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Favorite book: North Dallas Forty by Peter Gent
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Article by batfish
Posted: Mar 18, 2013
A flashback to Gary Gilmore and The Executioner's Song.


by batfish
Posted: Mar 14, 2013
A quick review of INSIDE DEEP THROAT - DOCUMENTARY and a...

The Country Calls Upon Your Services

Short Story by batfish
Posted: Mar 12, 2013
A government hit man is called upon to hunt down a...

Thorazine Shuffle

Short Story by batfish
Posted: Mar 11, 2013
A small time loser gets locked up in a maximum security...

Is there anyone out there that remembers Right Time Malt Liquor?

Article by batfish
Posted: Mar 8, 2013
A review of cheap malt liquors brewed only for the pure...

Darvon Dreams

Short Story by batfish
Posted: Mar 1, 2013
A sailor in boot camp hears something that he wishes he...

Prison Family! Prison Weight!

Short Story by batfish
Posted: Feb 16, 2013
A heroin addicted sailor returning from World War II...

A Dead Rose

Short Story by batfish
Posted: Nov 25, 2012
Two sailors are forced to cover up a horrible crime

Robbing Skynyrd's Grave

Short Story by batfish
Posted: Sep 23, 2012
A marijuana farmer battles both the police and a curse.

Marijuana Smuggling Blues

Short Story by batfish
Posted: Jul 28, 2012
A marijuana smuggling operation goes wrong on the high seas.

Blue Reptile

Short Story by batfish
Posted: May 27, 2012
A former drug smuggler for the CIA is released from a...

The Return of Midget X

Short Story by batfish
Posted: May 27, 2012
A writer hunts down a long lost friend who competes on...

Diesel Therapy

Short Story by batfish
Posted: Mar 22, 2012
A brutal steroid shooting prison guard is busted and sent...


Book by batfish
Posted: Mar 17, 2012
PART TWO Death seems to Ziggy to be the only option...


Book by batfish
Posted: Mar 17, 2012
Death seems to Ziggy to be the only option left in his...

Crawling Home To Die

Short Story by batfish
Posted: Mar 17, 2012
A burned out and crippled up government hitman returns to...

Amsterdam Blues

Short Story by batfish
Posted: Mar 9, 2012
Death seems to Robert "Ziggy" Zigstrom to be the only...

Terminated With Extreme Prejudice

Short Story by batfish
Posted: Feb 26, 2012
A renegade Green Beret is hunted down by a government...

In Search of the Blue Fox

Short Story by batfish
Posted: Feb 26, 2012
A young man spends a horrible night reflecting on the...

Wonderland and Dead Porn Stars

Short Story by batfish
Posted: Feb 20, 2012
An AWOL sailor stumbles onto a brutal murder. This story...

Minnesota Cockfight

Short Story by batfish
Posted: Feb 20, 2012
A young man gets involved in the seedy business of...

Rape In Prison

Article by batfish
Posted: Feb 14, 2012
I wrote this article for Loompanics, LTD back in 2001. It...

Brass Knuckles

Short Story by batfish
Posted: Feb 12, 2012
A small time weed dealer gets into a jam with a local mob...

Call Me The Breeze

Short Story by batfish
Posted: Feb 11, 2012
A government contract killer hunts down a blackmailing pimp.


Short Story by batfish
Posted: Feb 11, 2012
A rookie(fish)inmate makes a deal for his safety at the...

I've worked on the decks of ships as a sailor, unloaded cargo as longshoreman on the docks of Los Angeles harbor, walked the yard as a prison guard, and wrestled with lunatics during a stint as an attendant at a maximum security hospital for the criminally insane.

My work has been featured in publications such as Suspect Thoughts, Plots with Guns, The M.A.G., Nefarious, Loompanics LTD, and most recently in the literary journal - Criminal Class Review Volume 4.1.

I've previously written two novels - Screaming Batfish Blues and Snorting The Devil's Dandruff, a chapbook - A Dead Rose in a Pineapple Graveyard (a copy of Dead Rose was recently placed in a time capsule in Pensacola, Fl.), and a compilation of short stories - Tales from the Blue Reptile.

A non-fiction article entitled Rape In Prison that I originally wrote for Loompanics, LTD has been published extensively throughout Europe, the United States, and Australia both on the web and in print.





The Big Lebowski enters No Country For Old Men in this high octane, high adrenaline dark comedy “semi-true” thriller that centers on the adventures of a small town marijuana dealing slacker who in his never ending quest for cold beer, hot women, and a good buzz runs afoul of drug dealing gangsters, vengeful convicts, crazed meth dealers, and a sexy government undercover agent.

A note from the author: The alarm clock read 3:15 in the morning on a Saturday when the phone rang. It had been a long night of boozing and I had been in the midst of sleeping it off. On the telephone was my good old buddy Anonymous calling collect from some dive down in Tijuana, the sound in the background was deafening, it sounded like a Mexican Lynyrd Skynrd tribute band was jamming on Sweet Home Alabama. I had hoisted many a cold beer while I was in the Navy with Anonymous and we had touched base now and again throughout the years but I hadn’t heard from him since he had needed some sort of "government protection". He drunkenly blabbered about how he had written a manuscript and wanted to try to “get it out there” as he said, without getting in a tight spot with his keepers. Irritated and feeling rather poorly I was still intrigued so I suggested that he publish it as being a fictionalized account of his rather hectic life. And that early morning, somewhere between a hangover and a bender, the idea of
Snorting the Devil’s Dandruff was born. (By the way, I was never paid back for that collect call.)

Burning hotter than a flaming shot of grain alcohol, Screaming Batfish Blues is a cannibas and booze fueled paranoid vision of military and governmental conspiracy told through the eyes of two marijuana dealing sailors serving in the post-Vietnam era Navy. A pulpy crime novel packed full of drugs, military espionage, sex, prison, corrupt cops, burned out porn stars, whores, strippers, and murder - Screaming Batfish Blues will take you from the farmlands of Minnesota to the islands of Hawaii to the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles and finally to the Caribbean as both men try to flee from the personal hell they have created for themselves.




 Both Snorting The Devil's Dandruff and Screaming Batfish Blues are available in paperback at Snorting The Devil's Dandruff is available on Amazon at the Kindle store. 












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