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Country: Australia
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Favorite book: Right Now: CARTEL by LILI st. GERMAIN
Member Since: May 20, 2014

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Wake Up

Short Story by AfterShock
Posted: Feb 9, 2015
This short story has been entered into Oh2e's Short Story...
Tags:horror, short story



Novel by AfterShock
Posted: Jan 30, 2015
(Book one to Tattooed Bad Boys Trilogy) "The bad boy...
Tags:romance, lust, emotions, book one, bad boys, tattooed, koray jax, ariella haner


Dorm 409

Novel by AfterShock
Posted: May 27, 2014
Noelle Valentino has just been transferred to Preston...

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Lets Play the Rant Game

Novel by AfterShock
Posted: Feb 20, 2015
This is where I shall rant about useless, not useless...

Wake Up

Short Story by AfterShock
Posted: Feb 9, 2015
This short story has been entered into Oh2e's Short Story...


Novel by AfterShock
Posted: Jan 30, 2015
(Book one to Tattooed Bad Boys Trilogy) "The bad boy...

Dorm 409

Novel by AfterShock
Posted: May 27, 2014
Noelle Valentino has just been transferred to Preston...

First and Final Warning:
Throughout my profile and my novels you will find swearing... Actually you will most probably find a ton of swearing throughout my novels (and the rare short story). This is your only warning because I am starting to become bored of rewriting the same warning in my novels. You don't have to worry about any sexual content because those sort of written scenes will be posted on Booksie Silk.
Dropping by to post a Reading Request?
Take a minute and scroll down a little. You will find a section about reading requests. Take the time to read it before posting a comment.

A b o u t T h i s O n e
Twenty-Two ♦ Australian ☼ Mummy ♥

I'm a heavy reader, I'm also a heavy writer.
I'm always reading or writing when I'm not running around after my son.
I write Young Adult mainly
It's my strongest type of genre, also Romance because I have no love life
I'm a Metal Head m/m/
I'm yet to meet a dedicated Deathbat on Booksie and/or Wattpad
I'm one to seek out newbie writers.
I like to help them better their writing & get confindence in their writing because I didn't have that.
I'm a hopeless romantic
It's probably because I have non-existent love life and I can make characters fall in love HA!
This isn't my first booksie account, probably the third or fourth
I was previously known as CapnPanda
I 110% support Suicide Prevention
I have lost my cousin due to him taking his own life
I hate Shippers in the Fandoms I'm in
Dean & Cas WILL NEVER be together, you morons.
I swear a lot
I'd probably make that sailor everyone talks about look like a priss
I have tattoos and piercings
I'm a few months off from starting my sleeves
I've started to become
a scheduled updater
I have a love-hate relationship with Storms
hate editing my novels, but I do it anyways
loathe Fan-Fics
I care more about reads than comments

I n O t h e r N e w s
I landed myself in the ER today - it's not serious but it is. I'm okay and I'm not willing to share as it is a bit personal. I'm hoping to have an update to Dorm 409 on Wednesday but no one hold your breath for that seeing as I have to go back to the hospital on Wednesday. So anyone reading Dorm 409 - there will be no updates tomorrow!
Sorry guys but myself comes before new chapters.

I'm just going to say that it should be illegal for these two men to be this fucking attractive. Like, damn. They were probably both made with care and a lot of time by a hand of a Greek God. They were made to perfection. Like I can't even. The parents of Andy's and the parents of Ronnie's need to be handed a medal just to thank them for bring them both into this world.
Mr Ronnie Radke & Mr Andy Biersack,
You ARE both Sex Gods and it's too much to look at you both.
Sincerely, Every Girl who just lost their knickers looking at you.

C u r r e n t l y W r i t i n g
DORM 409 updates every SUNDAY and WEDNESDAY;
KORAY updates on FRIDAY only.

DORM 409: Sunday, 8th March;
KORAY: Friday, 13th March.

