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Sarah, Jason, Simon, John, Sasha and Jewels are in a war. Not just any kind of war, a war of the 6 houses on South Pine Street. Them, and their younger siblings form a alience that makes them a team. These bonds can not be broken!Who will win? Who will lose? Who betrays their leader!? Read to find out!

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Sarah sat in her front lawn, 1354 South Pine Street was busier than usual, her little sister, Sashka, was running around in the sprinkler, one week into summer break, away from the tortures of 7th grade, and she was board already. Her birthday had proved to be useless. Now that she was thirteen, she didn't get anything but clothes. Sydney had been doing her "know-it-all" summer work from her new 5th grade teacher, Miss Sebbers. The boys across the street were eyeing her and her sister, like they were going to do some sort of ambush. Her mom came to the front door, and startled Sarah, yelling, "Sarah! Sashka! Time for Lunch!" Her thoughts long forgotten in a steaming hot bowl of Chicken Soup, and chicken nuggets, she headed back outside.

Once outside, she noticed an Envelope on her front porch. She picked it up and studied it, it was Jason's writing, he lived across the street, he was the oldest, like her.. She picked up the envelope, and walked to the yard, where she sat and opened it.


Oldest child meeting at midnight tonight, smith park, you know, the one up the road from Simon's house! Meet there or be unaware of attacks..

Jason, 1351

Sarah knew he had to be serious, Jason never joked about attacks. She saw his face peaking out of the 1351 front window, she locked eyes with him, and nodded, whispering silently to herself," I'll be there."

The hours rolled by, slowly enough to do nothing, Sarah's favorite thing to do. Finally, her mom sent her to bed at 11. She lay awake, listening to her little sister's snore. 11:20, 11:23, 11:26, time just wouldn't go fast enough, at 11:43 she slipped out of her bunk, and pulled on her basket-ball shorts and her pink tank top, that was a little big. She crept up the stairs from the basement and skipped the squeaky one, her dad was asleep on the couch, the television still on. That made it easy enough to get out of their front door. Once outside she hoped onto her bike and slowly rode around the back block to the ally. From there she flew done the ally onto 5th street. The park was across the road from Simon's house, a little bit up the road.

It was dark, there town all sleepy. Her bike pedals made squeaks, "Time for some oil..." She got the park. And Jumped off her bike, letting it fall to the ground, 11:50, she knew Jason's bike was probably in the trees, so she hauled hers to the bushes, almost 10 feet away from where she got off. Sure enough Jason's bike was there, Simon's too. She guessed they would meet in the tree house, where they always were.. She wandered over there. She was right, there was a lantern lit in side, and she knew that John had walked, his bike nowhere to be seen... She looked up, and stepped onto the first rung of the ladder, climbing up. She was the 4th one there, Simon, Jason, and John all there already, "Just have to wait for Sasha and Jewel now.. I didn't think you'd come, Sarah!" Jason's voice broke all Silence. Sarah propped herself up against the wall, sitting with her long legs out in front of here, like a capital V.

Kenna and Jewel showed up around 5 after midnight, both apparently not taking this seriously, they climbed up the ladder and took their usual spot on the two cushions under the south window. "I now call this elder meeting to order!" Jason declared in a semi-loud voice. "First new Item of Business: Neighbor wars! IF you don't chose to take part, your neighbor is the Leader of your property, and if they wish to join, your siblings." Sarah smirked, 2 sisters and a brother, easy win!" Take this seriously Sarah! War stages will be discussed here first, and then in periods over the summer, weekly meetings will be held at midnight, to announce the week's battle!"

Sarah furled her brow, "What kind of battle?" "Battles like water balloon fights, squirt guns and other sorts of stuff…" Jason Announced. Sarah Shrugged. "Let's meet back here tomorrow night same time, with our answers. IF you are not joining, then Please come and say so. All members must come, and Jewel and Kenna, since you live closest to them, please inform James and Ginny about this war, and give them the newt meeting date and time. I had early response that they were going to picnics. Jewel and Kenna nodded. They both climbed down the ladder and out of sight, Kenna called from the bottom, "See ya'll tomorrow same time same place!" Her bike wobbled out of the bushes, crushing sticks, until it was out of sight through the South window.

Jason was last to go, He and Sarah walked their bikes down the alley, "You know, we need a name for this alley, don't ya think?" Jason Said, "Yea… What about 5th Avenue! Like the New York Street!" Sarah Suggested. "Sure." She walked by Jason's house, waving to him as he dropped off to go inside. She rode down 5th Avenue about 100 feet to her house. She dropped her bike by the fire escape, and climbed down, she slipped her key out of her pocket, and unlocked the window, slipping inside, she got into bed, and fell asleep…

The next day seemed to last forever; Sarah had gone with both Jewel and Kenna to tell James and Ginny about the war. Ginny was not very keen on having a bunch of boys throw water balloons at her. But James was all for it! Sarah had gone inside, and called a Children meeting and told Sashka, Sydney and Sam about the war. The vote went anonymous on whether to do it or not, all votes going to yes. So they prepared. Sydney was starting to do some wacked out math problems on some sort of side calculations on other's strengths and weaknesses. Well she did her thing; Sarah and Sam rode bike to the drug store down the street. They bought 10 packs of 100 water balloons; Marty's was selling them for 10 cents apiece! Sam decided to buy $10 dollars worth of packs; soon, they had over eleven thousand water balloons. Marty said that Jason, John and Simon had come up to buy some balloons, but they only had bought $1 worth. "We'll beat the snot out of them" Sarah muttered.

After a dinner of Sashka's attempt to make soup, she headed out to the park, "Some friends and I are camping out there," she lied. Her mom asked if she needed anything, she shrugged and ran outside, "Good Night;" her mom called out after her. She sped off along 5Th Avenue, 8 o'clock passed quickly, she sped past the park, and U-turned, she could make it to Marty's to get some candy by eight thirty if she hurried. She sped back down, and dropped her bike off at the front door; and ran inside. She grabbed one of the cheap, water proof watches and a pack of gum, and a couple candy bars and gave Marty her money.


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