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bully magnet chapter one

By: hazel2013

Page 1, story about a boy who attends a new school and falls in love swearing is in this story

chapter one


I walked in it looked just the same as the other, I wanted turn around and walk out, but what would the think of me, would they do the same as the others ,take one look at me and laugh just because of who I am. No I cant think this way I have to be positive. I take a deep breath close my eyes for a second and then took my seat I get my pencil case out the person behind stares at me strangely and asks me this. “why the fuck do you have a plastic bag as a pencil case loser”. I just ignore don’t want them to know about my real life they would I can see why, I want to fit in but with a worn out bag and battered sandals its hard I look like I have wondered around a sandy beach for years. Ouch! what was that it really hurt I turn around to see a girl but not any girl the most beautiful that I have ever seen and sitting next to what I think looks like a school bully.

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