crazy. I had seen crazy. And crazy was NOT cute.
My breathing was harsh as I ran, and a stitch managed to stab me in the side. I used to be so fit, but now... let's just leave it at that.
The cold that was circling my feet made my adrenaline run and mixed with fear, that was something you should be thankful for when running.

A howl from a dog escaped from somewhere behind me and a bunch of barks replied to it. There was a loud whine after a gunshot, then total silence.

Not the dog, please not the dog.

No one knew how much I wished I could erase the past, it hurt me to think that I had done that to a person, and now karma had come back, killing everyone I knew. First my parents, then my friends, then my grandparents. Yes, I deserved it, I know. It still hurt.
The air was quiet as I filled it with the sound of my breathing as I got my breath back. My feet were turning a little blue and my veins had popped up, pressing against my skin like they were ready to burst.

My hands were fists at my side as I thought about what I was going to do. A plane? Not enough money. A cab? Not at this time and no cell phone. I was in the middle of the field, a stitch in my side and breathing in cold fresh air at what I thought to be midnight.
The moons light made a path down the long blanket of white snow. Oh no! My tracks. Maybe I could leave him off? No, that would take too much time and he would find me some day. Why not today?

Though, I did need to get out of here, frostbite wasn't exactly what everyone wanted to get, like tans. Hypothermia wasn't too popular either these days, so I started to jog, just to keep my body warm, but the fear of him following me soon turned to a jog.
A bullet flew past my right ear, just grazing it. I stopped and put my right hand to it, and my eyes widened in pain.
Shit! This was it.

"Going somewhere?" I looked behind me as a deep voice said this. He was older now, five years older. But he didn't look that old, young, about thirty? A buff body, brown stuble spread around his face and his hair flopped everywhere. Out here his eyes looked black and crazy, but I remember seeing one of his pictures when I went in to kill his wife. He has big brown eyes that always seemed to be dilated in every picture.

"Please don't do this." I managed to say, a ball of fear in my throat. No weapons, no nothing. This was it.

"Ha! I bet my wife would have said that too." He walked towards me at an amazing speed and he stopped right in front me, his breath was minted and his teeth were white - from what I could see. "I'm here, you know the reason why, so I can't be asked to explain."
He wrapped his fingers around my blonde long hair and yanked, causing me to cry out in pain. "That's right, feel pain." He let out a breath that sounded like a laugh.

Something cold was held to my head and I heard something click. A gun.
"Please! I'll do anything! It was my past, I'm sorry.!"
"Prove it."

The air was suddenly foggy.


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