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the secrets of jorekanin

By: Yamazy900

Page 1, the secrets of the new king of yazland jorekanin











Jorekanin saved yazland from the ungodly dragons

And became king of yazland

After 10 years someone

Found a necklace on this necklace was the

Name of jorekanin

The man who found this strange looking necklace

Name was thoorika

Thoorika was a detective

He Is a professional in finding


He said to him “I will ask the king him self about this necklace”

So he went to the palace

And asked the king about this necklace

The king said “this is my old cursed necklace I wear it if I wanted to steal something”

Then thoorika asked the king “why are telling me this” the king laughed and said “son what makes you think you will still alive to tell anyone”


Then the king drew his sword and thoorika drew his sword then the hacking and slashing started a king against a detective thoorika died that day when he knew the king was a necromancer  

Yes the savoir of yazland is a necromancer

He used magic to bend will on yazland 

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