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A Long Tired Journey

Book By: BookGirlEmma
Childrens stories

Five year old Carrie has a piece of foam that her Mom wants to throw away. What will Carrie do! Read to find out!
Note: I will do some more chapters soon! This will have about 4-6 chapters!

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The Case Of The Foam/Moving Room

"Nadia! Get to work now!" Carrie said holding her barbies.

"No! I already worked four hours" Carrie says and makes Nadia go into her house and lock the doors and windows, and go to sleep.

"Carrie, bring some stuff down from your room." Carrie's mom said. Carrie ran up and put a bunch of stuff in a box and carried it down.

"Let's go through it all now." Mom said. They started going through it and organizing, putting away, and throwing away the trash.

"Carrie put that in the trash." Mom said pointing at the foam just big enough for a barbie bed.

"No! Me and Granny are going to make a barbie bed out of it!" Carrie yelled and snatched up the foam clutching it tightly.

"Carrie, throw it away. We can buy barbie beds." Mom said in a stern voice.

"No!!!!!" Carrie screamed. Soon Mom had to give in. Mom knew that Carrie would put the foam down soon and she could throw it away. Is that not what most five year olds do? They kept working until lunch. Mom got up to go make PB and Js for lunch. Soon Carrie came in with the foam with her (Of course). After they ate was a ten minute break. Carrie ran into her new room and hid the foam under her pillow.

When the break was over, Mom came in and they started doing the routine. (Bring stuff down, Put away, Throw away). "Mommy, I put the foam in the trash." Carrie said

"Good girl! Now you can go have a cookie for dessert!" Mom exclaimed. Carrie smiled and ran to get the cookie.

When daddy got home he was proud of all their work and they had a happy day!

Getting Ready To Go To Granny's/ Going To Granny's

"Mommy can we go to Granny's yettt?" Carrie asked in a un-patient voice.

"Ok, we can go now" Mom said and went into the kitchen to make a snack for them. Carrie squealed with delight and got her bag and grabbed the foam from under the pillow, which was battered and torn. Carrie stuffed it into the bottom of her bag and got her barbie stuff. Then she ran into the kitchen and looked at her Mom. "Opps!" Carrie said when her Mom looked at her. Carrie had forgot to get dressed! Carrie ran into her room and put on her robin egg blue dress and her blue flats. Then she found her blue hat and glasses.

After Carrie was dressed she ran into the kitchen and gobbled up the banana and milk. Then they hopped in the car and started the drive to Granny's house.

Arriving At Granny's/ At Granny's

"Were here! Were here!" Carrie shouted. Mom stopped the van in the driveway and Carrie jumped out. Mom got out and gave Carrie a hug and kiss. "See you tomorrow kiddo." Mom said and went back to the van. Mom waved goodbye and Carrie ran inside.

Granny lived on a farm. Carrie had her very own pony that was kept at Granny's house. "Hi Granny!" Carrie shouted and ran and gave Granny a big hug!
"Hi sweet pea Carrie!" Granny said and gave me a hug back. Then we had some lunch and I told her about the foam and Nadia's latest movie! I make movies with my barbie dolls, Mom video taps me! "I saw it on the computer! Mommy put it on her blog!" Granny said "I loved the part where you said 'I worked four hours!" Granny finished and poured me some more lemonade. "I know! Granny can we go on a ride?" Carrie asked.

"Well sure! Lets go!" Granny said. Carrie ran into my bedroom their and got jeans and a shirt on, don't forget my helmet and riding boots! After that Carrie ran out to the barn and Granny gave me a thumbs up, while she was tacking up Dancer. Carrie started getting her pony, Lovebird ready. (She named it that!)

The Ride/On The Trail

They hopped on the pony and horse, and started going


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