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Spongebob Squarepants saves the jellyfish

Book By: KMF1992
Childrens stories

spongebob saves the jellyfish.

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''I'm ready, I'm ready'' said Spongebob. ''Hey Spongebob do you want to go jellyfishing,'' said Patrick. ''Sure just let get my golden jellyfish net'' said Spongebob.

''Woo! can I can use that Spongebob'' said Patrick. '' Sure, but be careful with it. Okay lets go jelly fishing Patrick.''

When they got to Jelly fish fields, something was wrong. There was no jelly fish, but they saw smoke in the air. So they both followed the smoke. Spongebob said ''What kind of criminal would do this to the jelly fish.'' Patrick started to cry. ''Why did they do this to the jelly fish'' said Patrick? So they both looked through the window do you know what the saw? They saw Neptune and Mr.Krabs. '' As long as I have known Mr. Krabs he wouldn't do anything to hurt the jellyfish'' said Spongebob. ''Maybe he was put up to it. Maybe it was Neptune'' said Patrick. So Spongebob and Patrick barged in the factory. Sponge and Patrick started to sing. '' Let the jelly fish go free. Let them live their their jelly fish lives. Unlock those doors and let them out. Let them sting, let them eat and let them free. They want to wander in jelly fish fields. Let them free.''

'' Mr. Krabs! What are you doing'' yelled Spongebob. '' I was set up Spongebob'' said Mr. Krabs muttering. ''By who then!'' said Spongebob. ''By Neptune Squarepants'' said Mr. Krabs.Spongebob replied, ''Why would Neptune do something like that.'' ''Because he is evil. ''After, the other time I've learned my lessen not hurt another jelly fish again'' said Mr. Krabs. ''Well I do remember you saying that, then why are you here?'' said Spongebob. '' Neptune made me come he practically begged me, he said that he will give me gold'' said Mr. Krabs. Neptune butted in saying ''No, you said I'll do it.'' ''Why would I say that if I told my best friend Spongebob I wouldn't hurt another jelly fish again'' said Mr. Krabs in a mad voice. ''Well maybe because you don't want to get in trouble by this younge nice boy'' said Neptune. '' Your lying Neptune why would I do something like that'' said Mr. Krabs. ''I know how to see who is lying and who is telling the truth'' said Spongebob. ''How Spongebob'' said Patrick. ''I'll ask each of them a question. Ok, Mr. Krabs what did I tell you about hurting jelly fish'' said Spongebob. ''Oh that's easy, you told me not to use jellyfish for evil'' said Mr. Krabs. ''Yes, your right. Ok, neptuneyour turn. Do you like catching jelly fish jelly fish?'' said Spongebob. ''Um...um...um... yes, of courseI do'' said Neptune. ''If you liek jellyfishing why did you keep saying um when I asked you if you like jelly fishing'' said Spongebob. ''Because I needed to think a little bit before I answered you'' said Neptune. ''When someone says um to much that means your lying Spongebob. Did you see his face expression he answered the question?'' said Spongebob. ''Ya, I really think Neptune is lying to said Patrick.'' Mr. Krabs can you open this cage and let the jelly fish out?'' said Spongebob. ''You can't because I have to say OPEN'' said Neptune. All of a sudden the cage just opened and all of the jelly fish were free.

''Wow! That was so cool Spongebob'' said Patrick. '' Ya, at least the jelly fish are free now'' said Spongebob. Neptune said ''I'm sorry, can you for give me, i'll never hurt another jelly fish as long as I love.'' ''Well I guess we could for give you'' said Spongebob. ''Ok, lets go jelly fishing'' said Patrick.

So all three wnet jelly fishing until it got dark out and then went to sleep.

''Good night Patrick'' said Spongebob. '' Good night Spongebob'' said Patrick. ''Good night everybody'' said Mr. Krabs.

And they lived happily ever after!


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