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Anon Amous

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Country: United States
Favorite book: Pendragon Series
Member Since: Feb 22, 2013

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Jago: The Millennium Galaxy Race

Novel by Anon Amous
Posted: Feb 22, 2013
COMPLETE. Vo: The ultimate power in the galaxy. The...
Tags:dark, adventure, action, sci fi, epic, space, fights, race, cool weapons

Writing Portfolio

Jago: Terminology Guide

by Anon Amous
Posted: May 21, 2014
This is a terminology guide to my novels - Jago: The...

Jago: The Past

Novel by Anon Amous
Posted: Apr 3, 2013
The Jago is one of the most successful bounty hunting...

Jago: The Millennium Galaxy Race

Novel by Anon Amous
Posted: Feb 22, 2013
COMPLETE. Vo: The ultimate power in the galaxy. The...





Hey what’s up!

I’m Anon, super chill, very lazy, likes to joke.

This may surprise you but I am not and aspiring writer :o (I guess you could say I aspire to be a better writer since we’re really all writers here.)

Instead I enjoy piecing story concepts together for something amazingly epic! (I love epicness)

However, in order to share these concepts with you, the easiest way to do that is by writing it!

So, my stories may not be written beautifully, (I tend to not be a very good descriptor) but I hope the storyline will make you go “Wow!”, “That’s cool!”, “No way!”, “That makes so much sense now!” you know, stuff like that.

That’s what I strive for. But, if you happen to be a good descriptor and you have a line you think I should change or should add more detail to and you wouldn’t mind telling me… lemme know!

And I do like to exercise my imagination :D so I’ll usually write a sci fi or fantasy but I’ll really write just about anything good that comes to mind… or in dreams.

If you want to know a little more about me, here’s a super summary:

               Chill, lazy, jokes, cali, CS major, play sports, ANIME, movies, immature, funny?, slightly dyslexic, indecisive, sleeeeep.


This is what I recommend:

(VVVClLICK IT!VVV Story name on left, Author name on right!)


     Silvia Grey - SGAuthor


     Arid Land - Arid Land Kate


     Epidemic - Revan Marston

    Sci Fi

     Kree - Kelli Jo

     The Helldivers - Banitt


This is what I'm currently reading:

(VVVClLICK IT!VVV Story name on left, Author name on right!)

    Dark Fantasy    

     Shadow Pieces - Vellan Shadow

    Sci Fi

     The Downfall of the Great Race of Mankind - Jonathan DeLacuso


     Runes of destiny - Spyke

     Ashes - SolracC

     White fish; Black pond - Star Lord

     Afermath: New Jersey - YF68

     That Which Binds Us - Star Lord



     Interviewing the Future Legends of Booksie - Thumblina




5. Saskia (26) – Drogonaaz

Inside the Kaleeni high-elders chamber, a meeting discussing Ozias’ growing power was taking place.

“Something must be done about this irritating boy,” an elder croaked in his seat.

The five elder of the Kaleeni Tribe all sat in a semi-circle inside a stone room lit with only a few candles. Their blue glowing eyes were the most visible part of their withered, battle-hardened faces.

“I agree,” grunted another elder. “He is growing powerful and collecting many followers-”

The chamber door screeched as it was opened by the last of the meeting members.

“Kai Saskia, you now bestow us with your presence?” the first elder sassed.

A beautiful young woman wearing almost nothing but brown strips of leather came walking inside. She had long wavy brown hair and blood red tribal markings on the right side of her face, shoulder and arm. Strapped to her back were three long thin swords.

She was the only Eyes of Blue known to have her soul stone summoned at all times, shimmering red in the darkness, and matching the color of the tribal markings on her skin. She possessed so much power that her soul stone split into five ruby red stones that appeared on her forehead, and right arm.

Somehow she learned how to control the flow of her power even with her soul stone constantly summoned. This was apparent by how her eyes were the only ones in the chamber that didn’t glow a vibrant blue. Instead, they stayed as her natural light-grey eyes.

Everyone eyed her as the strongest Eyes of Blue on Drogonaaz took her place at the meeting. She stood there, next to the other two Kaleeni Kais and crossed her arms in a lax manner, showing no emotion or shame for the late intrusion.

“You are being sent out with Kai Dirkal to hunt for Kai Ozias,” the elder continued, “Kill him and send his head back to Virad to warn them of their place.”

Saskia’s eyes glowered at the elder and they exchanged menacing stares.

“You’ll leave now” the elder scowled.



Jago: The Millennium Galaxy Race

(complete) Part 1: Greatest Fighter on the Planet

(complete) Part 2: Crew of the Jago

(complete) Part 3: Millennium Galaxy Race

(complete) Part 4: Elemental Stone

(complete) Part 5: Morph Stone

(complete) Part 6: Subliminal Stone

(complete) Part 7: Tech Stone

(complete) Part 8: Vo


Jago: The Past

(Finished Writing) Part 1: 1,000 Human Years Ago

  1. Cashel (~35), Tiberius (~35) - Unknown Planet (Posted)
  2. Cashel (~35), Nema (33) - Unknown Planet (Posted)
  3. Cashel (~35), Tiberius (~35), Nema (33) - Space (Posted)
  4. Cashel (~35), Nema (33) - Thereon (Posted)
  5. Cashel (~35), Tiberius (~35) – Unknown Planet (Posted)

(Finished Writing) (Editing) Part 2: 34 Human Years Ago

  1. Kiko (0) - Drogonaaz
  2. Cashel (~59), Tiberius (~59) - Crux
  3. Ozias (12) - Drogonaaz

(Finished Writing) (Editing) Part 3: 22 Human Years Ago

  1. Kiko (6), Suri (28) - Drogonaaz
  2. Cashel (~59), Balt (12) - Crux
  3. Kiko (6), Rei (2) - Drogonaaz
  4. Balt (12), Cashel (~59) – Smaoolara
  5. Ozias (18) - Drogonaaz 
  6. Saskia (26) - Drogonaaz

(In ProgressPart 4: 12 Human Years Ago

  1. Trash (~4), Lone (~4) - Sola (In Progress)
  2. Tammy (2), Verena (2) - Thereon
  3. Cashel (~59), Balt (22) - Thereon
  4. Kiko (12), Rei (8), Suri (34) - Drogonaaz

Part 5: 8 Human Years Ago

Part 6: 6 Human Years Ago

Part 7: 4 Human Years Ago

Part 8: Millennium Galaxy Race (Present) 




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