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Amber Wolf by Fyregx

Amber Wolf Chapter:21

By Fyregx

(COMPLETE) Annabelle was always the lonely one, no friends. she is 16 and never once had a boyfriend, but suddenly she meets this amazing boy but there is something so very strange about him. 100 years ago a 16 year old boy went missing, he was never found and assumed dead. Raven; The Perfect A...

Novel | Updated Oct 30, 2009 | Reads: 156 | Comments: 2 | Likes: 4
Tags: amber, wolf, amber, wolf, non, fictional, fantasy, fyregx, aris, 16, werewolves, girl, teenage, angel, boy, love, hate, jason, annabelle, jake

Arlin. Chapter:1

By loveletters77

Typical high school story. But, with some dramatic twists.

Novel | Updated Oct 30, 2009 | Reads: 55 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: lovee

What Happened To My Little Angel? by xxxl4ur3nxx

What Happened To My Little Angel? Chapter:2

By xxxl4ur3nxx

Izzy's(Isabele)life turned upside down the day she was raped by her four best guys friends. The only person she ever told was her twin sister Grace. Izzy thinks her life is bad now wait till her cousin Andrew invites her ex best friends over and hell is to pay...believe me? The scars she has left...

Novel | Updated Oct 30, 2009 | Reads: 791 | Comments: 52 | Likes: 12
Tags: rape, burning, death, scared, ex, best, friends, sister, dad, mother, aunt, uncle, cousin, family, police, jail, help, scars, marks, sneak

School High Life Chapter:3

By Evilkiller

Jessica is a wild outgoing down right sexy lady that knows how he life is going to be after highschool. She is bi-sexual. She meets a wonderful guy name Justin. A year later she see him again. And the past comes over her. But what can she do, theres a ring on her finger. And she second guess the ...

Novel | Updated Oct 30, 2009 | Reads: 33 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: highschool

Someday My Prince Will Come by storielover1117

Someday My Prince Will Come Chapter:23

By storielover1117

Arianne is a simple girl with an athletic scholarship at Harvard. Frederick is a handsome stranger with an intriguing secret. Arianne has a boring life. Good grades, no friends, and only an aunt and uncle to support her. Frederick’s life is anything but boring. Murder, hatred and jealo...

Novel | Updated Oct 30, 2009 | Reads: 297 | Comments: 9 | Likes: 4
Tags: romance, mystery, handsome, gorgeous, castle, prince, harvard, volleyball

Ask Aliss by Wordspeak

Ask Aliss Chapter:18

By Wordspeak

"I could run away, but I just couldn’t leave her for this maniac to kill. I couldn’t live with myself if I did that. I had no idea what to do. And I am sitting here watching the clock ticking. Time is running out…" ------------ I'm revamping Aliss...So bear with me as I update...

Novel | Updated Oct 30, 2009 | Reads: 78 | Comments: 4 | Likes: 1
Tags: ask, aliss, young, adult, thriller, romance, love, art, comedy, danger, email, internet, california, orange, county, jamie, mysterious, love, heartache, pain

A Field Full Of Sun by Dancerjs

A Field Full Of Sun Chapter:11

By Dancerjs

Popcorn66s challenge. Kelly Monroe has the same dream every night about two twin girls who walk towards the sun. As Kelly struggles to figure out what this dream could possibly mean, her life becomes less and less normal.

Novel | Updated Oct 30, 2009 | Reads: 48 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: sun, dreams, young, adult, science, fiction, fiction, novel, field, lying, adoption, aliens, fantasy

Fun, Mistake And Love by Kristel Kb

Fun, Mistake And Love Chapter:4

By Kristel Kb

this is all about having fun while making mistakes and falling in love in the meantime. Katherine just settled into her new city. new good friends(Miranda and Isa, a new boyfriend. but Mickael comes and Kate lost in his eyes can't see reality anymore.

Novel | Updated Oct 30, 2009 | Reads: 65 | Comments: 3 | Likes: 6
Tags: fun, love, teen, mistake, eyes, dream, friend, change, new, happy, simple, complicated, lips, sex, mickael, kate, alcohol, drunk, stranger, first

My Little Cowgirl by Livingproofbff

My Little Cowgirl Chapter:3

By Livingproofbff

Cassie Davis didn't want to leave her home in Wisconsin to go to the boarding school in Virginia. Her life was home in Wisconsin with all her horses. When she comes home for winter break, she comes home to a surprise. When her father hired a young man to break and train the horses, she couldn't s...

Novel | Updated Oct 30, 2009 | Reads: 74 | Comments: 2 | Likes: 1
Tags: love, action, fear

YEDDA by Puresouthernwatertribegirl

YEDDA Chapter:3

By Puresouthernwatertribegirl

When Yedda was born, her mother died. Her father and older brother blamed her. Her whole life she was abused physically, sexually, emotionally and was neglected. A passerby hears her cries and informs the police. Her brother and father are arrested on the spot. But how will she cope with her n...

Novel | Updated Oct 30, 2009 | Reads: 39 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: abuse, adopted, fostered

Going Against Nature by Kiiax

Going Against Nature Chapter:1

By Kiiax

"Violet please!" Cedric pleaded, close to me. But he was wasting his precious time. I had already made up my mind. There wqas no going back now! Cedrics arms tightened around me and kissed my fragile lips. It was as if he feared I was ruining my life. Violet is in big trouble, danger. Cedric h...

Novel | Updated Oct 30, 2009 | Reads: 200 | Comments: 0 | Likes: 0
Tags: love, romance, forever, teens, kiss, first, time, relationships, strong, bond

Ms. Tomboy by countrygirl4ever

Ms. Tomboy Chapter:12

By countrygirl4ever

Holly isn't your normal girl. She's an tomboy. Her best friend Greg is dating her little sister. Holly never got long with her sister. Holly is always ready to kill her at any second. Kevin one of Holly's best friend is in love with her. But, Holly doesn't love him. She sercertly loves someone es...

Novel | Updated Oct 30, 2009 | Reads: 748 | Comments: 9 | Likes: 6
Tags: tomboy, friends, family, drama, adpotion, hate, dad, sister, rich, spoiled, fighting, trouble, brothers, love, marriage, divorce, cheating, new, love

Like It Or Not (Arranged Marriage) by Zemet

Like It Or Not (Arranged Marriage) Chapter:20

By Zemet

Amanda Waldorf gets forced into marrying a boy around her age, Eric Crawford at a young age...but things get complicated on the way.

Novel | Updated Oct 30, 2009 | Reads: 1,280 | Comments: 12 | Likes: 10
Tags: arranged, marriage

Athena's Sword by Themanwithmanywalls

Athena's Sword Chapter:1

By Themanwithmanywalls

Sequel to Sponge, so if you read Sponge you can swing on by... or if you didn't read it it's fine to, you'll just be confused as hell.

Novel | Updated Oct 30, 2009 | Reads: 102 | Comments: 4 | Likes: 2
Tags: demons, angels, py, revenge, run, hide, guns, swords, canada, wilderness, deception, travelling, crime, murder, torture, death, despair, dark, humor

Self Less Love by mommyxo1990

Self Less Love Chapter:1

By mommyxo1990

A compelling true story about a nineteen year old mother placing her second born up for adoption.

Novel | Updated Oct 30, 2009 | Reads: 129 | Comments: 11 | Likes: 5
Tags: suspense, action, drama, love, children, romance, beauty, teenage, mom, adoption, pregnancy, birth

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