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By: Lady Jewells

Page 1, When was the last time you ravished your vixen? If you have to think about it – it’s been too long!!!!!


I can’t speak for all women – but I know there’s a select thousand or so, this bit of prose will apply to.  Therefore, I’m telling you MEN to WAKE-UP before it’s too late. Just because everything seems to be bumping along peacefully, doesn’t mean everything’s okay. When was the last time you ravished your vixen?  If you have to think about it – it’s been too long!!!!!

If you live together and you’re sensitive to her moods – you might be okay. But, on the other hand – why take chances. Some women, like me - need to be ravished every once in awhile, or a minimum of 2 times a year.  More often if we’re moody. Maybe you men need it to. Maybe I need to tell you, beg you - Master – Please RAVISH ME!

Take 2 hours out of your day and repossess me. Every woman is different – but for me, though I know you love me, I need to feel it.  And Feel it deep in my core. For that 2 hour ravishing period I need you to be my Master and command the submissive in me, to yield! I need to hear and feel your love in every fiber of my being. Master - I need you to demand my mind and body show you that I love you!

Call me - With your voice – command my devotion. Question me, “Do you love me? – Really? Then SHOW ME! Prepare yourself for me. I want you clean, smelling good and ready! I’ll be home at….”   

At that appointed time – show up! From jump – take control. Embrace me, kiss me – make me want you and more of you! Then, send me to our bed. As I turn to go – spank my ass.  Trust me – the heat will spread like wildfire.

Take off your shirt, but tell me to finish undressing you.  You can strip me or tell me to strip. If all this has turned you on, feed me your cock. Order me to pleasure you.  You know pleasing you with my mouth makes my juices flow.  You judge the moment – am I pleasing? Let me take you all the way or just enough to get my juices flowing.

Use my juices to take us to the next level – Use your wits, your skills and your tools – your dick, your fingers and your mouth, anything to get me to that sexual plateau where I need to yield! RAVISH ME!

By Lady Jewells (2013)

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