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This is an idea for a children's short story, it still needs some work, and obviously needs writing in full but I want to know what people think of it as an idea before I start work on it. Thanks!

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Amelia Grace

A prince and princess from neighboring kingdoms, Scondra and Estien, fall in love but soon their kingdoms are at war and they find it harder and harder to see each other. One day the prince receives a letter from his sweetheart telling him that she has had a child; they panic; if either of their parents found out that a child had been born of both kingdoms the war would last an eternity. They decide to smuggle the baby girl, whom they name Amelia Grace, out of the princesses kingdom and they take her far away from the war and her home, to a place so far away that no-one shall ever find her. They leave her with a kind old couple who live half way up a mountain and own a herd of goats and some horses, they promise to look after the child until the war is over and she can go home.

However the war lasts far longer than anyone anticipates and by the time it ends 25 years have passed and Amelia is all grown up, the Kings of both kingdoms have passed, killed in one of the many battles fought during the war and their children arenot fit to look after their two kingdoms without a way to join them. Consequently, a scout is sent from each kingdom to fetch back the princess and to restore her to her rightful place on the throne of the now joined kingdoms, the Queen sends one of her most trusted officers, a brave and courageous man named Rylian while the King hires a man named Tollmerick who demands a great deal of gold for his 'valuable' services.

Rylian and his horse Destiny journey for months to reach Amelia until finally he finds her at her home in the mountains where the queen said she left her. Rylian explains that Amelia is really a princess and that her parents are no longer able to manage their kingdoms, it's a lot for Amelia to take in so she sleeps on it before agreeing to go back home with Rylian. Not long after they get under way, Amelia and Rylian run into Tollmerick who insists on accompanying them back to the kingdom; on the road home the three travelers reach a junction in the road and even though Rylian insists they go left towards some woods, Tollmerick is adamant they turn right towards a dark forbidding tunnel, informing the others that it is a shortcut that will take at least two days off of their journey; Amelia and Rylian agree to follow Tollmerick and they enter the gloomy cave.

Amelia and Rylian walk for quite a while until they discover that Tollmerick is not among them, deciding that he must have got lost in the dark Rylian goes to search for him while Amelia perches herself on a rock. Not a moment after Rylian has walked away, a tremendous raw shakes the tunnel and suddenly the rock beneath Amelia moves and the tunnel is full of giant scales and teeth. Rylian attacks the giant monster but with little success and is thrown up in the air and comes plummeting back to the ground Amelia then picks up Rylian's sword and looks the creature in the eye; it seems scared of her and slithers away into the shadows. Rylian comes to his senses and he and Amelia walk on through the rest of the tunnel; outside lounging on a rock they find Tollmerick who explains that he saw the monster and ran, but he would have stayed to help if it hadn't blocked off the tunnel.

They continue to walk in the direction of the two kingdoms until they reach the sea where they find a small fishing village and hire a sailing boat to cross the small ocean. The voyage begins smoothly and the weather is peaceful and the sea is calm but the weather soon turns as they sail into a storm, suddenly the ship jolts violently; then a huge fin appears above the waves and sends a vast tidal wave over the ship almost sending the three of them overboard. Rylian finds some harpoons and hands one to Amelia and another to Tollmerick they throw the spears and one gets lodged in the scales of the enormous fish which begins to swim away, but before they can cut the line the fish starts to tow them out of the storm towards the shore on the other side of the sea; when they're a few miles off the coast Rylian cuts the rope and the enormous fish swims away.

On the horizon the three of them can make out the silhouette of two cities far away in the distance, Scondra and Estien, rising above the deep forests. They travel through the forest, very much on their guard after their previous experiences over the last two days; all seems to be well however and as the sun begins to dip below the horizon they set up camp under the sweeping branches of an enormous oak tree. In the morning Tollmerick seems to have pressed on ahead of Amelia and Rylian, as he is nowhere to be seen, so they pack up and set off towards the cities of the two great kingdoms; on the final stretch to Amelia's home, Rylian explains all that will be expected of her and how she should behave as Queen and Amelia seems put off by her long list of duties that she will have to face alone. Suddenly the pair of them hear a mighty roar from up ahead and they see a great black shadow sweep across the ground towards the two castles and the creature from the caves, a great black dragon, perches itself on top of the tallest spire of Estien castle.

Amelia and Rylian rush to scare the beast away from the castle before it does any damage but as they get closer they notice a figure astride the mighty beast, Tollmerick. Rylian gathers his men and instructs Amelia to rush to the other city to hide but as she does so the beast blows great orange flames towards Rylian's men some escape but others are burnt to a crisp where they stand. Amelia rushes towards the small piles of ash and picks up a sword, a bow and some arrows, and rushes through the city to the tower where the dragon has taken up residence; Rylian spots her and races after her dodging the dragon's blasts of flame as he runs.

Amelia reaches the foot of the tower which has partially been destroyed by the beastly dragon, just as its tail smashes through a building behind her, showering the street with debris. Rylian lunges foreword and pushes Amelia out of the way and directly beneath the dragon, Tollmerick laughs darkly at their futile efforts to fight the dragon but they have a plan; Amelia stays below the dragon drawing its attention while Rylian scales the outside of the tower to get a clearer shot from above. Finally Rylian gets into position above Tollmerick and the dragon, and waves to Amelia who aims her arrow up towards the dragon's belly and fires as Rylian leaps from the tower onto the dragon's head piercing his sword through its thick scales; Tollmerick looses his footing and falls to the ground as the dragon soars up into the sky in pain back to its dark cave never to be seen again.

Amelia and Rylian find Tollmerick and stop him from escaping; he explains that he used to work for both sides in the war telling one side what the other was planning and visa versa, he was paid handsomely for his information, but when the war ended he went out of business so when he heard the princess was to return he had to stop her to re kindle the sparks of the war. Tollmerick is thrown into jail and Rylian escorts Amelia to the other city, Scondra the home of her mother where she and the King are awaiting her arrival; they welcome Amelia with open arms and thank Rylian with all their heart, the queen decides that he has earned the title of Guard of the Kingdom.

Rylian asks for Amelia's hand in marriage, she accepts and the two kingdoms are joined at last by their new King, Rylian and Queen, Amelia who celebrate their marriage for almost a month before making the almost impossible decision. Which city to call home?!



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