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A story about a drug cartel and how it meets its grim end all because of the work of awesome detectives.

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It was a hot sunny day - A perfect day to spend at the beach with a couple of friends. So, my friends and I set off for the beach. But first, we went to have breakfast at 'Joey's Burgers'. After about an hour, we went to the beach. Suddenly, after swimming and fooling around in the water for two hours, we discovered that Lisa had vanished. We searched for awhile only to notice that Connor was gone too!

Then, I remembered being sucked from beneath the water. I hit my head on something hard and become unconscious…


I scratched my head. "What on earth? Oh, I'm just on my bed. I guess it was just a dream, a weird dream." I looked at my alarm clock. "Dang it, my alarm clock is broken, or something. I must've hit it too hard yesterday. And now I'm late for work!"

I ran in the bathroom and had a quick shower. After that, I got ready for work, ran to my Mercedes and drove to my workplace. Then suddenly, while I was hurrying to my office…

"What do you mean by coming so late?"
I whirled around. It was my Boss.
"Sorry sir, I was busy researching on the drug cartel. I er…came to know….what…er…" My voice trailed off.

My boss sighed, "You might be a good agent, but you're such an idiot." He began to walk away, but as if remembering something, spun around and continued, "Oh and, check in with Robbie, I think he has some news for you."

I smiled. That was my boss' way of complimenting someone.
"Yes sir." I headed towards the elevator; Robbie's office was a floor above me.
"What the…" I exclaimed. I was shocked when I saw what looked like a tornado hit his office.

"Hey Robbie, um…is something…er…wrong?"

"What? No." He turned around. "Oh it's you, Dwayne, um yeah, but first have a seat. I'm looking for something, a file, that's what this mess is about."
"Please don't tell me it's that file that contains all the information about the Sokoné drug cartel."
"Well actually, it is that file. But I don't get it; I had it with me in the morning. It was in my car, last I remember." said Robbie.
"And you've searched your entire office?"
"Yeah, but I still can't find it anywhere."
"Well, isn't it possible that someone broke into your car and stole the file? Come on, let's go and check out your car."

After we reached the lower basement, (the parking lot) we hurried over to Robbie's car. It looked perfectly untouched. I could see why Robbie didn't notice that the file was gone until he actually needed it. He opened the doors. Then, I started dusting for prints while Robbie checked if anything was out of place. Opening the glovebox, he saw that all of his papers were in a mess, definitely not in the way in which he had arranged them. Even his specially modified safe-compartment was broken into and there laid a duplicate file in its place.

"This is definitely not a coincidence, eh Robbie?"
"Yeah, the Sokoné is definitely behind this. But how could they have known?"
"Well it's possible that they could have bugged your house or maybe your office."
"Can't be my office, I searched it thoroughly. Let's check my house though."

At Robbie's Place…

"….Nope, this is the last room. Nothing's here…um…wait let me call the police department to sweep the house, just to be on the safe side, you know." I said.

After an hour, the police's CSU had finished sweeping the house. They found a bug in Robbie's living room. It was hidden in a vase. They also found a serial number on it. We took the bug to the office. Later, we found out which shop it was bought from. Glancing around, I noticed that the shop had security cameras. I informed the manager that we would need to see the tapes. After our CSU's video technician went through the tape, we managed to ID him as Hakué Shong, a Korean-French by birth, working for the Sokoné.

Then, we went to his house and arrested him. After interrogating him for hours, he finally cracked. He told me that he was the one who broke into Robbie's house and planted the bug. We realized that the Sokoné now had that file containing all the information about them. We would have to move fast before they had time to figure out that the cops are onto them. Then they might disappear or start to lay low and it would be close to impossible to catch them. So, we asked Hakué where the cartel's hideout was.

"I don't know, whenever I need to meet up with them, they arrange everything. They tell me where to meet them, and then a white van picks me up. But after I'm in the van, they blindfold me, so I can't see anything." said Hakué.

"That doesn't matter! Ok, listen up, here's what you're going to do. First, you're going to call them and arrange for a meeting, then you're going to wear a wire, a GPS tracking device, a camera and only then will you meet them. All you have to do is act normal."

"Dude, they will check for wires, its standard procedure!"

"It doesn't matter if they do. They won't find these, because they're military grade. Actually you know what, let's forget the wire and the GPS. Just to be on the safer side, you know. You're lucky I'm in a generous mood today. Here take this, wear this patriotic flag. There is a camera hidden in it. By the way if you say anything to tip them off, remember your family is here and it would be a shame if something tragic was to happen to them, you know what I mean?"

He took the flag, but remained silent. He definitely got the message.

"Alright men, lets get ready."

We equipped our guns and amour and told Hakué to arrange for the meeting.

Two hours later…

The van had stopped at a seaport. The perfect place for a quick get away. Then they all got out of the van. First, they searched him, just like Hakué had told us they would, and then they entered a nearby building. We could see the footage clearly; we could see some faces and drugs, and this was all we needed to arrest them.

I then spoke, "Alright men, there are about twenty-five of them in there. Team One, cover the back. Team Two, you take the roof. Team Three, secure the perimeter; no one gets out. Jonathon and Charlie cover the entrance with your snipers incase anyone gets away. Team Four, follow me. Is everyone ready?" I asked.
"Yes sir!" they replied.
"Good, let's roll out!"

We got into position, and then we stormed in. My men and I were going in from all sides; the gang-members were completely boxed in. We gassed them out, or most of them anyway. The rest who were conscious opened fire, and we, of course returned the favor. I told two of my men to secure Hakué, he still had the camera - the evidence we needed. We kept moving, trying to secure the whole area. After awhile we had caught about twenty of them. Four of our men were down. We needed to end this as quickly as possible and radio for a medic. We were on the topmost floor now.

"Drop you weapons, this is over, we have already caught twenty of your men." I yelled.

We didn't hear any sound coming from inside that room. So after waiting for about ten seconds, we went inside cautiously. What we saw startled us. The room was empty. The leader; Hajimi Sakoné had escaped along with the most loyal of his bodyguards. There was nothing else we could do. Ambulances came shortly after. We arrested the other gang-members who were escorted to prison by fellow policemen. Hakué went to prison aswell, but instead of serving a ten year sentence like the others, he had to only serve a five year sentence during which he would be eligible for parole after three years; provided he was on good behavior.

Back at the office…

"It's a shame Hajimi got away, I wanted to put him away for life imprisonment!" I exclaimed.
"Yeah, I couldn't agree more. But hey, I heard about Hakué's reduced sentence. I guess it's a good thing to help cops, eh Dwayne?"

"Hey, we aren't ordinary cops! We're Feds. And Hajimi might have escaped from us this time, but next time, things will be different, because when he slips up, I'll be waiting for him."


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