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An incomplete short story/possibly novel

By: Vampy2034

Page 1, This is an incomplete short story maybe soon to be novel. It does start off inappropriately, you are forewarned. I suppose it is a beginning of a novel but I haven\'t really decided yet.

My hands slipped over my leather thigh highs as i dropped down almost to the floor, hovering just above the ground. My hand ran over my body as my head leaned back. The music made my heart race. Straightening, my stance wide and deliberate, I tore off my skimpy leather vest, unveiling my lace-clad chest.The menbelow the stage were yelling for more but I ignored them. I was doing what I wanted, when I wanted.I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my leather shorts and tore them off; hearing the sides of them unfasten. Grabbing the metal pole next to me, I wrapped my body around it. The cool metal teased my sensitive heated flesh. As I did my dance, I heard the men grow louder and it made myheart jump.Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my partner approach me. Her hand lightly touched my back and i knew. Untangling myself,I pulled her against me. Her lace covered chest was against mine and her groin,covered but heated, was against my thigh.My mouth met hers in a routine kiss, my hands traveling to the clasp of her bra.Slowly, I unhooked it and let it dropped to the floor. Like we had rehearsed, I pushed her to the floor. As she laid below me,I looked around discreetly.Men were throwing money, yelling, and it was total chaos.I dropped down and straddled her, my hips against hers. I ran a hand over her body and the suddenly the room went bright.Stunned,she did not move beneath me and I was frozen.Suddenly a rough hand grabbed my arm and I screamed as they yanked me off of her.The grip was hard and strong, I kicked and screamed but it was of no use.It was useless. I was taken.

~The First Awakening: Section One.~

My eyes opened and were assaulted by bright florescent lights.I was restrained. Panicked, I screamed and thrashed against the restraints. I was cold, nude, and restrained,with no idea of what was going on.Just as I was going to scream again, a door on the side of the room opened.I realized that the room that I was in wasoddly enough like a surgery room. The man who had entered the room was tall, with short black hair, and piercing blue eyes. He busied himselfat a drawer where he withdrew something. I tried to speak but I couldn't, no sounds would escape my throat.He turned and I saw that in his right hand he was holding a syringe full of clear pink liquid.Then my voice came back as he approached me, I screamed andwrithed,trying desperately to get away.

"No, please god, no.Let me go!" Hiseyes were cold as he pinned my arm down, holding it still. The needle hit my flesh and I cried out from the sudden pain that eruptedf rom the liquid he had injected.It was like a fire, searing throughout my veins. My body convulsed as the fire spread and then it all stopped. The pain, the searing fire,vanished.Catching my breath, I glared at him.

"Whatthe hell was that?" Iyelled, now even more infuriated.He didn't answer.I spoke again.

"Are you going to kill me or not?" I was sure that this was what he had had in mind. What could he possibly want me for? I almost screamed as he touched my arm again.His touch was like a cold fire.

"Hush. If you survive this, then you will know," he said,his voice even and low.

"Survive what?What are you doing to me? What is going on?" I almost screamed my words as he walked out of the room once more.My mind raced. Survive what?What was going to happen to me? I squirmed and tears threatened to show.A sudden pain shot through me, making me cry out. Then everything went dark.

~The Second Awakening: Section Two.~

I awoke to that man hovering over me, grinning.

"You made it through the first stage. You are the first one," he stated,and glanced over my body.

"Would you like some clothing or does it not bother you because you are a stripper." I gritted my teeth.I didn'tknow this man and he had no right to judge me in anyway, after all he is the one injected me with shit.

"I am not a completely nude dancer. I do performances but I am never nude. I do it because I need the money and I get paid very well for what i do." He rolled his eyes and I clenched my fists. People like him irritated me more than anything.

"You won't have to worry over money anymore. Where you are going you won't need it. You won't be paid." I pulled slightly against my restraints, I was up to my neck in confusion. Questions swam through my mind, overwhelming me. Just as I was about to ask I grew sleepy.

" Why am I suddenly so tired? What is going on..." I drifted into oblivion.

~The Oblivion.~

Needles entered my skin. I couldn't see them but I could feel each one.There was a peeling sensation, of what I didn't know. I couldn't open my eyes,they felt like they each weighed ten pounds.My body hurt and I was terrified.My body went numb and suddenly everything left me.

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