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The Story of Princess Gabriella and Prince Gabriel

Book By: dolphinlover
Childrens stories

this is a story that i am working on. it is about a prince and a princess falling in love but someone doesn't want them to be happy.

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This is a wonderful tale of how a boy and girl met.The girl was a beautiful princess who started to fall in love with a prince. The prince name was Gabriel and the princess was named Gabriella. So how did these two meet each other? Follow me to the very first day they saw each other. Our story begins with princess Gabriella strolling through a garden. Some people would call the princess Gabie so it was easier to say. "Princess Gabie what do you think about the garden ?" said Stella who was the sister of the Gabriella. "The roses are beautiful and the daisy's are starting to grow" said princess Gabriella. The princess and her sister start to pick flowers from the garden. It was a beautiful day with the sun shinning as bright as a light bulb. Spring had just started and the princess was filled with joy. For spring was the princess favorite season. While the servants of Gabriella were getting ready for tea time, something caught Gabriella's attention. Walking toward her was a tall, dark haired boy who she didn't know. Stella was as shocked as Gabriella was for the princess had never met a boy so charming as him. As the boy comes closer he asks who is princess Gabriella. The princess froze because she was afraid to say it was her. Stella saw that her sister was frozen and told the boy "the girl you are looking for is my sister and she is standing right next to me". The boy smiled and said "hello princess Gabriella my name is prince Gabriel". The princess didn't know what to say to the prince. Gabe tried to speak to Gabriella again. This time Gabriella spoke and said "hello prince Gabriel". The prince and princess continue to talk and get to know each other. Princess Gabriella asks prince Gabe to join her and her sister for tea. Gabe accepts the invite and has tea with them. When the table and chairs were set up, prince Gabriel pulled a chair for Gabriella to sit in. Now the princess was surprised by this and felt a blush coming. "Thank you" said Gabriella who even blushed more. They continue to drink some tea and eat some cookies. The cookies were Gabriella's homemade sugar cookies. Prince Gabe was smiling at the princess for he was starting to blush too. He was amazed of the princess long, beautiful, blonde hair. Her eyes were also beautiful, they had two colors.Gabriella's eyes were a light blue with a little green in them. The prince thought" wow she is beautiful and I think I'm falling in love". Stella noticed that both the princess and prince were blushing. When tea time was done Stella told her sister quietly so that the prince wouldn't hear " I think the prince likes you". Gabriella was surprised that her sister would say something like that. Even though she felt the same way. When prince Gabriel starts to leave, Stella thinks of a way to get him and the princess together. The servants take away the table and chairs seeing that the tea and cookies were gone. The princess thanks the prince for joining them for tea. Stella didn't want her sister to forget about the prince. She knew that they both liked each other but are afraid to say it. That's when Stella got an idea to bring them together. She said to the prince "would you like to have dinner with us tommorrow?" The prince agreed to come but what he didn't know was that Stella had a plan. Her plan was to set up a romantic dinner for Gabriella and the prince. The princess walks Gabriel back to the garden and says goodbye. She had not known that there was a horse with the prince. The horse had a beautiful white coat and looked very healthly. Gabriella loved horses and wanted to ride prince Gabe's horse. "Is that your horse/" she said and the prince answered yes. Prince Gabriel could see the excitement in her eyes. He wondered if he could come over earlier tommorrow and give the princess a ride. As if the princess was thinking the same thing she asked if he would give her a ride tommorrow before dinner. Gabe sais "of course" and got on the horse to leave. The princess couldn't wait for tommorrow. When Gabriella returned to her sister,she told her everything.Hearing all that she had to say Stella told her that it sounded like a date. The princess blushed because she never thought about that. "Well it's bed time" said Stella. So the princess and her sister go off to bed. Little did they know that someone was watching them. Her name was Shelah. Shelah was a servant of Gabriella. Unfortunately, Shelah hated the princess and was always thinking evil things. She was one of the servants that trimmed the flowers in the garden. When the prince and princess met, Shelah saw everything. She grew angry at the prince because she was certain that he likes Gabriella. Seeing the princess falling in love was something that Shelah didn't like. Her plan was to ruin the romantic dinner that Stella has planned. "I will make a fool of the princess at dinner" she said. The next day, Stella walks in the room to wish her sister good morning. "Oh Stella I can't wait for prince Gabriel" said the princess. Stella smiles and helps her sister get ready. Today was another beautiful day. Gabriella walks to the garden and picks more flowers. As the sister's are walking around Gabriella asks"do you really think the prince likes me?". Her sister laughs and says" yes he does don't worry nothing bad will happen". The princess feels calm after hearing Stella. She was afraid that he really didn't like her. Gabriella and Stella continue to enjoy the sunshine. Once again Shelah was watching them. She was forming an evil plan for tonight. After a while, Stella goes inside to prepare for dinner. The princess waits for the prince to come. She starts to hear sounds that sound like a horse. That's when Gabriel arrives and says hello to the princess.


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