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Country: United States
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Favorite book: just read my profile :)
Member Since: May 9, 2011

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Knowing That You Care

Poem by alishey
Posted: Jun 27, 2013
After I told my friend my secret, she still loves me for me.

Scarlett Letter

Short Story by alishey
Posted: May 27, 2012
This is a story of some parts of my life that I think are...

He Only Used Me

Poem by alishey
Posted: May 14, 2012
I just wanted to be wanted....

You Used to be There for Me

Poem by alishey
Posted: May 7, 2012
I just want here to remember everything that we went...

You Were Still My Only Friend

Poem by alishey
Posted: May 7, 2012
I miss my best friend :(

Finnally Winning

Poem by alishey
Posted: Apr 11, 2012
My best friend on ten years replaced me. But it's her loss.

Little Chick, Big Change. RingpopLoves challenge

Short Story by alishey
Posted: Apr 4, 2012
For RingpopLoves contest! :) Three little chicks have a...

Ravyn: The Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood

Short Story by alishey
Posted: Apr 1, 2012
More's to come soon! :)

I am Rapunzel

Poem by alishey
Posted: Apr 1, 2012
someone please set me free....

OCD: My Mental Puppeteer

Poem by alishey
Posted: Feb 21, 2012
I just want it to stop....

A Bright Red Line On A Porcelain Wrist

Poem by alishey
Posted: Feb 9, 2012
a way to describe my life....

That Crazy Thing Called Love

Poem by alishey
Posted: Feb 7, 2012
I thought that I would never feel that thing people...

You Make my Heart Feel Whole Again

Poem by alishey
Posted: Jan 24, 2012
I feel loved, and I never want it to go away :)

A Love Story

Poem by alishey
Posted: Jan 14, 2012
A boy that I fell in love with was hiding things from me....

Give Them Back

Poem by alishey
Posted: Jan 10, 2012
I don't see why they took them from me. I loved them....

Insanity Hurts

Poem by alishey
Posted: Nov 17, 2011
Haunted by my demons

An Autobiography of Someone Completely Unimportant

Novel by alishey
Posted: Aug 29, 2011
!!!!This is an autobiography!!!! Alicia Burton never...

Covering Graffiti

Poem by alishey
Posted: Jul 7, 2011
you can cover up what is painful, but it's still there.

Hating Myself

Poem by alishey
Posted: Jul 7, 2011
The way I see things


by alishey
Posted: Jun 6, 2011
No one wants to see the bad in the world. But that...

Pretty Pictures

Poem by alishey
Posted: Jun 3, 2011
pictures aren't always pretty.

The Blade of a Knife

Poem by alishey
Posted: Jun 3, 2011
no matter how bad it seems now, it will get better.

Like Toy Soldiers

Poem by alishey
Posted: Jun 3, 2011
people like us, got it hard.

Fantasy Door

Novel by alishey
Posted: May 30, 2011
Scarlett, or Scar, is not your average girl. She is emo,...

Just Keep Going

Poem by alishey
Posted: May 10, 2011
Just keep going, never let go

Meeting The Monster

Short Story by alishey
Posted: May 9, 2011
The Monster can change your life completely. Just like it...

  Ok, so, I am a fifteen year old girl. My name is Alicia (that's pronounced Uh-Lish- Uh).

I love writing, singing, and art. I am a very creative person :) I enjoy writing poetry, but my real writing passion is novels. I love skinny jeans, converse, rubber bracelets, and cats! My favorite colors are black and red. I suffer from clausterphobia, bipolar disorder, anorexia, depression, OCD,and self harm so my poems are mainly about that. And.... that's about it! :) Just ask me if you wanna know anything else! :)




Oh nyan cat.... :)

If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it's yours. If it doesn't, it never was.

Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself.



I love rainbows.

I'm a Wiccan.

I hate sweet potatoes.

I'm socially awkward.

I'm bisexual.

I can't spell.

Black is my favorite color.

I bite my nails too much.



Ummmmmm, well, I gots medium length, black hair, emrald green/gold eyes. I'm pretty skinny, and kinda pale, but not too bad. I have an upturned nose and pink cheeks.



Oh, that, yeah. Well, I've got clausterphobia, wich I guess isn't uncommon, so I ain't really gonna talk about it. I have depression, I was diagnosed with it almost two years ago. It's really hard, but I'm trying to get through it. I have OCD. And it is the most horrible thing in the world. I won't go into deatails cuz I wrote a peom about all of it, and if you wanna know more. Read it. Yes, I cut. And don't tell me to stop, cuz I won't. It helps. Don't judge me.


I love rap music. I pretty much like anything except, like, jazz and country. Hmmm, well, acctually, I know a few good country songs.

My favorite food is pizza.

I love long skirts and hippie headbands.

I also love skinny jeans and rubber bracelets.

when you said, that we would be together forever, I thought you meant, until we died, but I guess, forever isn't as long as it used to be....


Dreamland: Sarah Dessen

Sisters of Misery: Magan Kelley Hall

Painting Caitlyn: Kimberly Joy Peters

Bad Apple: Laura Ruby

The Vladimir Tod Series: Heather Brewer

The Chosen One: Carol Lynch Williams

Beautiful: Amy Reed



Ok bye guys!

                            I love you! :)









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