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Leila and Zenia #1

Book By: fishstick
Childrens stories

The first story of sisters Leila and Zenia

Submitted:Jan 20, 2014    Reads: 11    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Leila Leif sat at te breakfast table, humming while she ate her CHEX cereal. She kept tap tap tapping her new shoe on the ground while she hummed a little song. Then she tapped her spoon on the bowl, still humming her little tune.

Suddenly, a stomping noise echoed through the Leif household. Leila knew excatly what it was. Zenia, the younger Leif sister. Zenia ran down and plopped herself right next to Leila, chomping on LUCKY CHARMS.

"You're so loud!" Leila complained. "You're so quiet!" Zenia giggled. "You're so obnoxious!" Leila backfired. "Well, your so calm!" Zenia laughed. "Your annoying." "Your not" Your weird" "Your normal." Your stupid." "Well you are smart!" "You are so dumb!" "You are not dumb"

Leila groaned. ROUND ONE: Zenia 1 Leila 0. Zenia started taking out the marshmellows of her bowl and putting it on her napkin. She poured her milk out and scooped the other charms into Leila's bowl. Leila sat there, in absolute anger. Zenia nibbled on her marshmellow charms in delight.

"I'm telling." Leila sang. "For what? I'm only eating my food!" Zenia taunted, swirling her very curly brown hair around her finger. "I'm gonna go outside.' Leila was defeated. ROUND 2 Leila 0 Zenia 2.

Leila put her dishes in the sink. Sh ewalked into the greenhouse and checked on her tomatos she'd been growing. Zenia followed and checked on her squash. Leila picked a ripe red juicy tomato and put it in a basket. Then she gathered strawberries. Zenia checked on her plants. Nothing was growing. Leila smiled. ROUND 3 Leila 1 Zenia 2.

Leila watered her plants and brung the new fruit inside. She rinsed it and her and Zenia sat outside, eating vinnala icecream with newly chopped strawberry in it.

The warm summer sun was bright and beautiful! Zenia and Leila finsished their ice cream and had a hulahooping contest. Zenia won by 4 seconds. Leila groaned and went to get her hulahoop that rolled away when she stepped on a wasp. She yelped. She layed down and cried. Zenia ran over and took a look at her sisters foot. She found the stinger and pulled it out. It suddenly started swelling.

Zenia grabbed the hose and poured it on Leila's foot. Leila yelped again. Zenia grabbed a napkin, wet it and tied it on Leila's foot. Zenia cradled her sisters head in her lap. Leila kept crying as the pounding pain echoed in her foot. Their mother ran out. "Oh Leila! I thought you were playing! What happened?" Mrs. Leif asked.

"I-I-I- I stepped on a w-w-wasp!" Leila whimpered. "Come in! Come in! Poor dear!" Mrs. Leif cried. Zenia smiled. "I helped." She muttered. "You did!' Mrs. Leif exclaimed as she took off Leila's little napkin cast.

ROUND 4 Leila 1 Zenia 10



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