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Duke & Michel: The King Tingaling Painting

Book By: Elias Zapple
Childrens stories

Duke & Michel must rescue Michel’s family and Duke’s Premium Nibbles from the villainous Master but end up becoming pawns in a battle between the Master and King Tingaling, who is still royally riled over a portrait of him in a compromising position with a pineapple, a wad of cash and his favourite pig - Buttercup.

A superb adventure story for kids ages 8+

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Duke & Michel:

The King Tingaling Painting


Elias Zapple

Book Two


© Elias Zapple, 2013

Cover illustration by Elliott Beavan

Interior Illustrations by Andrea Brajnovic


This book is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.



Kong Wacky Monkey

Apple Bee

Jojo Hippo

Majestic Jumbo Cat


Title Page




Recap of Book One, The Mysterious Corridor

Chapter One - The King Tingaling Painting

Chapter Two - Home

Chapter Three - Alone

Chapter Four - Basset Hound Land

Chapter Five - Roast Frog

Chapter Six - Zappers

Chapter Seven - Painters' Planet No.2

Chapter Eight - Locked Up

Chapter Nine - Dead Hamsters

Chapter Ten - Space Rocket

Chapter Eleven - The Royal Globe

Chapter Twelve - Boris

Chapter Thirteen - King Tingaling

Chapter Fourteen - Down and Out

Chapter Fifteen - A Way Out

Chapter Sixteen - There's a Rat!

Chapter Seventeen - Assassins

Chapter Eighteen - A Nice Parade

Chapter Nineteen - Chocolate Mousse

Chapter Twenty - Absolute Torture!

Chapter Twenty-One - Feeling Itchy

Chapter Twenty-Two - Examination Time

Chapter Twenty-Three - Like an Atomic Rodent

Chapter Twenty-Four - Gold Dust

Chapter Twenty-Five - Curtains

Chapter Twenty-Six - Water Tank

Who is Elias Zapple?

Also by Elias Zapple

A Request from Elias Zapple

Recap of Book One, The Mysterious Corridor

If you have read Duke & Michel: The Mysterious Corridor, then you can skip this bit and head to chapter one. Go on, move along, nothing to see here.

Before I begin this recap of Duke & Michel: The Mysterious Corridor, the first book in the gripping Duke & Michel series, I must ask, 'Why didn't you read it?' It's a perfectly good book at a perfectly reasonable price; full of laughter, adventure and recipes for lamb. I urge you to purchase a copy now, or I shall track you down and hurl cabbages in your general direction.

Book one found 12 year-old Michel alone in the garden of his townhouse in Fulham, London - away from his skateboarding mates, much to his annoyance. His cleaning-obsessed French mother was inside, having coffee with her brother and her English husband. Whilst they argued over the national football teams of England and France, Michel was meant to be looking after his tubby little cousin Romain, but had now lost him. It turned out that Romain had gone through a hole in the garden fence, which led to a vortex and an infinitely long corridor in some alternate reality - all very strange indeed.

A panicking Michel followed, and that's where he met Duke: a talking, food-obsessed Basset Hound with big drooping ears, a large belly, black, white and tan fur and an ability to annoy Michel within a nanosecond - or less.

They joined forces, as Duke was also looking for family members, and ventured into many strange worlds all of which had been corrupted by a truant-catching, world destroying, unhappiness creating, dictatorial schoolmaster called The Master. Original name, isn't it? The Master had kidnapped Michel's cousin and Duke's brothers, and so Duke and Michel did battle with the Master, eventually winning out - getting to rescue their respective family members, save the worlds, and completely kill an already-partially dead Eleanor - the wife of the Master. Michel then sent the Master away, said his goodbyes to Duke and his brothers, before he and Romain went through a door to get back home… and that's where we are now.

If you found that recap intriguing, then you'll simply love what happens next. If you didn't find it intriguing, then please email your name and address to: IWouldLikeACabbageThrownAtMe@EliasZapple.com.


The King Tingaling Painting

Many, many flavions ago on a planet super far away, and much farther than any Star Wars planet…

"Rejected! Again!" said the tall, eccentric-looking, grey-haired man with long thin fingers, who held a letter in one hand and a paintbrush in the other. He kicked away his easel to the corner of his art studio, and then shook the letter in the face of his son, a lanky boy with a dandruff problem. "Every art college on Painters' Planet has now rejected you! Are you happy? You've brought great shame upon the von Virst family name, the most respected family of painters ever to have existed! You have no right to call yourself a von Virst. The shame, the shame of it all!"

"Mr Salvador von Virst! Sir!" A dwarf-like person came scurrying into the art studio holding a telegram - a bit of paper with a message on it. "Sir, King Tingaling from the Royal Globe has sent you an urgent telegram."

"What does it say?" Salvador von Virst, asked while flicking bits of dried paint onto his scowling son.

"He urgently commissions you, the planet's greatest living artist, to paint a portrait of him."

"Well, I'm not really in the right frame of mind to paint another one of my glorious portraits, because of this worthless imbecile." said Salvador von Virst pointing at his son. "However, we cannot refuse a commission from the Royal Globe, and certainly not from King Tingaling - The Laughing King. We must make haste! The Royal Globe and its vain monarchs are our main source of income. Without their portraits we'd cease to be, and without our portraits they'd die - of humility probably."

Salvador von Virst turned to his son who had just been about to sneak away. "You! You second-rate creature that has besmirched the von Virst name, you go to your studio and stay there until you have completed a thousand paintings! If even one painting is deemed inadequate, then you shall be disowned and sent to the Paint by Numbers School of Faux Art, where you will teach the nursery painters. Now vanish from my sight!" Salvador's son lowered his head, then scratched it as he slunk away. "And do something about your dandruff too!" Salvador von Virst barked.

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