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I am writing a childrens novel for educational purposes.

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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dre Gee. I am proficient in digital art, computer repair, video editing, storyboarding, animation, and photo restoration. These are a few of the things that are part of my person. As you read my story,you will get to know who I am, what I stand for and what makes me tick. I am writing this story for a class exercise.



This is the story of a boy named Tabey, The son of mathematicians, Pemdas and Diametra Devide. Tabey was born a normal child, jumping, running, kicking,and laughing. He is a typical little boy without a care in the world. God had sent them the perfect son; they are at ease that little T.D will follow their footsteps and become a great numerical genius like them. How ironic, the first day of class, and the school is located on the corner of Division and Digit Street. The school was named SCIENCE SKILL ACADEMY when it first opened in the early part of 2009.On October 4, 2014 members of the Board of Education, teachers, and parents, alongside the superintendent of the school system, gathered in the auditorium to have the name of the school changed to, ORDER OF OPERATIONS ACADEMY. The school gained recognition for its excellence in mathematics, in its day to day operations with children. Monday morning September 7, 2015. The wind picks up speed, the roar of an aircraft is heard high above the cloudy sky. The loose exterior window shutter, on the first floor of the Blue detached single-family home, bang open and close slowly, then faster making a starling sound, the screen door leading to the yard squeaks as it blows with the wind. Six a.m,the alarm ringtone of Beethoven's Fur Elise echoes throughout the foyer coming from the iPhone Diametra placed on the nightstand. On the ground level, the aroma of fresh coffee from the automatic perculator that is set to start at 5:45 a.m.,on the center counter in the kitchen a book bag, that holds a notebook, pencils, and crayons for Tabey. Diametra reaches over to the nightstand and presses the snooze button on the phone, taps her husband on the shoulder and whispers wake up honey, get Tabey ready for school. Pemdas leans back still half asleep with one eye shut, looks at Diametra and says, how about a good morning, then ask me to get our son ready. Both begin laughing loudly, when suddenly from the room across the hall,Tabey leaps from the bed onto the floor, dressed in blue pajamas with a pattern of symbols found within all branches of mathematics, stretching his arms with his back arched, he yawns producing a breathy squealing sound coming from the back of his throat, and off he runs to his parents bedroom, emitting a thump with every step of the way as his little bare feet come in contact with the hard wood oak floor."What's so funny!" he yells. Father Pemdas fully awake, sits at the edge of the bed, one hand on his lap, and the other scratching his head, says, son did I hear you singing "No daddy that's not singing, I was yawning." Diametra again breaks out in laughter, Tabey starts to giggle out of control, father Pemdas, holding his belly hysterically laughing reaches for his child "come here son,I love you." Still laughing Diametra stands up from the bed, slips into a full length purple robe, then heads for the kitchen. The family of three was engaged in pure laughter.


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