(Anyone overseas: DORM 409: Saturday, 7th - KORAY: Thursday, 12th)

Chapter 18: "Talk shit, get hit."
February 25nd, 2015

Chapter 7: "I'm fabulous."
February 27th, 2015

Rant 2: #HatersGonHate
February, 26th 2015
(This has no update schedule.
I could post every day, or once a month,
depends when I feel like ranting.)

C o m i n g S o o n

(Unsure when this will be posted)

C o m p l e t e d

This is a HORROR short story

F i r s t E v e r B o o k T r i l o g y

CHASE (Book Two) Summary:
“Am I meant to be a jerk to you?”
Ebony Mitchells is the nerdy girl according to anyone you ask. But Ebony knows she more than that since what nerd has a sarcastic, smart ass and quick comebacks mouth on them? She always knew that one day she wouldn’t be known as the nerd chick that had no friends. But Ebony never thought that would because of bad boy, Chase Hemlock. With Ebony’s big heart and mothering type of personality, she couldn’t walk pass Chase sitting on the gutter, swearing like a sailor every time he wiped his shirt across his face.

Chase Hemlock has never been one to be shocked easily, he always expected things. When he noticed the girl staring at him from across the road, he thought she’d keep on walking while he cursed out but when she walked across the road to him, looking like she was on a mission, he was shocked. Shocked at the fact that the dark haired, green eyes hidden behind black framed glasses beauty in front of him was telling him to give her his hand so she could help him up; shocked because she was telling him that she was taking him to her dorm and not for the reason most girls do.

But as they say, worlds can collide and these two worlds were about too, with fireworks, sarcastic remarks and smartass responses. And for both Ebony and Chase, this was just the beginning of everything they’ve never expected.

KAI (Book Two) Summary:
“Some of us aren't as bad as they say.”
Kai Steele has always been the one with the temper but the one to keep things civil. Kai has never been one to let himself get close or even fall in love with anyone. He kept things simple with one night stands and no contact for another hook up with same chick. Kai has grown up to see what love and getting close to some can do to a person. His father being the one he witnessed go through the heartache and pain that comes with that type of relationship. But when he meets Havanna Ashmoore, everything changes when Havanna tells him where to stick it.

Havanna Ashmoore has had her fair share of jerks. She was the girl who had fell for the bad boy of her high school just to have her heartbroken when she found him with another chick in her bed at her house party. Ever since that night, she vowed to never fall into the charm of a bad boy. But when Havanna meets Arielle Haner, she finds herself falling back into the crowd of bad boys and their groupies. And it doesn’t take long until she finds herself in a heated argument with cocky, over attractive Kai Steele.

But with the more Havanna rejects Kai, the more Kai wants her and the more Havana finds herself wanting to give into the devil’s temptation.


Firstly, if you are someone who is that guy/girl who asks for a comment on a piece of your work/s before you even consider looking at mine... I say this with tenderness, Fuck Off. I hate people who do that because you're rude and an inconsiderate asshat.
Secondly, if I have asked you to read my work and tell you that I will read something of yours, I really do mean it. I'm not one to say I will and then not do it. I'm not a snobby prick!
Thirdly, not every novel is for me as my novels may not be for you. I will read but it depends whether I like it or not if I post a comment. Don't get all shithead angry at me because I said I'd read it but you don't see anything from me. Think on the bright side, you got another read.

R e a d i n g R e q u e s t s : O P E N
- A c c e p t e d -
> A novel four chapters or less
> Short Stories
> Romance, Horror, Action/Adventure, Young Adult
> Anything posted on Bookie Silk

- D e c l i n e d -
> Poetry
> History based novels, short stories
> Fan-Fics

R e a d i n g L i s t
Catch Me as I Fall EverAfterDarling {Completed}
Deadly Beauty
His Love
Alison Ann
Star-Hunters DYcyan
Diary of the Dead
For There be Demons
Victoria Quinn {Horror Short Story}
The Elements of HorrorVictoria Quinn

Men of the Month:

Ladies, I present... Falling in Reverse!
Honestly, that was my face when I first realize what they looked like.
I almost died of shock.
(Oh yeah, this is way early.)



© Copyright, All Rights Reserved, 2015, Aftershock
Profile Update: February 19th, 2015

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